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General Iroh (Character)
from "The Legend of Korra" (2012)

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"The Legend of Korra: Skeletons in the Closet (#1.11)" (2012)
General Iroh: Hmm... Amon had to know we were coming. So why aren't we meeting any resistance?

Korra: It's alright, I've got you.
General Iroh: Avatar Korra? You saved my life. Thank you.

Hobo: And who is the recipient of this top secret message?
General Iroh: Commander Bumi. Second division of the United Forces.
Korra: Tenzin's brother?
General Iroh: Yes, bit of a wild man, but the bravest commander you'll ever meet.

Korra: I'm not waiting for him to hunt me down. My gut's telling me it's time to end this- on my terms.
General Iroh: Korra, this is not a mission you should be handling alone.
Mako: She won't be. I'm going with you.
Korra: You don't have to do that.
Mako: Yes I do.
General Iroh: Hmm... My grandfather would respect the Avatar's instinct. So will I.

"The Legend of Korra: Endgame (#1.12)" (2012)
General Iroh: I think we've found our secret airfield. Bolin, once we get down there, I need you to tear up those runways. We can't let those aircraft take off.
Bolin: Aye, aye, captain! Ooh, general, general. All right, you guys wait here until we get back, okay? Uh-uh, stay.
Asami Sato: Why would there be fence posts, but no fence?
[they walk through it and get electrocuted]

Asami Sato: How are we gonna get out of here?
General Iroh: I don't suppose you know how to metalbend?
Bolin: That is a negative, sir.

[lands on Aang's statue]
General Iroh: Thanks for looking out for me, Aang.