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Vultureman (Character)
from "Thundercats" (1985)

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"Thundercats: The Superpower Potion (#1.59)" (1985)
Vultureman: I'll rattle that mummy's bones 'til he surrenders Third Earth to me.

Vultureman: Mumm-Ra, you bag of bones!

Mumm-Ra: [shoved into his sarcauphagus by the neck] Why, you miserable Mutant!
Vultureman: Enough of your crackling, bone-head!

Mumm-Ra: Wait! Wait, Vultureman! Let's talk!
Vultureman: [stops aiming laser-vision at his chest] I hoped you'd see things my way, Mumm-Ra.

Mumm-Ra: I'm most impressed, Vultureman. I had no idea you were so talented.
Vultureman: I'm not here to listen to your flattery, Mumm-Ra. I'm here to offer you a deal.
Mumm-Ra: A deal?
Vultureman: I will smash Third Earth. I will crush the other Mutants.
Mumm-Ra: What do you want from me?
Vultureman: The secret of everlasting life.
Mumm-Ra: And if I share that secret?
Vultureman: We rule Third Earth together... forever!

Vultureman: Your friend will remain frozen until I release him.
Panthro: Well, set him free, bird-brain.

Vultureman: You'll pay for that!
Panthro: You'll have to catch me first, Mutant!

Vultureman: Might is right, Thundercat. And you might as well give in now.

Vultureman: Quick, Mumm-Ra, give me the potion!
Mumm-Ra: Not so fast, my feathered friend. We have some bargaining to do.
Vultureman: But we had an agreement!
Mumm-Ra: I'm changing the terms, Mutant.

"Thundercats: Vultureman's Revenge (#2.20)" (1987)
Vultureman: Who needs a team of Mutants when Vultureman swings into action!

Slythe: Hurry up, Vultureman! You're taking all day!
Vultureman: I'm working as fast as I can! What's the hurry, anyway?
Slythe: We're low on munchies.

Vultureman: If Slythe's going to bounce some Wolos around, you can bet that Lion-O will *ride in to the rescue*. And I will be waiting for him with the thundranium projector. I'll take care of Lion-O and Slythe together. Two birds with one stone.
[stops laughing]
Vultureman: I hate that expression.

Vultureman: Just like Chilla to threaten me not to be late, then keep me waiting!

Vultureman: Now, where's my thundranium?
Chilla: Mind your beak, insolent turkey!

Vultureman: [under his breath] One day, I'll get even with you as well, Chilla. But, first thing's first.

Vultureman: [shoving Snarf] Get out of my way, you pathetic furry toy.

"Thundercats: Return of the Thundercubs (#3.12)" (1988)
Slythe: Us, help the Thundercats? You're insane, Vultureman.
Vultureman: And you're near-sighted, Slythe.

Vultureman: Once we're in deep space, we'll deep-six them!

Lion-O: Is this how you Mutants keep your word?
Vultureman: No. *This* is how we keep our word.
[fires on him]

Vultureman: [the Rat Star overturns] We're upside-down!
Slythe: Thank you, Sherlock Holmes.

Slythe: I must be the dumbest Mutant alive. Every time you come up with a scheme, Vultureman...
Vultureman: Stop complaining, Slythe, and help me think of a way to prevent those blasted Thundercats from leaving for Third Earth without us.
Monkian: [panicking] They wouldn't do that... would they?
Snarf: [comes over] Well, Mutants, that all depends on how well you grovel.
[the engine can be heard starting up and the three strain against their bonds jabbering]

"Thundercats: The Zaxx Factor (#4.18)" (1989)
Vultureman: I'm free, as a bird!

Vultureman: [laughing] Panthro is about as fast as a snail on flypaper.

Vultureman: Are you Zaxx?
Zaxx: [in the medallion] In living color.

Vultureman: [laughing] You can't harm me. I've got the medallion now.
Mumm-Ra: Idiot. Don't you realize that soon Zaxx will consume your entire body?
Vultureman: Ah...! What?
Zaxx: I'll handle this.

Mandora: Back to exile for you, Vultureman.
Vultureman: But I helped save the day! It if wasn't for me, Mumm-Ra would still be around!
Mandora: You still have time to serve, Mutant.

"Thundercats: Mumm-Ra Lives!: Part I (#2.1)" (1987)
Vultureman: Even if we find them, Mumm-Ra, how do we free them?
Mumm-Ra: [chuckling] That, Vultureman, is up to you. You are the technician, alfter all.

Slythe: This better work, Vultureman, or Mumm-Ra will have your beak.
Vultureman: Trust me, Slythe.
Slythe: I've trusted you before, featherbrain!

Vultureman: When the molten lava fills the chanel surrounding the Lunatacs, you and the Fist-Pounder have to cut off the flow of lava before it traps us.
Slythe: And if you foul up, Jackalman, you'll end up as a bath-mat in Mumm-Ra's pyramid.
Jackalman: Oh, wind your neck in, Slythe.

Slythe: [and lifting him by his waist after the plan he described thus looks as though it will result in their being engulfed by lava] What happens now, pure genius?
Vultureman: We, um, uh, take - cover!

"Thundercats: Totem of Dera (#3.6)" (1988)
Jackalman: You better know how that totem works, Vultureman, or I'll have your gizzard.
Monkian: If we fail this time, Mumm-Ra will skin us alive.
Vultureman: Mumm-Ra? Dah! I can use the Totem of Dera whenever I want to stop Mumm-Ra, and anyone else who gets in *my* way.
Mumm-Ra: The feathered fool. Doesn't he realize that I know that all Mutants are treacherous?

