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Chef Brockett (Character)
from "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" (1968)

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"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 3 (#1.3)" (1968)
King Friday XIII: Edgar told me in passing that your serial number is 1,234,567. Is that true?
Chef Brockett: That is true, Your Majesty.
King Friday XIII: Strange. I had that number down for the Montaraja of Gabyunaula.
Chef Brockett: Well, Your Majesty, I hope it will be alright with you, but I switched with him, because those numbers are awfully hard to say in Swazulu.

Mr. Rogers: [Brockett is carrying an umbrella] Is it raining outside?
Chef Brockett: No, but I carry my umbrella, 'cause you never know when it might.

Mr. Rogers: How about singing your song?
Chef Brockett: Oh, I'm sorry, I don't have time to sing my song. I came here to make a surprise for the king.

Chef Brockett: Can we go in the kitchen? You can come with me, but you know, we have to be quiet in there.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1483: Competition (#11.8)" (1981)
Chef Brockett: [entering a contest] I hope I win.

Chef Brockett: I really wanted to win.
Mr. Rogers: Of course you did. How long were you there?
Chef Brockett: Oh, all day. From early in the morning until til late in the afternoon.
Mr. Rogers: Well, aside from not winning the prize, did you have a good time?
Chef Brockett: Oh, I always do. I got to see a lot of people, and I made some new friends, and I even learned some things. I learned a new way to make flowers out of icing on top of a gumdrop so you can put them in the refrigerator until they get hard, and then you can just put them on the cake whenever you're ready to decorate. I learned that.
Mr. Rogers: You might not have if you hadn't gone.

Chef Brockett: I guess I... I wanted to win the prize so much... so I could feel like I was best at something.
Mr. Rogers: Of course. Everybody wants to be first at something. How about your bakery here in the neighborhood?
Chef Brockett: Oh, my bakery is first in this neighborhood. That's right. It is the best bakery in town. I better get back to Brockett's Bakery and keep it the best.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1361 (#7.36)" (1974)
Mrs. Betsy McFeely: It's a pleasure to have you singing in my kitchen today.
Chef Brockett: Thank you.
Mrs. Betsy McFeely: And making waffles.
Chef Brockett: Do you ever turn up the radio in your kitchen and sing along?
Mrs. Betsy McFeely: Sometimes I turn up the radio. Sometimes I turn up me. I love to sing and sing.
Mr. Rogers: How does it sound, Mrs. McFeely?
Mrs. Betsy McFeely: Sounds very good. To me.
Mr. Rogers: Sounds good to me. I'd like to hear you sing.
Mrs. Betsy McFeely: Mmm... Some other day.

Chef Brockett: I like to cook things. You know why?
Mr. Rogers: Why?
Chef Brockett: [singing] 'Cause I'm a chef/I suggest/ That you all be very quiet/ While I cook, you may look/ But you must be very quiet/ If you don't, then I'll "Shh" and I'll "Shhhhhh"/ For it's silence that I ask for my in kitchen/ I'm a chef/ I suggest/ That you do the way I do/ 'Cause it's best, if you rest/ When you're stirring up a stew/ And if you don't, then I'll "Shh" and I'll "Shhhhh"/For it's silence that I ask for in my kitchen/ I like quiet things/ Like lockets/ Quiet pockets/ Sockets/ I like quiet high... Sky rockets/Quiet folks/ Like Brocketts/ I'm a chef/ I suggest/ That you show me what you want/ For you can
[Makes stirring motion with hands]
Chef Brockett: You can...
[Makes another stirring motion]
Chef Brockett: You can...
[Another stirring motion]
Chef Brockett: And if you don't/ Then I'll "Shh" and I'll "Shhhh"/ For it's silence that I ask for/ Yes it's silence that I ask for/ Silence, Silence, Silence in my kitchen/ Shhhhhhhhhh.
Chef Brockett: But this isn't my kitchen.
Mrs. Betsy McFeely: And you don't have to be quiet in here.

Audrey Paulifficate: Someplace Else? What's going on there?
Chef Brockett: I'm not exactly sure, but this morning, Donkey Hodie and Harriett Elizabeth Cow had a long meeting with the king. And after they left, he called Edgar and me in and talked to us about waffles.
Edgar Cooke: [singing] Waffles for a king/ That's an important thing.
Chef Brockett: [Imitating King Friday XIII] "We must have lot's of waffles on Friday at Someplace Else".

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1638: Dress-Up (#21.13)" (1991)
Lady Aberlin: Where could that crown be?
Chef Brockett: Well it's not in this cake. I know that. And it's not under my hat.
Handyman Negri: Nope, it isn't there. It's not under my hat, is it?
Chef Brockett: No, it's not.

Chef Brockett: [singing] I'm a chef / I suggest/That you all be very quiet / While I cook, you may look / But you must be very quiet / If you don't, then I'll "Shh" / And I'll "Shhhhhh" / For it's silence that I ask for in my kitchen.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1584: Alike and Different (#18.4)" (1987)
Chuckles the Clown: [while Queen Sara, Mayor for a day, is doing a radio show, Chuckles the Clown and Chef Brockett, also dressed as a clown, arrive] Is this the Neighborhood of Make Believe?
Chuck Aber: [quietly] No, this is Westwood.
Chef Brockett: See? I told you.
Chuck Aber: [quietly] And our mayor is on the radio.
Chuckles the Clown: [Loudly] On the radio? Oh I love the radio!
Chef Brockett: Can we be on the radio?
Chuck Aber: [quietly] She is giving a very serious speech.
Chuckles the Clown: Oh, we could be very serious.
Chef Brockett: I could cry.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1199 (#5.4)" (1972)
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: This is no time for visiting, Brockett.
Chef Brockett: Well what's the matter?
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: Don't look now, but we are being invaded from outer space.
Chef Brockett: What makes you think that?
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: The flying bread. Dangerous, dangerous people, those bread people. But very clever.
Chef Brockett: I'm not going to go along with this.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" (1968)
[there's a knock at the door]
Mr. Rogers: Oh, there's somebody knocking at the door.
Chef Brockett: Speedy delivery!
Mr. Rogers: Speedy delivery? Somebody is saying, "Speedy delivery", but it doesn't sound like Mr. McFeely to me. Did it to you?
[Calls out]
Mr. Rogers: What did you say?
Chef Brockett: Speedy delivery!
Mr. Rogers: Who do you think that sounds like? Chef Brockett?
[Looks out window]
Mr. Rogers: It IS Chef Brockett.