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Mac Taylor (Character)
from "CSI: NY" (2004)

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"CSI: NY: Zoo York (#2.3)" (2005)
Detective Mac Taylor: [talking to Lindsay in the tiger's cage] I need you to hold the tiger's jaw so I can get a dental impression.
Danny Messer: [whispering to Lindsay] Just take a deep breath, don't let him know you're afraid 'cause he can sense when you're nervous.
Det. Lindsay Monroe: The tiger's been tranquilized. I think I can handle it.
Danny Messer: I'm talking about Mac.

[investigating crime scene involving tigers at the Bronx Zoo]
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Detective Flack] Hey! Sneezing on my crime scene.
Don Flack: Sorry, Mack, allergies. Cats. Hate 'em.

Detective Mac Taylor: [talking about Ryan Knight] Some people's stories are so stupid, you couldn't make them up.

Detective Mac Taylor: [to Detective Lindsay Monroe, after she knocks down a fleeing suspect] What do they feed you up there in Montana?

Danny Messer: [offering advice to newly arrived Detective Lindsay Monroe about Mac] And make sure you call him "Sir".
[a short time later, Lindsay and Mac are working together]
Det. Lindsay Monroe: Sorry, sir, I recite meaningless trivia when I'm nervous.
Detective Mac Taylor: Don't call me "Sir".

Det. Lindsay Monroe: You know, petting a cat has been scientifically proven to lower your blood pressure.
Detective Mac Taylor: Maybe the vic heard the same thing.

Danny Messer: [about the vic in the tiger cage] He ended up puzzle pieces?
Detective Mac Taylor: Let's put him back together.

[Family members of the victim subtly pressure Mac]
Det. Lindsay Monroe: What did they want?
Detective Mac Taylor: For us to know the clock is ticking.

Detective Mac Taylor: [to Vinetti] Get the hell out of here, or the next time you see my face, you're gonna be wearing bracelets.

Detective Mac Taylor: As for the tiger, it wasn't personal. Just a free meal.

Det. Lindsay Monroe: Detective Taylor?
Detective Mac Taylor: Yeah.
Det. Lindsay Monroe: Lindsay Monroe.
Detective Mac Taylor: My new investigator from Bozeman.
Det. Lindsay Monroe: Your office said you wanted me to come down as soon as I arrived?
Detective Mac Taylor: Glove up.
Det. Lindsay Monroe: Now?
Detective Mac Taylor: You here to watch or work?

Det. Lindsay Monroe: I've heard about these reconstructions. I've never done one before.
Detective Mac Taylor: No better way to start your first day on the job.
Det. Lindsay Monroe: Well, the tiger was pretty good.

Detective Mac Taylor: Where is he?
Angelo Venetti Sr.: I'm sorry, Detective, I don't know who you're referring to.
Detective Mac Taylor: I want Parker.
Angelo Venetti Sr.: Why? What do you care, Taylor? Justice is served. It's what you're all about, right?
Detective Mac Taylor: You're admitting your involvement in his disappearance?
Angelo Venetti Sr.: My brother's son is dead. Anything happens to the guy that did it, I'm thinking justice is served. Doesn't make me involved. Anyway... what makes you think he's dead?
Detective Mac Taylor: I don't think it, I know it. You trailed our investigation, you picked up Parker and killed him.
Angelo Venetti Sr.: Well, you know what they say about opinions and a certain body part? Everybody's got one. You're welcome to yours.
Detective Mac Taylor: I've got Felix Parker's apartment under a microscope, and I will find something.
Angelo Venetti Sr.: Maybe there's nothing to find. Did you ever think about that?
Detective Mac Taylor: There's always something to find. Always. And when I find it... I'll be coming for you.

Danny Messer: [processing the scene] Hey, Mac. This, uh... looks like packing tape.
Detective Mac Taylor: It's starting to make sense. The vic bled out here, but there's no spatter associated with a mauling.
[noticing blood on a rock a few feet above his head]
Detective Mac Taylor: This wasn't a Kodak moment gone bad.

Detective Mac Taylor: [going to question a suspect, Lindsay notices an advertisement for an apartment for rent] You still haven't found a place yet?
Det. Lindsay Monroe: Still looking.
Detective Mac Taylor: You look in Brooklyn, Queens?
Det. Lindsay Monroe: This girl's heart's set on Manhattan. 'Till then, it's Uncle Freddy's couch in Tarrytown.

"CSI: NY: Manhattan Manhunt (#2.7)" (2005)
Det. Mac Taylor: Rot in hell, you son of a bitch.

Det. Mac Taylor: Me? I don't pity you, Darius. There's a lot of people with worse stories than yours - they never hurt anyone. You killed 12 people in two states over the last 72 hours and you want me to feel sorry for you because your daddy... didn't kiss you when you were a baby? You asked for my help? I did help you - you're where you belong... You rot in hell, you son of a bitch

Det. Stella Bonasera: Tiffany's. Now you're talking my language.
Det. Mac Taylor: You can tell from a map?
Det. Stella Bonasera: You kidding? I can tell from the moon. I love those little blue boxes.

Det. Stella Bonasera: No girl leaves her house without her cell phone, at least not at that age.
Det. Mac Taylor: GPS the phone number.
Det. Stella Bonasera: You got it. Tiffany's! Now you're talking my language.
Det. Mac Taylor: You can tell from a map?
Det. Stella Bonasera: Are you kidding, I can tell from the moon. I love those little blue boxes.

Detective Don Flack: [about the students shot execution style] How did this happen? There were security guards at every one of the Endecott's Manhattan properties.
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: [about Darius] He's gotta be here somewhere.
Det. Stella Bonasera: Are we sure this is Darius?
Det. Mac Taylor: Take a good look at the position of these kids. Look familiar?
Det. Stella Bonasera: Yeah, those nurses in Midtown. He played in their blood.

Det. Mac Taylor: Last thing Darius said down in Miami. He was coming to New York to make things right.
Det. Stella Bonasera: Think he has?
Det. Mac Taylor: [looking at Alexa's body] Not even close.

Detective Danny Messer: [as he, Lindsay, and Hawkes walks into the crime scene] Got your call. Team's all here.
Det. Stella Bonasera: [sighing] Great, thanks.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: We came as soon as we could.
Detective Lindsay Monroe: [looking at the brandy glass full of pills on the table] What's with all the pills?
Det. Stella Bonasera: It's a pharm party.
Detective Lindsay Monroe: What's a pharm party?
Det. Stella Bonasera: Pharmaceuticals. Empty your parents medicine cabinet and pop until you drop. Rich kids idea of fun. At first glance I've got Lithium, serdalyne and fluoxatine. Most of these drugs don't even get you high.
Det. Mac Taylor: [walking into the room] Stella and I are going to run with this one. Danny check the service entry area there's an elevator there, secondary exit. Sheldon bag up these bottles get them over to Lindsay she'll be in trace.
Detective Lindsay Monroe: Sir, I've worked big crime scenes before. I've got two hands I'm ready to work.
Det. Mac Taylor: This is a high profile case Lindsay. I want you in the lab and I need your full attention. Remember anything we find here can take us to Darius. Be careful, be thorough.

Henry Darius: Detective Taylor I'm impressed you went through all the trouble.
Det. Mac Taylor: Been busy Henry. Here, Miami.
Henry Darius: You said you'd help me. You offered me a deal if I confessed. Those three nurses in Midtown. I sat in your interview room and I told you everything.
Det. Mac Taylor: Except why?
Henry Darius: I was hoping you'd tell me. You're the only one who knows I can't control it.

Lieutenant Horatio Caine: Mac, heard there was a break in the case?
Det. Mac Taylor: Stella already has you on speed dial. I thought you had to duck out on personal business?
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: I got an extension.
Det. Mac Taylor: Good news for both of us.

Det. Mac Taylor: You'll be extradited back to Miami after we file on you here in New York.
Henry Darius: Do you know what's wrong with me?
Det. Mac Taylor: I'm not a shrink.
Henry Darius: You're better than doctor Fledstine I'll tell you that. Thank you... for everything
Det. Mac Taylor: Pardon?
Henry Darius: This may sound crazy, Detective Taylor but you fought for me. You chased me all over Manhattan.
Det. Mac Taylor: That's my job.
Henry Darius: But you came looking for me. That's more than my father ever did. You think that if he had acknowledged me I wouldn't have done the things I did?

Det. Mac Taylor: Sounds like Darius out-psyched the psych. What else did you tell him?
Dr. Miles Feldstein: I may have mentioned that Alexa would have come into three million dollars on her twenty-first birthday.
Det. Mac Taylor: You told a convicted killer that?

Det. Mac Taylor: I've got every man in blue out looking for Darius. Full-court press. This is the manhunt of the decade right here, right now.

"CSI: NY: Grand Murder at Central Station (#2.2)" (2005)
[to Detective Sheldon Hawkes about little girl's teddy bear found at crime scene]
Det. Mac Taylor: So did Franklin help out or did he lawyer up?

