Quinn Garvey
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Quinn Garvey (Character)
from "How I Met Your Mother" (2005)

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"How I Met Your Mother: Farhampton (#8.1)" (2012)
[Ted needs Barney to seduce Klaus' sister on the phone]
Barney Stinson: Hey, baby, it's not cheating if it's on the phone?
Quinn Garvey: Say what now?
Barney Stinson: Quinn's on board!

[Later on, after meeting Robin's boyfriend, Nick]
Quinn Garvey: Baby, it's not cheating if I lay down on the bar and let him do shots off my belly, right?
Barney Stinson: Say what now?
Quinn Garvey: Barney's on board!

Barney Stinson: [after getting a call from Ted asking if he can try to seduce one of Victoria's bridesmaids so Ted can sneak in and leave Victoria's note to Klaus] Challenge accepted! Honey it's not cheating if it's on the phone right?
Quinn Garvey: Say what now?
Barney Stinson: Quinn's on board!

"How I Met Your Mother: The Magician's Code: Part 2 (#7.24)" (2012)
Guard #1: [At the JFK passenger terminal, Barney and Quinn are asked about the luggage]
[sees box in bag]
Guard #1: What's that?
Quinn Garvey: Yeah, what is that?
Barney Stinson: It's a magic box. You see, I'm something of a magician.
Guard #1: Open the box, sir.
Barney Stinson: [laughs] I can't do that.
[K9 barks]
Guard #1: Sir, are there drugs in that box?
Barney Stinson: Oh no, he's probably barking because of the explosives.
[officers draw firearms]
Quinn Garvey: Oh my God.
Guard #1: Tell us what's in the box right now!
Barney Stinson: I can't. Magician's Code.

Mr. McIntee: I need to ask you both a few questions. Let's start with you. Name?
Quinn Garvey: Quinn Garvey.
Mr. McIntee: Occupation?
Quinn Garvey: Unemployed.
Barney Stinson: Well, well, well. Look who's keeping secrets now. Sir, I'll tell you her occupation: Stripper. She insists she's proud of it, but apparently not proud enough to tell you.
Quinn Garvey: Barney, I was going to surprise you with this on our trip, but... I quit.
Barney Stinson: You... did that for me?
Quinn Garvey: Yes. And now that you know what I did for you and how much I care for you, would you please show him the trick?
[Barney pauses to take Quinn's hands gently]
Barney Stinson: Sorry. Magician's Code.

"How I Met Your Mother: The Broath (#7.19)" (2012)
Barney Stinson: Are you saying evil plan?
Quinn Garvey: Hells to the yes!

"How I Met Your Mother: The Pre-Nup (#8.2)" (2012)
Quinn Garvey: [Reading Barney's pre-nup] I have to pay 2,000 dollars every time I gain a pound?
Barney Stinson: Not every time. Just if it shows up at the weekly weigh-in.

"How I Met Your Mother: Trilogy Time (#7.20)" (2012)
Barney Stinson: Point is, I plan on being with you for a long time, you okay with that?
Quinn Garvey: Sounds great.