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Quotes for
Dr. Guillaume Secretan (Character)
from "Green Wing" (2004)

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"Green Wing: Episode #2.3" (2006)
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: That should not have been erotic.

Dr. Guilaume Secretan: You've got the weirdest foreplay of any woman I know.

Dr. Guilaume Secretan: [giving mouth-to-mouth to a swan] He pulled out in front of me!

"Green Wing: Caroline's First Day (#1.1)" (2004)
Dr. Guillaume 'Guy' Valerie Secretan: Go and have a wank in the cupboard. Go on, I won't tell anybody. Have a hand-shandy. Go on.
Dr. Guillaume 'Guy' Valerie Secretan: Martin's having a wank in the cupboard!
Dr. Martin Dear: I'm not. I'm not.

"Green Wing: Rumours (#1.2)" (2004)
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: I may be many things, but not being indiscreet isn't one of them.

"Green Wing: Episode #2.1" (2006)
Dr. Caroline Todd: Did you take a cat and a gun in to see Mac?
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: It was a replica.
Dr. Caroline Todd: A replica cat?
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: A replica gun.

"Green Wing: Episode #2.5" (2006)
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: Am I interrupting anything?
Dr. Macartney: Just the evolution of mankind.

"Green Wing: Joanna's Birthday (#1.4)" (2004)
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: [On Guy's League Table] It's Mac's.
Dr. Caroline Todd: This... this is Dr. Macartney's?
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: Yes, it is.
Dr. Caroline Todd: Well... well you sh-shouldn't look like... a man who would have one of these.
[She walks away]