[Mac has shown Aiden an unsealed evidence packet]
Det. Mac Taylor: There are three things that I'll protect at any cost: the honor of this country, the safety of this city, and the integrity of this lab. As scientists, we have a great deal of power, the ability to assign guilt or innocence. But when we analyze a crime scene, we collect pieces of evidence, we make a promise to the people of this city. A promise to handle that evidence with respect, integrity, and good faith. When you broke the seal, you broke that promise.
Detective Aiden Burn: I didn't do it. I didn't plant the evidence. I wanted to. Man, I wanted to, but I couldn't go through with it. I knew I couldn't live with that.
Det. Mac Taylor: Is it that you couldn't live with it, or you couldn't compromise the integrity of this office?
Detective Aiden Burn: You know how much this place means to me, Mac. But that son of a bitch raped Regina twice, and he's gonna get away with it twice?
Det. Mac Taylor: And if the credibility of our findings is suspect, how many more do you think will walk? Ten? Twenty? A hundred? Truth is, Aiden, I can't have someone like that working in this lab. You're fired.
Detective Aiden Burn: [handing over her badge] Truth is I can't do this anymore, Mac. I mean, I got to be honest with you. If somethin' like this ever happened again, I don't think I'd trust myself. And I'm sorry I let you down. Just do me a favor, huh? Catch this guy for Regina.
Det. Mac Taylor: I will. This folder... will be right here on my desk till we get him.

Det. Mac Taylor: It never ceases to amaze me how men of higher education can commit such... stupid crimes.

Detective Don Flack: We got some whackadoo running around throwing acid in people's faces?
Det. Mac Taylor: Not acid, lye.
Detective Don Flack: Alright, well, I'll start with the nuts in this city and work my way up!

Det. Mac Taylor: [to Dr. Stanley Thatcher] Your record is clean, but your partner has more flags than the UN building.

Det. Mac Taylor: A crime in a crowd. Two thousand eyes, not one witness.

[Hawkes, formerly the medical examiner, is uneasy in his new position as a detective]
Det. Mac Taylor: You on break?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: I'm just taking five minutes to eat. That's allowed, isn't it?
Det. Mac Taylor: [seriously] Eating is frowned upon, Hawkes.
[Hawkes quickly starts collecting his food and garbage]
Det. Mac Taylor: [stopping him, smirking] Hey, I'm kidding.

Det. Mac Taylor: This whole thing was an insurance scam.

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Did you know rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez's ass is insured for one billion dollars?
Det. Mac Taylor: Excuse me?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Five hundred million per cheek. They're her trade instruments, like a soccer player's legs or a model's face...
Det. Mac Taylor: Or a surgeon's hands.

Detective Stella Bonasera: Hey.
Det. Mac Taylor: Hey.
Detective Stella Bonasera: You look serious.
Det. Mac Taylor: Shut the door.
Detective Stella Bonasera: [closes Mac's office door] What's up?
Det. Mac Taylor: Rape case Aiden's been working on - Regina Bowen. Rapist struck eighteen months ago.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Right. We never caught the guy, and ten days or so ago he raped again, same girl.
Det. Mac Taylor: [handing Stella an evidence baggie] You notice anything... unethical about this?
Detective Stella Bonasera: Seal's broken. Oh, you don't think Aiden...
Det. Mac Taylor: Seal's broken, Stella. She tampered with the evidence. Aiden is the only one on the case.

"CSI: NY: Officer Blue (#1.9)" (2004)
Jerald Brown: Willie and I just picked any pig cop. An eye for an eye.
Det. Mac Taylor: You shot a New York City police officer. He wasn't just a cop, he was somebody's son. He made somebody proud at home. When you shot him through the back, you shot those people through the heart.
[Mac stands up]
Det. Mac Taylor: From where I stand... you're the one that should be put to death. No trial, no jury. Eye for an eye.

Det. Don Flack: This city is full of nuts.
Det. Mac Taylor: That's why we're scientists.

Det. Mac Taylor: Detective Flack, start getting statements.
Det. Don Flack: Yes, sir.
Det. Mac Taylor: Emergency Services, canvas the entire area. Conduct roof searches along the perimeter of the park. Restrict all flyovers. Get aviation to assist. No one sleeps in New York City until this shooter is caught.

Det. Mac Taylor: Cause of death?
Sheldon Hawkes: Single gunshot wound to the back. It pierced through the protective vest and exited at downward trajectory through the front. Must've been a high-powered rifle.
Det. Mac Taylor: The rifle doesn't concern me, it's the rifleman. Sniping a live target in motion is no easy task.
Sheldon Hawkes: Sharpshooter?
Det. Mac Taylor: I'll know for certain after I take a look at that vest.

Det. Don Flack: They're arranging for a funeral for Officer Velasquez. It's a shame. How you guys doing? Anything yet?
Det. Mac Taylor: We're running Touch Print right now. You get anything from the park?
Det. Don Flack: We sent the world out and got next to nothing. I spoke to a lot of eyewitnesses, I got everything under the sun. He was shot from a tree, he fell off his horse and shot himself. One lady said aliens came down.

Det. Mac Taylor: Jerald Brown. You were in the Army. Sergeant, E-5. Qualification: marksman. Years of service: two. Dishonorable discharge for willfully disobeying orders during Desert Storm, where you were reduced to an E-1.
Jerald Brown: What do you expect from the white man's army, man? We had hostiles in the building five klicks away from base camp. So we went in and took them out. And we know for a fact they murdered ten women and children.
Det. Mac Taylor: According to your file, you disobeyed a direct order. The chain of command is sacrosanct, Mr. Brown. I'm a Marine; I know. Endangering lives against explicit orders is unconscionable.

Dr. Huff: [veterinarian, about sniper's bullet lodged in horse's neck] We can remove it during surgery, but I have to warn you: removal will most likely be fatal to the horse.
Det. Mac Taylor: Look, I sympathize with this animal, sir, but unfortunately, humans take precedence in this case.

[Detective Mac Taylor has been trying to delay surgery on a horse to remove a sniper's bullet, hoping extra hours will give the horse more strength to survive]
Stella Bonasera: Where's the bullet from the horse?
Det. Mac Taylor: Still in the horse.
Stella Bonasera: Forgive me, but taking the bullet out of the horse is the first thing that should've been done.
Det. Mac Taylor: [testily] And you should be searching Jerald Brown's house for the weapon instead of arguing with me. We need the bullet and the weapon to make an arrest. Plain and simple, Stella. Until then, the horse can stay alive a couple more hours. It's my call. End of conversation.
[Stella leaves to search the house. She returns after finding a weapon]
Stella Bonasera: [testily] In Stella talk, it's time to get the bullet out of the horse, Mac. End of conversation.

"CSI: NY: Tanglewood (#1.13)" (2005)
Detective Stella Bonasera: [thinking about their next move] So we still need to prove that they were with Paul Montenassi. Surveillence camera at the bar?
Detective Mac Taylor: [smiles, recallinfg an ATM machine at the bar] Adam.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Who's Adam?

Detective Mac Taylor: [sees empty trophey case, reads gold placard] Mickey Mantle bat: $5,000.
Detective Stella Bonasera: That's a lot of money for a piece of wood.

Sonny Sassone: That's right. That's the way we do it. Mafia style. You look a man dead in the eye and, watch the light go out. But chu wouldn't know anything 'bout *that* would ya, *coppa*?
Detective Mac Taylor: I'm a Marine, you little punk. I've put men in the ground in foreign soil so you can sleep at night, but you wouldn't know anything about *that*, would ya - *kid*? Let me tell you something about the mob. Back in their heyday, these oldtimers, they dealt in death and violence because of one thing: business. Not sport. They were smart. You punks are idiots.

Detective Mac Taylor: I think... it's a Mickey Mantle. If it is, it's a collectors item. Autographed bat from the "Mick" goes for around five grand these days.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Wow! Expensive murder weapon. Why would you kill someone with a five thousand dollar bat?

Sonny Sassone: Look at me. You see me wearing a silk suit, and a fat tie with marinara on my shirt? Forget about old times, those days is dead, it's dead! They were suckers, they worked too hard. The Tanglewood Boys represent the next generation of mobster. Set up shop wherever we want, pull any bitch we want, sniff the finest China, roll in six-figure cars, and snuff out any punk-ass poser rat who needs to be put back in his hole. We have our own set of rules.
Detective Mac Taylor: So do we.

Detective Stella Bonasera: [Stella sees a Derek Jeter bobblehead on the dashboard of an SUV she and Mac are processing] Who is that on the dashboard? Mickey Mantle?
Detective Mac Taylor: I dunno. Looks kind of like Derek Jeter.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Derek Jeter from the Yankees, right?
Detective Mac Taylor: Yeah
Detective Stella Bonasera: Didn't they get beat by Boston or something?
Detective Mac Taylor: We were up three to zero and then we got swept. But we're trying to forget that.

Detective Mac Taylor: [at murder scene during the winter] Lucky for us it happened out here. We have the best investigative tool money can't buy: snow.

"CSI: NY: What You See Is What You See (#1.23)" (2005)
Det. Mac Taylor: I can't get a straight answer about who's handling Steve Collins. That means it's federal.

[Mac jumps in the back of an ambulance with a wounded suspect]
Paramedic: Detective, this man needs to be treated.
Det. Mac Taylor: I won't get in your way, you don't get in mine.
[then, Mac assures the suspect that he will get caught]
Steve Collins: You can't touch me.
Det. Mac Taylor: Sure I can.
[Mac slams his hand on suspect's wound]
Paramedic: Okay, now you're in my way.

[Mac is out on his first "date" since his wife died]
Rose Whitley: I didn't think you'd come.
Det. Mac Taylor: I'm here.

