Arizona Gray
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Arizona Gray (Character)
from Repo Chick (2009)

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Repo Chick (2009)
Arizona Gray: Arizona Gray III can steal just about any unit you can conceive of, so long as the bank desires it.

Repo Chick: Yeah, actually they're making a documentary reality show about me.
Arizona Gray: No kidding! When's it going to be on the TV?
Repo Chick: Not any TV you have. It's going to be on a very exclusive in-house, hotel intranet in Dubai. That's better than any TV show.

Arizona Gray: [Referring to Pixxi's repo skills] She's too good.
Aguas: Hmmm?
Arizona Gray: Yep. Look at her stats. Since yesterday, she has ripped five cars...
Aguas: Fantastic!
Arizona Gray: Four homes...
Aguas: Terrific!
Arizona Gray: Three planes... six shopping malls, and two places of worship.
Aguas: You're saying that if she continues thus, her work will be the standard by which ours is judged?
Arizona Gray: Exactly. We got us a live on, Aguas, filled with boundless energy, ambitious, sadistic, fast.
Aguas: Better add sand to that gas tank.
Arizona Gray: Check.

Arizona Gray: I just do what Aguas says. And Aguas says to drive her around and show her the ropes.
Repo Chick: So where are they?
Arizona Gray: What?
Repo Chick: The ropes.

[last lines]
Repo Chick: Hey, Gray.
Arizona Gray: Hmm?
Repo Chick: Do you ever experience the feeling that you might just be a tiny little simulacrum or an avatar created by a mad scientist as part of a tabletop experiment?
Arizona Gray: Sure, I have that feeling from time to time.
Repo Chick: And does that make a difference to you in your actions?
Arizona Gray: Wouldn't have it any other way. Ah, here comes the bus.
Repo Chick: Check!