Monkian: We'll never find the Thundercats in this fog.
Jackalman: Hm, yeah, and what're we gonna do when we find them?
Vultureman: [in his face] Do? What are we going to do when we find the Thundercats? This!
[aims the Totem into the water of the Baleful Swamp to form a living-tentacled octopus from its water]

Lion-O: As usual, Mutants, you're very brave when it's three against one, but when the odds are even, you're just a bunch of cowards.
Monkian: Are we gonna let him talk to us like that?
Vultureman: ...Yes.

Thundercats - Ho! The Movie (1985) (V)
Vultureman: Where were you rushing to, you furry fool?
Snarf: None of your bird-nosy business!

Vultureman: It's the King of Beasts, with his toy sword!

"Thundercats: Divide and Conquer (#1.55)" (1985)
Slythe: Don't play tricks.
Vultureman: It's more than a trick, Slythe.

Slythe: That voice-imitator is the best idea I've ever had!
Vultureman: *Your* idea? *I* invented it.

"Thundercats: The Sound Stones (#2.13)" (1987)
Vultureman: OK, so we've had some setbacks. But this map shows where to find the legendary Sound Stones of Dark Side. And if I can get my hands on a Sound Stone, I can produce the ultimate sonic-gun weapon which would blast the Thundercats off the face of Third Earth!
Slythe: [tossing a chair across the table narrowly missing his head] Enough of this nonsense, Vultureman! The Thundercats are not going to be afraid of a little noise!
Vultureman: [gives an outcry of fury] A *little* noise?

Luna: The most powerful force on Third Earth, eh? Why don't you come back to Sky Tomb and tell us all about this, uh, sonic gun?
Vultureman: Uh, thanks, but I'm working alone on this caper.
Luna: Au contraire, Vultureman. From now on, you're working for us.

"Thundercats: Out of Sight (#1.57)" (1985)
Vultureman: Give yourself up, Willa! You cannot escape.
Tygra: Willa, try to get him to land that thing.
Willa: OK. I'll never give myself up to you, bird-brain!

Vultureman: You'll never beat Lion-O with brute force. What's needed is a spark of imagination.

"Thundercats: Thundercubs: Part IV (#3.4)" (1988)
Vultureman: We're diving too steeply, Slythe! Pull up!
Slythe: I know what I'm doing, Vultureman!
Vultureman: [the overheating causes the controls to short-circuit in an explosion so they're knocked back and the ship careens down wildly] I'd hate to be with you when you don't!

Slythe: [after crash-landing the Rat Star] What do we do now?
Vultureman: Don't ask me! You're the Mutant commander!

"Thundercats: The Telepathy Beam (#3.9)" (1988)
Vultureman: All we have to do is plant enough phony images in Cheetara's mind, and soon her sixth sense won't be worth *two* cents!

Vultureman: This oughta blow Cheetara's mind. Literally!

"Thundercats: Ravage Island (#2.11)" (1987)
Vultureman: It will be easier for you if you submit quietly.
Panthro: [advancing with his nunchucks] I'll give you submit quietly, you mutated macaw.

Slythe: [after he barrel-rolls the Flying Machine] Do you have to do that, Vultureman!
Vultureman: [laughs] If you can't stand the flying, Slythe, don't join the air force!

"Thundercats: Mumm-Ra Lives!: Part II (#2.2)" (1987)
Vultureman: You owe it to me, Lunatacs.
[Slythe grunts in a tone demanding "WHAT?"]
Vultureman: Uh, *us*. We freed you.

Slythe: Get moving, featherbrain. Our friends are in a hurry.
Vultureman: [slouchng] Give me a break, Slythe. I've just filled the thundrilium hoppers.
Luna: Then power up, Mutant.
Vultureman: [leaping back up] A-OK to power up, Luna. Standing by for...
Luna: Never mind the technical gibberish, Vultureman. Do it!

"Thundercats: Jackalman's Rebellion (#1.44)" (1985)
Vultureman: [Slythe and Monkian take off in the sky-cutters] Hey! Wait for me!
Jackalman: [laughing and shoving him] Looks like you've got a long walk ahead of you. Get going, buzzard-brain.

"Thundercats: Sixth Sense (#1.26)" (1985)
Vultureman: No, Monkian! Stop it! Cease fire! You'll destroy it! We need it unharmed.
Monkian: Nothing attacks Monkian and gets away free.

"Thundercats: Feliner: Part One (#1.29)" (1985)
Ratar-O: If you'd called me before, the Thundercats would be finished by now, Vultureman.
Vultureman: You know Slythe, Ratar-O; he never listens to me.
Ratar-O: [laughs] Slythe. When he was in my command he was in charge of the field-kitchens!

"Thundercats: The Shifter (#1.64)" (1985)
Vultureman: Right now, Panthro and Snarf are just as confused as you are. What better time to attack Cats' Lair and settle the wretched Thundercats once and for all?
Slythe: [in Jackalman's body] That's the first sensible idea you've had.

"Thundercats: The Circus Train (#3.19)" (1988)
Slythe: [his pen-umbrella breaks] You and your useless inventions!
Vultureman: This is your fault, Slythe! You put too much strain on it!

"Thundercats: Sideswipe (#2.15)" (1987)
Mandora: You are in serious trouble, Vultureman. Do you know the penalty for holding an officer against her will? Twenty years to life on the penal planet!
Vultureman: [looks up from his newspaper laughing] No kidding. Well, it looks to me like you're the one doing time.

"Thundercats: The Wolfrat (#1.28)" (1985)
Vultureman: By Plun-darr, Mumm-Ra, if those Thundercats feel as defenseless as I did, we've got them this time!

"Thundercats: Trapped (#1.49)" (1985)
Vultureman: A perfect opportunity, no?
Slythe: Yes. For once you might be right, Vultureman.