[talking to a captured counterfeiter]
Det. Mac Taylor: Once Steve came out of the bathroom, it all would have gone down as you planned it. Except something happened: I walked in. You may be an expert on the manipulation of bistable colorstaric crystals, but you wouldn't know a police officer if one walked right by you. Clark made me the second I walked in.

Det. Mac Taylor: This wasn't just a nickel-and-dime robbery. There's more to it.
Detective Don Flack: How do you mean?
Det. Mac Taylor: Two guys with no apparent connection, both carrying, end up in a shootout in a coffee shop? Something was going on in there.

Stella Bonasera: Mac, Aiden got a CODIS hit on the swizzle stick. Recognize any of these guys?
[Stella hands Mac a mugshot array]
Det. Mac Taylor: That's what I like about you. You always get the details right.
Stella Bonasera: Well, technically, you're a witness. So if I only showed you one photo...
Det. Mac Taylor: You're leading me.

[Detective Danny Messer must undergo a mandatory psych evaluation following his involvement in a shooting]
Stella Bonasera: You just talked to Danny about the eval?
[Mac glances at Stella's outfit]
Stella Bonasera: You like it? Hopefully my date will, too.
Det. Mac Taylor: [picking up a folder] Yeah, uh... it's all here. He went. He's trying, but... And then this comes across my desk.
[Mac hands Stella another folder about Sheldon Hawkes, the medical examiner]
Stella Bonasera: Hawkes wants to work in the field.

"CSI: NY: The Closer (#1.22)" (2005)
Detective Mac Taylor: When the towers fell, and Claire died, it was the clearest definition of what is unjust and unfair in this world, and I was powerless to do anything about it.

Detective Stella Bonasera: Why haven't you taken your wedding ring off?
Detective Mac Taylor: Because, uh, I don't know. I don't want to.

[examining the woman who was hit by a car]
Detective Mac Taylor: No clothes, no shoes, no handbag, just lace.
Detective Stella Bonasera: If this is the new look for spring, you can count me out.

[Stella is speaking in Greek]
Detective Stella Bonasera: Pou eisai esi vre file? Skeftesei kat kai ksero pou thelis na me to pis.
Detective Mac Taylor: And in English?
Detective Stella Bonasera: What the hell's buggin' ya Mac?
Detective Mac Taylor: Sounds so much better in Greek.
Detective Stella Bonasera: [Smiles] Yeah, most things do.

Quinn Sullivan: [quoting Mac] "A small mistake can be significant enough to change everything that follows."
Detective Mac Taylor: Mr. Sullivan, if you have something to tell me, say it now.
Quinn Sullivan: I lost it. I don't know where I dropped it, I don't know when... but I figured if I told the truth... if I told them I owned it, it was as good as pleading guilty. But what if the hammer was mine?
Detective Mac Taylor: That changes everything.

[last lines]
Quinn Sullivan: So, why'd you help me?
Detective Mac Taylor: Because you told me the truth.
Quinn Sullivan: You know there'll be a civil trial.
Detective Mac Taylor: And this time, the evidence will come to the rescue. Mr. Sullivan, my job is to collect evidence and, without bias or expectation, provide an answer. I don't usually hope the suspect is innocent or guilty. This time... it was different. This time, I wanted the evidence on that hammer to be wrong. I liked the possibility of... changing everything.
Quinn Sullivan: Me, too.

Detective Stella Bonasera: If you're looking into the Alissa Danville case for mistakes, I expect to be consulted.
Detective Mac Taylor: I wasn't looking...
Detective Stella Bonasera: Mac, the murder weapon was in the alley with his DNA on it. What else did you expect to find?
Detective Mac Taylor: Well, for one, we didn't take a substrate control sample on the murder weapon.
Detective Stella Bonasera: That's because Sullivan claimed that the hammer wasn't his. In that kind of a case, not taking a control sample is standard procedure.
Detective Mac Taylor: Well, maybe that should change, because finding someone's DNA on a murder weapon shouldn't automatically make them guilty.
Detective Stella Bonasera: It doesn't. Let's just consider the facts in this case, all right? His coworker testified that every time Alissa Danville walked past the construction site, Sullivan stopped and watched her go by. Then there's the hammer. It was issued to every employee of Luxwell Construction Company. Every single hammer was accounted for except for Quinn Sullivan's. And yet he claims that the hammer we found at the crime scene with his DNA on it wasn't his.
Detective Mac Taylor: He told me it was.
Detective Stella Bonasera: You went to see him.
Detective Mac Taylor: Mm-hmm. He now claims the hammer, but he still sticks to his story that he didn't kill Alissa Danville.
Detective Stella Bonasera: You believe him?
Detective Mac Taylor: I want to. Stella, if the hammer was his, his DNA could have already been on it. DNA from epithelials he shed from normal, everyday use. Source attribution, Stella. It's a viable possibility the victim's blood was spattered on top of Sullivan's epithelials. When we tested the blood for DNA, we got a match for both the victim and Sullivan.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Well, if we had known that it was Sullivan's hammer, it wouldn't have changed our test results.
[Mac gives Stella a look, and realization dawns on her]
Detective Stella Bonasera: But it might have changed our conclusion.

"CSI: NY: Supply & Demand (#1.20)" (2005)
Detective Mac Taylor: What did the witness see?
Detective Don Flack: Nothing. She heard a ruckus through her wall, then the shot, discovered him here.
Detective Mac Taylor: She ran TOWARD the sound of a gunshot? Must not be a New Yorker.
Detective Don Flack: She's from South Carolina. The whole building's full of students.

Detective Mac Taylor: [the father of a suspect has filed a complaint against Stella] You should've told me. You know how I hate getting surprised by Hillborne.
Stella Bonasera: Lipstone's just trying to get us on the defensive, Mac.
Detective Mac Taylor: You handed her ammunition. Benson's just trying to protect his daughter like any father would.
Stella Bonasera: Yeah, well, I was thinking of Will's father. How long that drive back to Jersey must've been after what we said to him.
Detective Mac Taylor: You should've been thinking about Lipstone. She's an expert at turning a criminal trial into a referendum on how cops screw up.
Stella Bonasera: I know how trials work, Mac.
Detective Mac Taylor: Good! Act like it.

Sheldon Hawkes: Fatal shot to the head was an act of mercy, after the beating he took.
Stella Bonasera: His attackers were on a mission.
Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah, and they knew how to inflict pain. They broke three ribs, causing him to lose his breath. Kicked him in the kidneys hard enough to bruise the organs. It'd be excruciating. Stomped each kneecap.
Detective Mac Taylor: The intruders were desperate for something inside that apartment. Probably a stash of heroin.
Sheldon Hawkes: Did they find it?
Stella Bonasera: We don't think so.
Detective Mac Taylor: Signs of heroin use?
Sheldon Hawkes: I'm running a tox. No needle marks, no inflammation of the nose or lips. Weight was good, heart in great condition. I'd be surprised if he's a user.
Stella Bonasera: Well, the smartest dealers never dabble in their own product.
Sheldon Hawkes: His father came up from Jersey to, uh, do the ID. I did not detail the torture to him.

Detective Mac Taylor: What do you have on those "King Lear" tickets?
Detective Aiden Burn: Ran the DNA on the blood on the top ticket. It belonged to the victim.
Detective Mac Taylor: Prints?
Detective Aiden Burn: Two usable. The victim and an unknown, not in AFIS. But there is something odd that you don't need a microscope to see.
Detective Mac Taylor: What's that?
Detective Aiden Burn: [spreading the tickets out] Two tickets are missing. G-13, G-14.
Detective Mac Taylor: [checking his watch] It's matinee day. Show's going on right now.
Detective Aiden Burn: Kill someone, scam his tickets? Kind of brazen, isn't it?
Detective Mac Taylor: I've seen stupider.

Detective Mac Taylor: What was the substance on Deroy's hands and clothes?
Detective Aiden Burn: Superglue. You know of a use for superglue in the drug world?
Detective Mac Taylor: Not offhand. How about DNA?
Detective Aiden Burn: Not Will's. Some unknown female.
Detective Mac Taylor: Compare it to a DNA sample of Jordan Benson's.
Detective Aiden Burn: You think Deroy assaulted Will's roommate?
Detective Mac Taylor: Yes. We're now focusing on Jordan as the source of the heroin, not Will Novick. We know Jordan was uptown during the home invasion, and the purse appears to have been physically wrested from its owner. If Deroy and his partner got the purse from her first, that's probably how they got her Village address.
Detective Aiden Burn: Poor Will was collateral damage.
Detective Mac Taylor: Process that purse. Look for traces of heroin, contents that gives us a timeline, links to Deroy. Anything and everything.
Detective Aiden Burn: You'll get a novel out of it.

Stella Bonasera: This place is totally trashed.
Detective Mac Taylor: So is the victim.
Stella Bonasera: I don't think I've seen this severe of a tossing in a long while. Oh, yeah, they were definitely looking for something.
Detective Mac Taylor: Thoroughness of the search says it probably wasn't found.
Stella Bonasera: You search, you find, you stop.

"CSI: NY: Corporate Warriors (#2.4)" (2005)
Detective Mac Taylor: Don't quote me on this, Lindsay, but sometimes...
[Mac lifts the decapitated head of their victim off the neck]
Detective Mac Taylor: ...not everything's connected.

