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Quotes for
Dr. Hasnat Khan (Character)
from Diana (2013)

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Diana (2013)
Hasnat Khan: I don't know how to contact you.
Diana: Well, I'm like most people, I got a mobile. Actually, I'm not like most people, I have four.
Hasnat Khan: One number would do.

Hasnat Khan: This is the on-call accommodation?
Diana: What, you just crash here?
Hasnat Khan: Hmm.
Diana: What do you eat?
Hasnat Khan: There's a canteen on the ground floor, but it's not open late.
Diana: Well, you could always pop round the corner for supper with me.
Hasnat Khan: [stunned look, then laughs]
Diana: I'm serious. At the palace we stay open very late.

Hasnat Khan: Is there any more wine or have we run out?
Diana: This is a palace. We don't run out.

Hasnat Khan: I've struggled to see how I could marry the most famous woman in the world. But I'd be giving up the very thing that defines me.

[last lines]
Hasnat Khan: From the poet Romi. "Somewhere beyond right and wrong there is a garden. I will meet you there."
Diana: "Somewhere beyond right and wrong there is a garden. I will meet you there." I will meet you there.

Diana: How long a heart operation go on?
Hasnat Khan: Sometimes 8 to 9 hours.
Diana: God, how do you keep going?
Hasnat Khan: You reach a place inside youself where time has no meaning. You don't perform the operation.The operation performs you.

Hasnat Khan: Love is a garden. If you can't smell the fragrance, don't come into the garden of love.
Diana: Who said that?
Diana: Rumi. Persian poet. 13th century.

Diana: Where you are, death will find you. Even if you're in a house built up strong and whole.
Hasnat Khan: That's from the Qur-an.

Hasnat Khan: I can't stop loving you.
Diana: They always say that when they're saying goodbye.