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Brandy (Character)
from Destry (1954)

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Destry Rides Again (1939)
Washington Dimsdale: Frenchy, am I really Sheriff?
Frenchy: Sure you are!
Washington Dimsdale: Then I'm off the liquor. A man's got to choose between the bottle and the badge.

[Wash announces he will send for Tom Destry to be his Deputy Sheriff]
Frenchy: But Destry's dead!
Bugs Watson: That makes him the right man for the job.
Gyp Watson: Save us a lot of trouble.
Washington Dimsdale: Is that so? Well, young Tom ain't dead and his father brought him up to be the toughest and fightin'est man that ever growed up in the West! He ain't got as big a name as his pa, but he cleaned up Tombstone and I'm sendin' for him to be my deputy and when he gets here, Destry will ride again!

[Boris has bet and lost his pants in game of poker]
Boris: Frenchy, think of my position. I've met every king in Europe!
Frenchy: Now you've met two aces in Bottleneck. Off with your pants.

Lily Belle: Hey you! Give me those pants. And from now now on, leave my husband alone.
Frenchy: I don't want your husband, Mrs. Callahan - all I want is his money... and his pants.
Lily Belle: And how'd you get 'em? By making eyes at him while you cheated, you gilded lily!
Frenchy: But Mrs. Callahan, you know he would rather be cheated by me than married to you.

Frenchy: Get out before I kill you!
Tom Destry Jr.: You mean you haven't been tryin'?

Tom Destry Jr.: Don't let me interfere with your dinner, ma'am.
Frenchy: It's breakfast.

Destry (1954)
Brandy: Looking for someone, Sheriff?
Sheriff Joe Bailey: I just want to find out what Decker's running up there - a poker game or a land grab.

Tom Destry: Aren't you afraid you'll catch cold?
Brandy: I needed some fresh air.
Tom Destry: You ought to get plenty of it in that outfit.