Detective Lindsay Monroe: [about their victim] His name is Jared Stanton. He lives at 73rd Street and Park Avenue.
Detective Mac Taylor: You can just say "73rd and Park." New Yorkers know what you mean.

Detective Mac Taylor: You know what's great about the San Gennaro Festival?
Detective Stella Bonasera: Hmm. The constant throng of rubberneckers or the fact that your crime scene is already contaminated before you get the call?
Detective Mac Taylor: [pointing to a food cart] The cannolis.

Detective Danny Messer: [showing Mac and Stella evidence photos] The fiber you found from the katana sword, Mac; fiber I pulled from Greg Thompson's overcoat. They match.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Where in the overcoat did you find the fiber?
Detective Danny Messer: From a one-inch slice inside the lining, waist-high. The last two calls on Greg Thompson's cell phone were to Jared Stanton.
Detective Stella Bonasera: All right, we know why Jared was in the park. Greg lured him there.
Detective Danny Messer: Icing on the cake: found bark from the tree at the scene of the crime on the seat of his overcoat.
Detective Mac Taylor: That explains why Jared Stanton never moved. He didn't know Greg was already there. The head never came off. One cut, one kill... matching the angle of the cut on Jared Stanton's neck, moving from low to high.
Detective Danny Messer: Bingo. We know Greg Thompson killed Jared Stanton.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Great. We've got our murderer. Now we just have to prove who murdered him.

Detective Mac Taylor: Never seen a personal collection like this.
Paul Martin: These are decorative artifacts.
Detective Mac Taylor: They're deadly artifacts. The kama. When farmers were forbidden to own weapons, they developed this from a sickle used to cut rice. Increased curvature of the blade means more cutting power to remove limbs. The fighting fan. Carried in ancient times by female courtesans. Blades were inserted in the tips, which could be used to sever the jugular vein. Chinese spear. The red horse hair below the blade is used to distract an opponent.
Paul Martin: You know your weapons.
Detective Mac Taylor: Because they help me know my killers.

Dr. Evan Zao: The killer must have put the head back on. Dried blood around the wound might explain how he kept his head on straight.
Detective Mac Taylor: What can you tell me about the murder weapon?
Dr. Evan Zao: Basically transected everything. There's a slight angle to the cut, moving from right on the lower side to higher on the left.
Detective Mac Taylor: This is clean.
Dr. Evan Zao: Clean doesn't begin to describe it. I mean, there's no hack marks, no stutter marks, no evidence of an electric blade. There's no trace in the wound track.
Detective Mac Taylor: Very few weapons could make a cut like this.
Dr. Evan Zao: Yeah. Did you find any guillotines at the crime scene?

"CSI: NY: Clean Sweep (#8.10)" (2012)
Don Flack: [Mac arrives at the crime scene] Hope you skipped breakfast.
Mac Taylor: That bad?
Don Flack: Worse.

Don Flack: Turns out Richards was a rising star on the cage fighting circuit.
Mac Taylor: I've seen a few matches. That's a brutal sport.
Don Flack: It's an excuse for two grown men to legally beat the bloody pulp out of each other.
Mac Taylor: So you're not a fan?
Don Flack: I didn't say that.

Mac Taylor: Threats, intimidation, harassment - you're nothing but a coward.
Aaron Collins: You don't know anything about me.
Mac Taylor: I know you terrorized Ryan Richards and his wife for years. I also know you weren't man enough to take credit for it.

Mac Taylor: Did you send this?
Aaron Collins: It was just a picture.
Mac Taylor: "Savor the victory now, 'cause you'll be dead by morning." That's more than a picture, that's a death threat.

Adam Ross: Mac. Look, I know I've called you a genius before, but this time, I really mean it.
Mac Taylor: Why is that?
Adam Ross: Ryan Richards tried to contact his wife.
Mac Taylor: How?
Adam Ross: As you expected, he's smart enough to know that we'd be monitoring phone calls and e-mails, so he tried a more antiquated form of communication.
Mac Taylor: The U.S. Postal Service.

"CSI: Miami: MIA/NYC Nonstop (#2.23)" (2004)
Det. Mac Taylor: What have you got?
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: A break in the case. Our victims live at 720 Star Island. Penrod jotted down 702.
Det. Mac Taylor: [in disbelief] He hit the wrong house?
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: [Matter-of-factly] He hit the wrong house.

Lieutenant Horatio Caine: [observing Mac process a crime scene] That's interesting. We scrape before we transport.
Detective Mac Taylor: We always vouchsafe at the scene. Different process, same principle.
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: Yeah, it's interesting. And you fume at the scene, too.
Detective Danny Messer: [entering the room] Did I hear somebody say "fume"? 'Cause them I'm your man.
Detective Mac Taylor: Danny, I had you at that bodega in Queens.
Detective Danny Messer: I know, I know. I heard a cop went down; I figured you could use a guy like me.

Detective Mac Taylor: May I help you?
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: My name is Caine, Miami CSI. I'm investigating a double murder case.
Detective Mac Taylor: Detective Mac Taylor. Crime scene unit, first grade. I'm listening.
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: Two nights ago in Miami, double murder case. A married couple. And I was... I was assuming that Murdoch here was my suspect.
Detective Mac Taylor: Narco unit. We think he was killed about three days ago. Strangled, probably a belt.
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: So that could mean that my suspect killed Murdoch, took his identity, went South, did my murders. It could also mean that we're chasing the same man.
Detective Mac Taylor: You think he's in New York? Well, one way or another, everything's connected. Brought you to me.
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: Trail ends here. I want first bite at prosecution. As you know, Florida has the death penalty.
Detective Mac Taylor: So does New York.
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: Yes, but you have not executed since '76.
Detective Mac Taylor: Politics.
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: Mac, I have a sixteen year old girl who is suddenly without both parents. I have promised her peace of mind.
Detective Mac Taylor: I got an officer's widow who'd like some answers. We got a deal.

Det. Mac Taylor: [entering the morgue] Dr. Hawkes. So glad I could get an appointment.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Mayor's office just called. Put in a word for you.
Det. Mac Taylor: Figures. What's TOD?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Your victims have been dead since about four this morning. New York, Miami stab wounds are similar in both manner and location. However, one of the Miami victims was nearly decapitated. Killer showed more restraint with the Hanovers.
Det. Mac Taylor: Yeah, we're aware of that. Anything else?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Turns out Mike Hanover has a heart, after all. Well, he did. A strong one. Withstood a massive myocardial infarction. Scar tissue indicates it happened within the last year. But his heart disease was progressive. Not sure how many more years he had.
Det. Mac Taylor: Anything else?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: His crotch.
[off Mac's look]
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: [showing Mac something with an ALS] I've heard of having the blues, but this is ridiculous.

Det. Mac Taylor: Found this in the elevator shaft. There's no hilt, which means it doesn't leave a mark.
Doorman Kevin Dowell: Anybody could have stabbed him.
Det. Mac Taylor: When our lab tests the blood on your uniform and it matches Michael Jr.'s, that "anyone" becomes you. Specificity of DNA. You got back on the elevator, you dropped this down the shaft. Unfortunately for you, you dropped something else.
[Mac pulls out an evidence baggie]
Det. Mac Taylor: Would you mind holding up your arms, please?
[Kevin holds up his arms, and Mac compares the tassel to his uniform]
Det. Mac Taylor: Missing tassel. I imagine when you were wiping the blood off, the tassel was severed. You're the only doorman in Michael Hanover, Sr.'s last will and testament. The lawyers released it after we picked you up. There's an interesting thing here on page fifty-one. "For saving my life by administering emergency CPR when I sustained a heart attack, keeping me alive until the paramedics arrived, I leave the sum of one million dollars to Kevin Dowell, payable in full upon my death."
Michael Hanover, Sr.: A million, Kevin. You're in my will.
Det. Mac Taylor: Only you got impatient. Tried to speed up the process. So you had Hanover killed. That brings us to Penrod. Monster like him, what's his connection to a hardworking guy like you?
Doorman Kevin Dowell: Every good doorman needs a dealer. He's been mine for ten years. Drugs, women. Every kind of kink, you name it. Got to keep the tenants happy. There's nothing Penrod won't do.
Det. Mac Taylor: For a price.
[cut scene of Horatio arresting Penrod]
Davey Penrod: I don't know what you're talking about
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: I'm talking about murder and conspiracy to commit murder.
Davey Penrod: [on the phone] Now, I told you. Half a mil and I'm in. All right, now give me the address. All right, hold on. Seven-oh-two Star Island. Now, I got an ID. Don't worry. Got a lowlife nobody'll miss.
Det. Mac Taylor: [to Dowell] That "lowlife" was an undercover New York City police officer. You couldn't have drawn more attention if you'd sent up a flare.

"CSI: NY: Can You Hear Me Now? (#4.1)" (2007)
Detective Don Flack: There's no witnesses and no surveillance. Doesn't make sense, right? Because after 9/11 we all know that a $36 million security system was installed on this island. Here's the kicker. Once every three months they shut down for system upgrades and reboots. It takes 45 minutes.
Detective Mac Taylor: A small window of opportunity? No one's that lucky.

Detective Stella Bonasera: The wire is holding the view finder in place
Detective Mac Taylor: Maybe we're are the one's who are supposed to be doing the sightseeing.

