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Tom Wedloe (Character)
from "Gentle Ben" (1967)

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"Gentle Ben: Batter Up (#1.21)" (1968)
Tom Wedloe: [Fishing Gibson out of the water and onto the airboat] Y'know, we haven't met some place, have we? You look familiar.
Bob Gibson: No, I don't think so.
Tom Wedloe: Well, Tom Wedloe's the name. I'm the game warden.
Bob Gibson: Bob Gibson.
Tom Wedloe: [Star struck] Bob Gibson? You mean the - hey, you're not the St. Louis Cardinals pitcher who won three games from the Red Sox are ya, in the World Series?
Bob Gibson: [Smiling] Well, yeah, me and eight other guys, we beat the Red Sox.

Tom Wedloe: Did you pitch the whole game?
Mark Wedloe: Yes, sir. I struck out the last batter with the tying run on third.
Tom Wedloe: The heck you did.
Mark Wedloe: Gave him the Old Quick Pitcheroo!
Tom Wedloe: The what?
Mark Wedloe: The Old Quick Pitcheroo.
Tom Wedloe: What's that?
Mark Wedloe: You gotta know a lot about Inside Baseball to understand that, Dad.
Tom Wedloe: Yeah, well, I think that if you go slow I could probably follow ya.
Mark Wedloe: Okay. Say you get the second strike on a batter. You look up like you're seeing an airplane. But the batter doesn't know what you're lookin' up at, so he looks up too. Then all at once you burn one in and you catch the batter by surprise. That's what you call the Old Quick Pitcheroo.
Tom Wedloe: That's what I call cheatin'.
Mark Wedloe: No, Dad, that's not cheatin'; that's baseball, Inside Baseball.

Tom Wedloe: Well, what else did Mr. Gibson have to say?
Mark Wedloe: Oh, he didn't think much of the book about Inside Baseball. He said it must've been written by some busher named Jack the Ripper.
Tom Wedloe: Yeah. Well, you agree with that?
Mark Wedloe: No, 'cause it was written by a fellow named Spitball Baker.

Mark Wedloe: I'm retiring from baseball, Mr. Gibson. I'm no good in the clutch.
Bob Gibson: in the clutch? Mark, did you know I lost the very first World Series game I was ever in?
Mark Wedloe: You did?
Bob Gibson: That's right. In '64 against the Yankees. I didn't quit. I just tried a little harder the next time.
Tom Wedloe: Then you won the next five World Series games in a row, right, Bob?
Bob Gibson: That's right.
Mark Wedloe: Maybe I can make a comeback, Mr. Gibson?
Bob Gibson: That's right.