Callie Cargill
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Callie Cargill (Character)
from "The Glades" (2010)

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"The Glades: Pilot (#1.1)" (2010)
Callie Cargill: Wow, that's either an exit wound or all of the surgeons in Chicago are drunks.
Jim Longworth: Yeah, my captain shot me. He thought I was sleeping with his wife.
[Callie raises an eyebrow as she gives Jim an injection in his butt]
Jim Longworth: I was actually the only one in the department who *hadn't* slept with her.
Callie Cargill: Good boy.

Callie Cargill: Sign this.
Jim Longworth: What's this?
Callie Cargill: It's just a waiver that relieves the hospital of all reliability if my treatment of you were to cause you to get an infection, lose your hand, or die.
Jim Longworth: I'm not signing this!
Callie Cargill: You will if you want your pants back.

"The Glades: The Girlfriend Experience (#1.5)" (2010)
Callie Cargill: So you think that a woman choosing a specific job option is objectifying herself?
Jim Longworth: I did, until you said it like that...

Jim Longworth: Hey... sweet dreams.
Callie Cargill: Sure, sweet dreams.
Jim Longworth: [shakes his head after Callie walks away] Sweet dreams? Idiot!

"The Glades: Doppelganger (#1.6)" (2010)
Callie Cargill: So, this is you being gentle?
Jim Longworth: [cynical tone] Yeah, try anything once.
Callie Cargill: So if this is gentle, why is he crying?
Jim Longworth: I don't know!

"The Glades: Booty (#1.11)" (2010)
Callie Cargill: [Searching the swamp for the treasure] Are you sure this is right?
Jim Longworth: Yes. I got the coordinates from the sextant and put them in the GPS thingie.
Callie Cargill: GPS thingie? Oh my God, I'm going to die!
Jim Longworth: You are not going to die.
Callie Cargill: I'm in the swamp with a guy from Chicago who says 'GPS thingie'! I'm going to die!