Detective Mac Taylor: [about Charles Price's killer] He was the killer's ticket off the island. Uniformed security escort, no questions asked. Then when he wasn't needed any longer, Charles was the next victim.
Dr. Sid Hammerback: The killer followed through on his threat. "Two more will die".
Detective Mac Taylor: No, I don't think so, Sid. Charles and Georgia surprised him. That means they were unexpected casualties of the original plan.

Detective Mac Taylor: Let's focus on the victims, not the killer. Both these guys had a story to tell about something that happened. Brock on the answering machine. Nakashima on the cell phone. Something they saw. And the killer wanted the truth.
Detective Lindsay Monroe: But after he got the truth, he kill them.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Right. Because he got what he wanted. He didn't need them any longer.

Detective Stella Bonasera: [walks in, holding a box] Mac, if I told you to go home and get some rest, you would say...
Detective Mac Taylor: What's in the box.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Of course you would. I think I may have found what you are looking for.

"CSI: NY: Snow Day (#3.24)" (2007)
Detective Stella Bonasera: Hey Mac, where're you going?
Detective Mac Taylor: London.

Dr. Peyton Driscoll: [after inviting Mac to go with her on a trip] But Mac, I was thinking with everything you've been going through and because you adore me, and you do adore me, that you could take some of the seven weeks of vacation and come with me to London.
Detective Mac Taylor: You've bought the ticket?
Dr. Peyton Driscoll: [whispering] I really want you to say yes.

Detective Mac Taylor: They belong to the gang we took down this morning. They're here for their coke.
Detective Stella Bonasera: What are we gonna do?
Detective Mac Taylor: Stop 'em!

[Mac and Stella have duct-taped a gang member to a chair, gagged him, and set up a booby-trap, which the gang member does not understand at first]
Detective Mac Taylor: It's simple. If you find some way to get out of that tape, or someone tries to save you, they trip these lasers, which set off the pipe bomb rigged to that Hydrogen tank over there. That's enough explosive to kill you, and make the cleaning crew very unhappy.

Detective Mac Taylor: [on scene after a drug bust. Taylor looks impressed] It's quite a score.
Don Flack: Two months ago CI tipped us off, he said it'd be big. I had no idea it would be this big.
Detective Mac Taylor: Any of our guys get hurt?
Don Flack: Sanchez took one in the shoulder, but he's on his way to Queen of Mercy.
Detective Mac Taylor: What about you?
Don Flack: I'm not used to lookin' down the barrel of an AK-47 but I'll be alright.

"CSI: NY: Summer in the City (#2.1)" (2005)
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: You just told the man his partner was murdered, and he didn't even ask what happened.
Detective Mac Taylor: Overwhelmed by the news, I guess. Or, maybe he already knows the answer.

[talking about mosquitoes]
Detective Mac Taylor: Only the female of the species bite.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Good for her!

[Hawkes explains something about brains out of the head being fried]
Detective Stella Bonasera: I knew this would be a no-brainer for you.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: She didn't just say that.
Detective Don Flack, Detective Mac Taylor: She did.

Detective Stella Bonasera: Hawkes! Hope you like puzzles.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Our climber's brain?
Detective Stella Bonasera: Yep. Uh, patrol's searching for more pieces.
Detective Mac Taylor: And the body?
Detective Stella Bonasera: Landed on the sixth-floor terrace.
Detective Mac Taylor: [glancing up at the building] Fell from high enough to reach terminal velocity. The impact of the fall knocked his brain right out of his skull.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: This is a portion of the occipital lobe, the inferior temporal sulcus. I'd say at least 50% of his brain is still out there.
Detective Don Flack: [approaching] Well, I've recovered a shoe that contains about 10%, and ESU is currently scraping a Jell-O-like substance from the sewer grate.

Detective Mac Taylor: Did you know that Hawkes is a walking encyclopedia of tidbit information?
Detective Stella Bonasera: We can go to him instead of Google.

"CSI: NY: Identity Crisis (#7.18)" (2011)
Detective Don Flack: [as Mac arrives at the crime scene] Hey Mac, bet you a cup of coffee this is the most interesting crime scene you'll go to all week.
Detective Mac Taylor: You sound confident. Obviously, you know something I don't.
Detective Don Flack: Do you want to tell him?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: No, please.
Detective Don Flack: All right. If you had to guess, how old do you say our victim is?
Detective Mac Taylor: Late 70s, early 80s maybe?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: [with a "good guess" look] Hmm.
Detective Don Flack: [after looks are exchanged between the three of them] Doc?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Mid-30s would be closer to the truth.
Detective Mac Taylor: [scoffing] What?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah. And he's a woman.
[Hawkes pulls a rubber mask off the victim; Mac stares, dumbfounded]
Detective Don Flack: [smirking] I like my coffee black, no sugar.

Detective Don Flack: So I ran down all the information Garrity gave us on his wife. Her maiden name, Wescott, former addresses, her Social Security number. Either he's lying to us, or he doesn't know who he married.
Detective Mac Taylor: She's not Renee Wescott?
Detective Don Flack: No. Renee Wescott died twelve years ago.

FBI Agent Russ Josephson: Quincy Willis was a master of disguise, proficient at identity theft, forgery, counterfeiting. One of the most notorious con artists on the Eastern seaboard. Old school.
Detective Mac Taylor: [showing Russ a picture of their victim] This face look familiar to you?
FBI Agent Russ Josephson: Got to be Quincy's daughter, Sabrina Willis. He taught her everything he knew.
Lindsay Monroe Messer: So why isn't she in any crime database?
FBI Agent Russ Josephson: Took fifteen years for us to catch Quincy. He doesn't make the kind of mistakes that made it easy, you know.
Jo Danville: And you're thinking like father, like daughter, she's picking up where Quincy left off.
Detective Mac Taylor: Well, something got her murdered. This is Harvin Garrity. Married our vic six months ago.
FBI Agent Russ Josephson: Nothing about him rings a bell. My guess is he's just another dupe.
Jo Danville: Probably has money, and Sabrina's just stockpiling all she can for that retirement fund.
FBI Agent Russ Josephson: Con artists aren't big savers. It's the pleasure of the game. It's an addiction. Look; this bundle of newspaper wrapped in rubber bands was Quincy's trademark.
Detective Mac Taylor: Size and shape of money, roughly the same weight. Put real cash on the top and bottom, the rest is easy.
FBI Agent Russ Josephson: If Sabrina Willis was working her magic in the city, I guarantee there's a collection of marks out there licking their wounds, sorry they ever met her.
Lindsay Monroe Messer: Well, where are they? 'Cause we don't have a case file or a complaint or a description or anything that would suggest that this girl was out there conning anybody.
Detective Mac Taylor: [thinking] That's because our search has been centered on a young blond woman, when all along we should have been looking for the crimes of an eighty year old man.

Detective Mac Taylor: How much money were you taken for, Jason?
Jason Locke: I'm not sure what you're talking about.
Detective Mac Taylor: We have a body in the morgue and plenty of witnesses who can ID you as the killer. So I'm not asking if you did it. I'm here for motive. So let's try this again.

Jo Danville: Mac, you need to get married and have kids, so I don't have to go through all these challenges alone.
Detective Mac Taylor: Have you lost your mind?
Jo Danville: Yeah, don't get married. Just adopt a child. Children are wonderful.
Detective Mac Taylor: Misery loves company, huh?
Jo Danville: You would make a great father.
Detective Mac Taylor: Jo, stop.
Jo Danville: Don't you ever think about being a grandfather?
Detective Mac Taylor: [scoffs] Hey, if I buy you a burger and a beer, will you stop talking?

"CSI: NY: Cavallino Rampante (#8.3)" (2011)
Jo Danville: I always tell my kids the only reason evil exists in the world is so that good can triumph over it.
Detective Mac Taylor: Well, if it didn't, we'd be out of a job.

Detective Mac Taylor: Mr. Purdue, we recovered your Ferrari early this morning in a parking lot on the West Side.
Nathan Purdue: Was there any damage?
Detective Mac Taylor: No, the car is fine. It's the dead body in the trunk that's a problem.

Jo Danville: This hot car is not the hot car we thought it was. Hidden VIN on the chassis doesn't match the registration. This is not Nathan Purdue's Ferrari.
Detective Mac Taylor: Then whose car is it?
Jo Danville: It was boosted from a Connecticut dealership about six hours before Danny found our Jane Doe.
Detective Mac Taylor: Thieves put clean VINs on stolen cars so they can resell them. Why would someone put stolen VINs on another stolen car?

Officer Lauren Cooper: Here's the evidence voucher and the joint I confiscated. I need your signature, and we're good to go.
Danny Messer: Two hours later, huh?
Officer Lauren Cooper: Do something wrong, Sarge?
Danny Messer: I don't know, you tell me.
Officer Lauren Cooper: No, 'cause I'm pretty sure that issuing a summons to some guy smoking dope in the park is exactly what a cop is supposed to do.
Danny Messer: You want to tell that to the units that are forced to cover our sector while we're single-handedly taking down drug cartels, half a roach at a time?
Officer Lauren Cooper: So, what, next time I just pretend like I didn't see it?
Danny Messer: No, next time you stop and you think. And you use your training and discretion to determine what's the best use of your time and that of your supervising officer. This uniform you're wearing makes you accountable for your actions. And mine makes me responsible for fifteen officers, and when they mess the bed, that's my problem. Because of your decision, we're sitting here paper-jockeying vouchers instead of being out there on our shift where the real criminals are. That means overtime, and that I might not see my kid and my wife tonight.
Officer Lauren Cooper: I didn't consider all that.
Danny Messer: Next time you will.
[Danny signs the paperwork]
Danny Messer: Run this over to the property clerk. I'll see you outside.
Officer Lauren Cooper: Right.
[Cooper leaves; Danny notices Mac nearby and laughs to himself]
Danny Messer: Go ahead, Mac, say it. Tell me I handled that wrong and I got a lot to learn before I become a good boss.
Detective Mac Taylor: I think you handled that like a seasoned pro, Danny. I think you're already a good boss.

