Charlie Goodson
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Charlie Goodson (Character)
from "Anger Management" (2012)

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"Anger Management: Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation (#1.3)" (2012)
Kate Wales: [about Sam] Why doesn't she like me? Do you think she knows we're sleeping together?
Charlie Goodson: Nobody knows. Maybe she's just intimidated by you.
Kate Wales: That's cool.

Jennifer Goodson: I'm not a professional, but it seems to me that unstable people need as much sleep as possible.
Charlie Goodson: Right. Get some rest.

"Anger Management: Charlie and the Hot Nerd (#2.26)" (2013)
Charlie Goodson: [Monica is dressed in her costume of Gina X] What would Gina X do?
Monica: She would exhaust him sexually and then bury him alive.

Charlie Goodson: [Charlie discussing his break up with Monica] I didn't control my anger and I lost something very dear to me.
Patrick: I thought you weren't that into her.
Charlie Goodson: No, no, but we had a lot of fun together.
Nolan: You said she was too geeky for you.
Charlie Goodson: Well, a little, but she was very attractive.
Lacey: So you're saying you got mad and lost a piece of ass?
Charlie Goodson: Essentially.

"Anger Management: Charlie and the Slumpbuster (#1.2)" (2012)
Charlie Goodson: [to Kate] Look, if you're just gonna stand there drinking beer and criticizing me, could you at least take off your top?

Kate Wales: This woman has had a fantasy relationship with you for the past 16 years. Now she's tracked you down, exposed you in front of your patients. And you're so busy trying to be a better guy, that you are cooking dinner for a stalker.
Charlie Goodson: She's not a stalker. She's just a woman with pathologically low self-esteem, obsessive fixations, and a tendency toward grandiose delusions.

"Anger Management: Charlie Does It for Science (#2.44)" (2013)
Dr. Jordan Denby: [Jordan angry at Charlie for having sex with the reporter] Is there anybody you don't have sex with?
Charlie Goodson: Yes! There is a whole gender I don't have sex with.

Charlie Goodson: Falling in love with me without even knowing me is completely normal. Sometimes it is even easier.

"Anger Management: Charlie Goes Back to Therapy (#1.1)" (2012)
Charlie Goodson: I almost lost it yesterday.
Cleo: Oh, honey, I remember when I lost it. It was a world of pain.
Charlie Goodson: Okay, I'm pretty sure we're talking about two different things. What I mean is, I almost gave into a black rage.
Cleo: No, we're talking about the same thing.

"Anger Management: Charlie Dates a Teacher (#2.7)" (2013)
Charlie Goodson: [after Charlie admits to Kate that he slept with Sam's teacher] It's not my fault. She promised she'd have sex with me and then leave the country. I've been looking for that deal my entire life.