Hilly Kristal
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Hilly Kristal (Character)
from CBGB (2013)

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CBGB (2013)
Hilly Kristal: What kind of music do you play?
Terry Ork: Ohmmmm... new music.

Hilly Kristal: [Being introduced to the Ramones] What do you guys have for me?
Joey Ramone: We got four songs. I don't wanna walk around with you, I don't wanna be learned, I don't wanna be tamed and I don't wanna go down to the basement.
Hilly Kristal: Lot of things you don't wanna do.

Hilly Kristal: [Talking to The Ramones] Nobody will like you!

Hilly Kristal: Where are you guys from?
Cheetah Chrome: Cleveland, sir.
Hilly Kristal: Well, I'm impressed with the youth of Cleveland.
Cheetah Chrome: You shouldn't be.
Hilly Kristal: Why not?
Cheetah Chrome: Lot of losers.

Judge: This is your second failed attempt to run a bar.
Hilly Kristal: A club.
Judge: Divorced and two bankruptcies. Perhaps you should try something else.

Hilly Kristal: It's the only bar in the city with Fresca on tap.
Merv Ferguson: Yeah, but that shit will kill you.

Hilly Kristal: What's their name?
Merv Ferguson: The Ramones. Look like they were raised on the police lines.

Hilly Kristal: You gotta spend money to make money.
Lisa Kristal: [irate] You gotta *have* money to spend money to make money. And since you spend all the money you make, you don't have any money to spend. So you might wanna think about saving the money you make, instead of spending the money you make.

Johnny Blitz: Your dog is crappin' on the floor, sir.
Hilly Kristal: Yeah, he does that.
Michael Sticca: I piss in ice machines.

Lisa Kristal: Mom was right to leave you. You're an asshole.
Hilly Kristal: Lisa.
Lisa Kristal: What?
Hilly Kristal: In my capacity as asshole, I am promoting you to vice president of business affairs.

Lisa Kristal: I just don't get it. Why did you risk everything on the Dead Boys? Was it the auto-asphyxiation or the self-mutilation?
Hilly Kristal: They could have been a bellwether.
Lisa Kristal: That's debatable.

Hilly Kristal: [giving an interview] I opened CBGB because I thought country music was gonna become the next big thing. And it did... in Nashville.