Detective Mac Taylor: Michelle and Nicole's biggest mistake wasn't stealing a car, it was stealing the wrong car. Crossing Janos put a target on their backs.

"CSI: NY: Some Buried Bones (#3.15)" (2007)
Detective Mac Taylor: [Noticing Reed walking into his office] Reed.
Reed Garrett: [Walking into Mac's office] Mac, um, I told them I was family.
Detective Mac Taylor: [Walking over to Reed] You okay? What's Wrong?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] I knew Brian Miller.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] The Kid you found in the maze.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] We worked on the college paper together.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] We were friends.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] I'm sorry.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] look, in can't say much about the case right now.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] I get it, I just, I wanna tell you what i know.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] Okay.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] Um, well he's under more stress than the usual.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] You know? He was spending all his free time writing, writing this piece for the college paper, he's been writing it for the last year and a half.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] He said that it was his Watergate, You know? It was something that was gonna put him on the map.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] Sit down.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] So uh, do you know what this article was about?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] It was about kings and shadows.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] What's that?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] A rumor, it's a society that exists on campus.
Reed Garrett: [to Reed] Like a fraternity?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] Minus the kankers and the pranks yeah, it's really, it's dark stuff.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] So it's like a cult?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] Yeah, written by blue bloods.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] you know? At least that's what people believed.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] Brian said he was, that he was gonna get inside.

Reed Garrett: [to Mac] He was gonna expose all their secrets.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] He said that the article was gonna piss off a lot of people.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] Did you ever read what he wrote?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] He wasn't finished.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] And you think someone wanted to make sure that he wouldn't.
Reed Garrett: [Nodding his head] Yeah.

Detective Mac Taylor: Absynthe spoon, a branding, a brutal beat down.
Dr. Sid Hammerback: I'll take Cult Rituals for two-hundred.
Detective Mac Taylor: I don't think so. Kid doesn't look the part. We have reason to believe he went to Chelsea University.
Detective Mac Taylor: What is a fraternity hazing gone bad?

Detective Mac Taylor: [Finding out a pen was filled with blood instead of ink] Who writes in blood?
Adam Ross: Lawyers, college loan administrators...

"CSI: NY: The Untouchable (#7.16)" (2011)
Detective Mac Taylor: [about previous strange encounters with the victim] I couldn't find any proof of her story. Despite that, there was something about her, Jo. I believed her.
Jo Danville: Based on...?
Detective Mac Taylor: My gut.
Jo Danville: [eying Mac suspiciously] Mac, you're always telling the guys to use their heads, not their hearts.
Detective Mac Taylor: I didn't say my heart. I said my gut.

Jo Danville: [at the abandoned building Tessa James was squatting in] Stratford Chocolate. Danny, the candy wrappers in the alley... all like this?
Detective Danny Messer: Some were like that.
Jo Danville: They belonged to Tessa. She brought them there.
Detective Danny Messer: Yeah. Which is why they didn't make sense at the scene.
Jo Danville: [turning the wrapper over] Oh. "Comiskey".
Detective Danny Messer: Comiskey?
Jo Danville: Yeah. You know him?
Detective Danny Messer: It's a baseball stadium. Charles Comiskey.
[seeing the others' blank looks]
Detective Danny Messer: Chicago Black Sox, 1919?
Lindsay Monroe Messer: [laughing] You're so obsessed with baseball.
Detective Mac Taylor: Okay, so why pick that name and put it on a wrapper?
Jo Danville: You said Tessa mentioned other names.
Detective Mac Taylor: Yeah. Code names she'd worked out.
Tessa James: [flashback] There was George Weaver and Billy Gleason.
Detective Mac Taylor: Is the white-haired man Weaver or Gleason?
Tessa James: No. I don't know. I don't- I don't know him.
Detective Mac Taylor: [present] But I ran them all, and... they didn't make sense.
Detective Danny Messer: Well, look, she was a bit confused, right?
Jo Danville: What were the other names?
Detective Mac Taylor: There was George Weaver.
Detective Danny Messer: George "Buck" Weaver? Third baseman for the Chicago Black Sox.
Detective Mac Taylor: Okay, so why pick these names - Comiskey, Weaver - for guys she saw at the Vonner Club?
Detective Danny Messer: I mean, the Black Sox threw the World Series in 1919. They were the bad guys.

Jo Danville: Well, what did Comiskey have to do with the team?
Detective Danny Messer: He owned it.
Jo Danville: Oh. Well, who owns Stratford Confection Company?
Detective Danny Messer: I'll tell you right now.
[Danny searches for the info on his tablet]
Detective Danny Messer: The owner of Stratford Confection Company is... Matthew Stratford. Take a look.
[Danny turns the tablet around]
Detective Mac Taylor: The white-haired man.
Tessa James: [flashback] He just kept saying, um, "I didn't mean to. I-I-I just wanted to shut her up. I didn't mean to."
Detective Mac Taylor: [present] She hasn't mentioned George Weaver on this wall.
Lindsay Monroe Messer: Wait a minute. Wait.
[going over to wall covered with news clippings]
Lindsay Monroe Messer: All these articles, they all had to do with death or missing persons, except one. Derek Perry. I think we found our Weaver. Derek Perry's a Major League All-Star third baseman. He admitted himself into rehab for cocaine addiction. He was suspended from the team for a year.
Jo Danville: Owner of a company, pro ball player. Sounds like VIPs to me.
Tessa James: [flashback] Um, there was George Weaver and Billy Gleason, and Gleason saw me.
Detective Mac Taylor: [present] Billy Gleason.
Detective Danny Messer: Billy "The Kid" Gleason. He was the manager of the Black Sox.

Detective Don Flack: Peter Grant, driver to some of the Vonner Club's finest members, and cop kidnapper. That's an A-1 felony. Same as murder.
Detective Mac Taylor: Including assault and the threats I distinctly remember, you're going down for twenty-five to life.

"CSI: NY: Til Death Do We Part (#1.15)" (2005)
Det. Mac Taylor: Two dead doves, one dead bride... looks like "fowl" play to me.

Det. Mac Taylor: [Danny makes a joke about marriage] It could happen to you, you know.
Danny Messer: What, marriage?
Det. Mac Taylor: Love.
Danny Messer: Don't even say stuff like that, Mac. That's not funny.

[Danny and Mac are processing the crime scene where a bride died at the altar]
Detective Kaile Maka: Gives new meaning to the words "cold feet".
Danny Messer: You know, if I would say something like that, you'd call me insensitive.
Detective Kaile Maka: No, I would have asked you if you wanted to grab a drink later. I'm attracted to a man with a dark sense of humor.
Det. Mac Taylor: You two want to be alone? I'll drag the body outside.
Detective Kaile Maka: Sorry, Mac.
Danny Messer: She started it.

[Mac interrogates groom's jilted former girlfriend about bride's death]
Audrey Davis: What motive do I possibly have to kill her?
Det. Mac Taylor: Walter Lisco is worth over $50 million.
Audrey Davis: Well, I promised my mother I'd marry for love.
Det. Mac Taylor: Who couldn't love $50 million dollars?

"CSI: NY: Enough (#5.6)" (2008)
Detective Mac Taylor: You're a good friend, Stella Bonasera.
Detective Stella Bonasera: [smiling] And don't you forget that.

Adam Ross: [Adam is waiting in Mac's office when he enters] Was it, um, the paper airplanes or, or the dancing? It was the dancing, wasn't it? I mean, I, I, don't have to dance and look I know I say "What up" a lot and I'll definitely limit the number of times that I say it, but you just need to tell me, Boss, what I need to do and what I don't need to do and I'll do it or I won't do it, you know, 'cause this...
Detective Mac Taylor: [interrupting] Adam, Adam, take a breath. What are you talking about?
Adam Ross: You don't know?
Detective Mac Taylor: Know what?
Adam Ross: Um, you're letting me go.
[Hands Mac a paper]
Adam Ross: In a month. I got one month left. You don't happen to know anyone who's looking for a dedicated yet quirky yet, uh, devastatingly handsome lab geek, do ya? 'Cause I could...
Detective Mac Taylor: This isn't about your job performance, Adam. I knew there'd be cuts. You're just a low man on the totem pole carved by people trying to justify their jobs.
Adam Ross: For what it's worth, sir, it means a lot knowing that the decision didn't come from you.
Detective Mac Taylor: You're not going anywhere. I'll take care of this. Go back to work.

