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Filmography by TV series for
Mamiya (Character)
from "Fist of the North Star" (1984)

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"Fist of the North Star" (34 episodes)
... aka "Hokuto no Ken" - Japan (original title)
... aka "Ken, the Great Bear Fist" - Japan (English title) (literal English title)
  1. Stormy Times. Titanic Battles! Is Battle All That Awaits Me?! (28 March 1985)  
  2. Nanto Suichoken! The Tragedy of the Mighty Begins! (4 April 1985)  
  3. Sinners! Thy Name Is Fang! (11 April 1985)  
  4. Tremble & Die! Villains of Night Fog Valley! (18 April 1985)  
  5. Only Villains Can Smile! How I Hate This Age! (25 April 1985)  
  6. Rei, I'll Wipe Your Tears Away with My Fists! (2 May 1985)  
  7. It's Too Late to Beg for Mercy! To Hell with You, Boss Fang! (16 May 1985)  
  8. Destiny Looms Near! Who Are You, Jagi?! (30 May 1985)  
  9. Toki! Are You Angel or Devil?! (4 July 1985)  
  10. Evil One! Toki, Your Heart Has Been Corrupted!! (11 July 1985)  
  11. There Is No Looking Back! Only Hating Evil, and Striking Toki Down! (18 July 1985)  
  12. Instead, I Shall Reject Love! For I Bear the Cursed Star of Death! (25 July 1985)  
  13. Crimson Fist of Lotus Mountain! A Tragic Woman Born of the Times! (1 August 1985)  
  14. A Wicked Legacy! The Gates to Cassandra Open Now! (8 August 1985)  
  15. Villains Need No Graves! This Is the Hellish Cassandra! (15 August 1985)  
  16. The North Star's 2,000-Year Tragedy! I Can Hear the Fist King's Footsteps! (22 August 1985)  
  17. A Century's End with No Tomorrow! I've Been Waiting for You, Ken! (5 September 1985)  
  18. Cassandra Collapses! The North Star's Mythology Is Painted Anew! (12 September 1985)  
  19. The Death Omen Star Shines! Fist King, Do You Control Even Death?! (19 September 1985)  
  20. Those Who Fear the Reaper! Listen to the Voice of Lin's Fiery Heart! (26 September 1985)  
  21. Voices from Hell! Rei, Did You See the Death Omen Star? (10 October 1985)  
  22. The Nanto Dance of Death! I'll Give My Life for the Sake of Love! (17 October 1985)  
  23. An Explosion of Secret Techniques! Beyond Hatred Is the Fate for the Brothers of the North Star (24 October 1985)  
  24. The Greatest Battle in History, Raoh vs Ken! You're the One to Die! (31 October 1985)  
  25. 72 Hours to Live! The Death Omen Star Drags Rei In! (7 November 1985)  
  26. Fate Without Tomorrow! And Yet, a Woman Believes in Love! (14 November 1985)  
  27. Yuda of the South Star Six Sacred Fists! I'm the Most Beautiful!! (21 November 1985)  
  28. Death Omen Star Is Falling! Rei! Heaven Tricks Time Cruelly! (28 November 1985)  
  29. Rei, Are You on Your Way to Death? A Man Is Beautiful Than Ever! (12 December 1985)  
  30. Beautiful Warriors, Rei vs Yuda! A Man's Passage Needs No Tears! (19 December 1985)  
  31. Farewell, Rei! Heroic Legend Will Be Told Throughout the Ages! (26 December 1985)  
  32. Supreme Rule in Turbulence! As the South Star Fades, the North Star Appears! (9 January 1986)  
  33. Rei of the South Star Waterfowl Fist! Was a Man Who Died for His Friends!! (10 July 1986)  
  34. Yuda of the South Star Crimson Crane Fist! His Beautiful Smile Calls for Tragedy! (17 July 1986)