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Takuma Tsuzuki (Character)
from "Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ" (2012)

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"Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ: Hiita naru Zetto no Noroi - Soshite Shin Shô e (#1.10)" (2012)
Hiroyo Hakase: [referring to the scorpion tattoo] Do you know what it is?
Takuma Tsuzuki: With the help of the CIA, I got my hands on Tsuzuki Takehiro's secret research notes. They contained frightening information.
Hiroyo Hakase: What is it?
Takuma Tsuzuki: The MMZ-01 has a special trap built into its systems. To put it simply... a curse. When you first received the Moe Moe Z-Cunes, you were placed under that curse. Every time the Moe Moe Z-Cunes are used and release their energy, the scorpion will travel further. Once it reached your throat, you will lose your voice permanently.
Nobuo Akagi: Dr. Z. set a trap like that?
Mitsuki Aoyagi: He'd do that, to his own daughter? Doesn't he realize that a voice actress's life depends on her voice? It's too terrible!

Takuma Tsuzuki: [to Hiroyo] I've dreamed of this day for a long time! It's nice to meet you, sis!

"Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ: Nidaime wa Sawayaka Mutsû Senshi (#1.11)" (2012)
Takuma Tsuzuki: Sis, I've read everything about the enemy. I can't forgive Father for abandoning us for his evil ambitions. Let's fight together!
Hiroyo Hakase: Takuma, thank you. Papa... No... Dr. Z's schemes must be stopped. Till that day comes, I am not your sister.

Nobuo Akagi: Listen. Apparently this world is the show "Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger".
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Eh? What are you saying, old man? I've always thought you were strange, but now you've completely lost it.
Nobuo Akagi: What's that supposed to mean? Listen up, I'll show you right now.
Yumeria Moegi: That this world is a show? But how?
Nobuo Akagi: Everyone, be quiet! If you do that, you'll probably see.
[Nobuo looks around]
Mitsuki Aoyagi: There's nothing...
Nobuo Akagi: Shh!
[sees the advertisement banner]
Nobuo Akagi: There it is! A telop!
Mitsuki Aoyagi, Yumeria Moegi: Eh?
Nobuo Akagi: I told you guys before. When the video becomes quiet, it become a telop chance. And a telop rolls by!
[he stops the advertisement banner]
Nobuo Akagi: Someone... read this! Do you see it? What it say?
Mitsuki Aoyagi, Yumeria Moegi: For details, go to the Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger show's home page...
Takuma Tsuzuki: I don't see anything.
Nobuo Akagi: [let's go] You see now? The world we're in is inside a show! Your clothes and way of speaking are proof!
Mitsuki Aoyagi: [takes off blue jacket] Now that you mention it, I usually hate these.
Yumeria Moegi: That's right nya! This isn't like me at all nya!
Nobuo Akagi: Someone is trying to change AkibaRanger from a painful show about otakus to a proper, official-seeming show! Put simply, we're changing tracks! It's a shakeup! After the shakeup, the story went from delusion battles to fighting in the real world. A serious story about father versus daughter appeared. New rivals appeared. And the star... the new Sentai Red... is a refreshing guy to replace me!
[points at Takuma]