Detective Danny Messer: [Enters Mac's office] Yo, Boss.
Detective Mac Taylor: Danny, what's up?
Detective Danny Messer: I put in for that vacation next month.
Detective Mac Taylor: That's right, the, uh, trip to Costa Rica.
Detective Danny Messer: Yeah, Costa Rica. Well it fell through, so you can put me back on the schedule, alright?
Detective Mac Taylor: Alright, I'll do that. Just let me know when you wanna take the time.
Detective Danny Messer: Alright, thanks.
[Leaves the office]
Detective Lindsay Monroe: [Enters Mac's office] Mac. Hey. Remember that wedding in Italy I told you about in March?
Detective Mac Taylor: Girlfriend from college?
Detective Lindsay Monroe: Very good. Well, they decided to postpone. So.
Detective Mac Taylor: You want back on the schedule?
Detective Lindsay Monroe: Yeah.
Detective Mac Taylor: [Suspicious look] No problem.
Detective Lindsay Monroe: Thanks.
[Leaves the office]
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: [Enters Mac's office] Hey Mac.
Detective Mac Taylor: Hold on. Don't tell me. Trip to San Francisco in January?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah. Turns out San Francisco is closed in January. Strangest thing.
Detective Mac Taylor: [Smiling] Get out of here. Go home.
[Hawkes leaves and Stella enters]
Detective Mac Taylor: I should've known you'd orchestrate something like this.
Detective Stella Bonasera: It's only temporary. Everybody giving up a week of paid vacation for Adam buys him a little time.
Detective Mac Taylor: Department doesn't just transfer vacation days. How'd you do it?
Detective Stella Bonasera: I've a friend at the Union who has a friend in the City Council who has a friend who has a friend.
Detective Mac Taylor: Well you're a good friend, Stella Bonasera.
Detective Mac Taylor: And don't you forget that.
Detective Mac Taylor: So what about Buenos Aires?
Detective Stella Bonasera: Would of been a good trip.

ADA Natalie Greer: Stanton, Labranche, and Jones were going down and they knew it. Week before trial they tried to make a deal on a pusher with a couple of bodies attached to him.
Detective Mac Taylor: You get a name?
ADA Natalie Greer: Didn't get that far. Told them putting three drug dealing murderers back on the street in exchange for one defied logic.
Detective Mac Taylor: What was their response to that?
ADA Natalie Greer: They wanted to know what "defied" meant.

"CSI: NY: Veritas (#5.1)" (2008)
Detective Lindsay Monroe: [about their case so far] Divine intervention?
Detective Mac Taylor: God's a scientist, Lindsay.

Detective Mac Taylor: [to Joe] You're under arrest for the murder of Derrick James, Lauren Salinas, kidnapping and attempted murder of a crime scene investigator, armed robbery, grand theft auto, assault and battery... but most of all... for pissing me off.

Det. Mac Taylor: You're under arrest. For the murder of Derrick James. Lauren Salinas. Kidnapping and attempted murder of a crime scene investigator. Armed robbery, grand theft auto, assault & battery. But most of all? For pissin' me off.

[to Lindsay]
Detective Mac Taylor: I sense a demonstration coming.

"CSI: NY: Comes Around (#3.23)" (2007)
[Mac storms out of his disciplinary hearing]
Det. Don Flack: Did you just walk out?
Det. Mac Taylor: Apparently I'm the kind of person who just does whatever he wants, why disappoint them?

[after getting dirt on his boss, which forces him to back off the investigation into Mac and how Clay Dobson ended up falling from a roof where he was with Mac]
Det. Mac Taylor: [smirks] You know, I think I'm getting the hang of this politics stuff.

Det. Mac Taylor: Do you remember your first collar?
Detective Stella Bonasera: Oh, yeah.
[Stella snickers]
Detective Stella Bonasera: A shoplifter on 43rd and Eigth Avenue. This guy took one of those "I Love New York" t-shirts from the souvenir shop. It was the proudest moment in my life.
[Stella laughs]
Detective Stella Bonasera: Two days later, I arrested him again in the same store.

Clay Dobson: I cut off their eyelids. So they'd have to look at me while they died! Okay?
Det. Mac Taylor: Now you're going to look at me when you die.

"CSI: NY: Rain (#1.7)" (2004)
Det. Mac Taylor: I hear this guy is just the opening act. The main event's in the bank.
Det. Stella Bonasera: They do things big south of Canal Street. It's Chinatown, Mac.

Det. Stella Bonasera: [examining a body] There's something gooey here.
Det. Mac Taylor: Gooey? There's a good forensic word. Gooey. I have to use that more.

Det. Mac Taylor: This bank robbery just turned into a kidnapping.

Det. Stella Bonasera: Joanne Cho just received this ransom note about an hour ago. It was marked "urgent" and placed in her neighbor's mail slot.
Det. Mac Taylor: [ironically] We have a kidnapper who relies on the kindness of New Yorkers?

"CSI: NY: Three Generations Are Enough (#1.8)" (2004)
Det. Mac Taylor: Somebody went to a lot of trouble to file those serial numbers off.
Aiden Burn: And I went to a lot of trouble to acid etch them back on.

Det. Mac Taylor: You upload the print into AFIS?
Aiden Burn: Yeah, but he's not in AFIS, he's in NY Merc. Prints belong to Luke Sutton, commodities trader. According to the entrance log, he walked through the front door at 7:00 am.
Det. Mac Taylor: We know when he left?
Aiden Burn: You don't have to swipe your ID to get out. NY Merc searched the entire building and taken a head count outside. He's the one person they can't account for.
Det. Mac Taylor: Our people on it?
Aiden Burn: 19th precinct sector car looked through his apartment window. Place is trashed.
Det. Mac Taylor: Something happened. And it wasn't good.

Det. Mac Taylor: A paranoid schizophrenic's worst nightmare.
Stella Bonasera: He doesn't just think we're out to get him. We are.

Det. Mac Taylor: [examining a victim who was burned to death] Looks like someone poured accelerant over his head.
Sheldon Hawkes: They covered this guy from top to bottom... This murder wasn't about the triumph of minimalism.

"CSI: NY: Taxi (#4.20)" (2008)
Detective Mac Taylor: Who's your source Reed? Who told you about the carvings on the neck?
Reed Garrett: I don't know his name.
Detective Mac Taylor: How do you get in touch with him?
Reed Garrett: He contacts me.
Detective Mac Taylor: What's he look like?
Reed Garrett: I can't tell you that.
Detective Mac Taylor: You can, and you will.
Reed Garrett: Look, when i wanted a story, you stayed true to the code of your office, and now, I'm staying true to mine.
Detective Mac Taylor: This is not a game. An innocent man is dead.
Reed Garrett: What are you talking about?
Detective Mac Taylor: Your blog. You accused a driver named Jimmy of being the Cabbie Killer.
Reed Garrett: I didn't accuse anybody. I reported the information that i was given.
Detective Mac Taylor: Without confirming it!

Detective Mac Taylor: Jimmy the cab driver was also known as police officer James Chameides. He was moonlighting as a cabbie out of Five Brothers Garage.
Reed Garrett: No, wait a minute. I thought Chameides was the work of the Cabbie Killer. He was... dumped from a cab.
Detective Mac Taylor: His own cab! After he was brutally beaten and murdered by three men. Vigilante justice. Now, where do you think they got the idea that Jimmy was the cabbie killer?
Reed Garrett: You're not blaming me for this guy's death?
Detective Mac Taylor: I'm blaming you for putting the target on his back.

Quinn Shelby: Mac, who is Reed to you?
Detective Mac Taylor: He's Claire's son, Quinn. She gave him up for adoption before we met. When he came looking for his biological mother, he found me, unaware that she had died.

Detective Mac Taylor: [reading a blog] For weeks I've been investigating the cabbie killer murders with a certain morbid fascination.
Detective Stella Bonasera: This is in real time.
Detective Lindsay Monroe: I'll create a GUI interface using Visual Basic... see if I can track an IP address.

"CSI: NY: The Triangle (#5.10)" (2008)
Detective Mac Taylor: We may be guilty of creating an uban legend, but there's no way this bulding is guilty of murder.
Detective Danny Messer: Alright. Well if the Empire State Building didn't do it, what did?

Detective Stella Bonasera: [walking into his office] Mac, where the hell did you go last night? I called you repeatedly, looked all over the street. You just vanished.
Detective Mac Taylor: I was with the FBI... They picked me up in a car and questioned me for over an hour about the Ann Steele case.
Detective Stella Bonasera: The fixer with the flash drive.
Detective Mac Taylor: I was the last one who handled it. They accused me of stealing it.
Detective Stella Bonasera: What?

Detective Don Flack: Was it worth it, Greg?
Greg Hufheinz: What? You think I was in on it? Well, you're wrong. Dead wrong. Carl was like family.
Detective Mac Taylor: What was your cut? Didi you get the money yet? How much did they pay you to sit by abd watch while your family fried in the back of that truck?
Greg Hufheinz: I already told you I couldn't get out of the cab! I tried to call it in, but the radio didn't work!

Detective Danny Messer: [standing atop the Empire State Building] I thought the view from Liberty was nice!
Detective Mac Taylor: She's about eleven-hundred feet below us.

"CSI: NY: The 34th Floor (#7.1)" (2010)
Jo Danville: [about the dead body she discovered in the lab] My first thought was it's a practical joke. You know, "Welcome to the New York crime lab."
Detective Mac Taylor: We usually sabotage a pair of latex gloves or have a tech pose as a dead body in Autopsy, then suddenly pop to life. But murder? Not our style.
Jo Danville: Good to know.

Jo Danville: I had to go through a pat-down and practically give up my firstborn to get through security and up to this lab.
Detective Mac Taylor: We're gonna snip a lock of your hair before we give you a desk.
Jo Danville: My point being that if she doesn't work in the crime lab, how did she get onto this floor?
Detective Mac Taylor: Trust me, that's a question I definitely want answered.

Detective Mac Taylor: Mr. Westwick, do you have any idea why you were attacked last night?
Theodore Westwick: It could have been any number of things.
Detective Don Flack: Money, jealousy, and revenge are the big three.

Jo Danville: His story explains a lot. The plan to burglarize the office? Premeditated. That's why the security system was down. Scissors as a murder weapon, grabbed in a moment of rage. This murder was a crime of passion. Two separate crimes.
Detective Mac Taylor: So, Alex was attempting burglary at the same time Westwick was killing Sarah.
Jo Danville: Do you believe him?
Detective Mac Taylor: I will, when we find the proof.

"CSI: NY: Crime and Misdemeanor (#1.19)" (2005)
Det. Mac Taylor: So she came in with the sheets? Where'd they come from?
Det. Don Flack: Hotels. Don't worry there's only about seventy thousand hotels in this town.

Tom Martin: There are a lot of men in this country who look like me. Average.
Det. Mac Taylor: Don't sell yourself short. You're unique. Or at least your blood is.

Detective Stella Bonasera: What do you do when you can't sleep?
Det. Mac Taylor: Work.
Detective Stella Bonasera: No, I mean, what do normal people do when they can't sleep?

[Tom Martin works as the driver for a trade delegation headed by Robert Costa, who has been a suspect in two murder cases. Martin acted to exonerate his boss both times]
Tom Martin: Innocent until proven guilty. It's still the basis of your legal code.
Detective Stella Bonasera: And what's your code? Protect Robert Costa no matter what he does?
Tom Martin: You're mistaking my loyalty for dishonesty.
Det. Mac Taylor: No. You're mistaking cowardice for loyalty.

"CSI: NY: Hammer Down (#6.7)" (2009)
Detective Mac Taylor: I've told parents about their dead or missing kids... more times than I can count. Hell, the first time was one time too many.

Detective Don Flack: [at their crime scene] The driver of the car's name was... Dean Rovin. He was thirty-five years old. According to the first on scene, he was killed on impact. M.E.s just hauled the body out of here.
Detective Mac Taylor: [noticing alcohol bottles scattered on the passenger side] Looks like he had a few for the road.
Detective Don Flack: This was actually Dean's third and last DUI.
Detective Stella Bonasera: So, this is a traffic accident. And we're here because...?
Detective Don Flack: Think I'd call you all the way out here for a 10-99? Got my Mac on this morning.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Oh, is that anything like Spidey senses?
Detective Don Flack: It's way more powerful.
[Stella laughs]
Detective Don Flack: Take a look at those skid marks.
[Mac climbs onto a patrol car to get a better look]
Detective Mac Taylor: Looks like the driver of this rig lost control and jumped the median.
Detective Don Flack: And immediately fled the scene.
Detective Stella Bonasera: I can see doing that if you were driving under the influence.
Detective Don Flack: Sure. Or if you recently committed murder.
[Flack leads Mac and Stella to an oil drum and shows them the body inside]
Detective Don Flack: Were it not for that accident, we may never have found her.

Detective Mac Taylor: Everyone knows the tac plan. Target is armed and dangerous. I want ESU all over the playing field on this. Tight perimeter. We got air support on the way, but there are too many moving parts. So we got to move now.
Dr. Raymond Langston: Remember, we have an innocent in the mix. One female, Madeline Briggs.
Detective Don Flack: If this goes bad, she's a hostage. If it goes worse, she's collateral.

"CSI: NY: Jamalot (#2.10)" (2005)
Detective Stella Bonasera: Someone's trying to kill the whole starting team?
Detective Mac Taylor: That's one way to get more playing time.

[Mac is in the lab with Lindsay, and they're testing products from Manhattan Minx's shower room]
Detective Mac Taylor: Do you really need all these?
Detective Lindsay Monroe: Oh, I thought you said collect everything.
Detective Mac Taylor: No, I mean... women. Do you really need all these... products?
Detective Lindsay Monroe: You're asking me? I work in a lab.

[after Mac describes the rules of roller derby]
Detective Stella Bonasera: You can't possibly know this.
Detective Mac Taylor: Someone took me to a game once.
Detective Stella Bonasera: No one would have taken you to a roller derby game.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Unless you were on a date...
Detective Mac Taylor: It was fun.
Detective Stella Bonasera: The game or the date?
[Mac smirks]

"CSI: NY: Grand Master (#1.4)" (2004)
Aiden Burn: [Aiden is explaining the term "grand master" to Mac] Yeah, like a deejay legend: Grand Master Flash or a Jam Master Jay. They paved the way for guys like 'Dre and Cube, Eminem and Jermaine Dupri. You like music like that?
Detective Mac Taylor: I prefer Crunk myself.

Detective Mac Taylor: You should hear Aiden talk about this hip-hop world. Close your eyes, she sounds like Queen Latifah.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: How do you know about Queen Latifah?

DJ Francais: [who always answers "Oui" instead of "Yes"] What, am I under arrest?
Detective Mac Taylor: Oui

"CSI: NY: Cold Reveal (#3.22)" (2007)
Detective Mac Taylor: I was just wondering. When you were making all those arrests, locking up bad guys, were you imagining a day when you'd be so busy kissing the Chief of Detective's ass you wouldn't remember what it was like to be a cop?
Insp. Stanton Gerrard: You son of a bitch. I don't deserve that. You know I'm here because...
Detective Mac Taylor: You don't have to explain it Inspector, I get it. You're just a puppet. I'll take my case to the badge that pulls the strings.

[discussing the victim dressed as an angel, who fell through the roof of a church]
Detective Don Flack: No ID on the vic. Could be a Michael or Gabriel. They say it's tough to make it in Manhattan... Heaven must be brutal.
Detective Mac Taylor: Yeah.
Detective Don Flack: Still checking missing persons... and Nostradamus.

Detective Lindsay Monroe: What about this website. It's encouraging kids to hurt themselves. That can't be legal.
Detective Mac Taylor: Contests aren't against the law. Neither is stupidity or bad judgement.

"CSI: NY: Consequences (#3.8)" (2006)
Detective Stella Bonasera: I think somebody's following me.
Detective Mac Taylor: What makes you think that?
Detective Stella Bonasera: I'm hearing footsteps and seeing shadows and glimpses of something or someone and -
Detective Stella Bonasera: Look, I know this sounds crazy but I really feel like I'm being watched.
Detective Mac Taylor: This is at your place?
Detective Stella Bonasera: No. No, actually it's, uh, as I go into work, twice on the subway, while I was shopping today.
Detective Mac Taylor: When did this start?
Detective Stella Bonasera: Uh, about a week ago. I first felt it when I dropped off your birthday gift at your place.
Detective Mac Taylor: Well, I'll assign a patrol unit. We'll have some guys outside your place.
Detective Stella Bonasera: No, no that's not necessary.
Detective Mac Taylor: [Mac's phone rings] Taylor. Okay.
[He hangs up]
Detective Mac Taylor: A homocide on Lafayette. Come on, I'll drop you off at home, it's on the way.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Nah, no, it's okay. I wanna enjoy every last minute of my day off. Just telling you makes me feel a lot better, okay?
Detective Mac Taylor: Okay, I'll call ya.
[He leaves]

Detective Mac Taylor: I'm just asking questions, Don.
Detective Don Flack: No, you're not just asking questions, Mac. Come on, I know you. You wouldn't be here talking to me if you hadn't already tracked the chain of custody, checked with property, and called the DEA agents. And let me tell you something, cocaine from that raid wouldn't last six months on the street. So what is this? My interrogation?
Detective Mac Taylor: You're overreacting.
Detective Don Flack: Well maybe I am, but let me save you a little bit of time - none of my guys took a thing.
Detective Mac Taylor: You can't be sure of that. You weren't there. You just said you didn't remember.
Detective Don Flack: It didn't happen, Mac.
Detective Mac Taylor: You're listed on the DD5 as the recorder on the scene. You had to take everything down in your memo book - every detective who was there, who searched the room, who found the drugs.
Detective Don Flack: You askin' me for it?
Detective Mac Taylor: You can check your notes or you can let me do it.
Detective Don Flack: Is this official business?
Detective Mac Taylor: It's a request, from a friend.
Detective Don Flack: Then I'm gonna have to think about it.
[He walks away]

Detective Mac Taylor: Don.
Detective Don Flack: Hey.
Detective Mac Taylor: You know why I'm here.
Detective Don Flack: Do you care about the consequences?
Detective Mac Taylor: I know this isn't easy for you.
Detective Don Flack: I'm not talking about me, Mac. I'm talking about the hundred of arrests this cop was involved in, the thugs who are going to be screaming for an appeal because his credibility's in question, and the ones who are going to go free despite the fact they're guilty and he did everything by the book. I'm talking about child molesters, rapists, murderers.
Detective Mac Taylor: Kym Tanaka's shooter stepped over his body and collected shell casings. He stuck his fingers into the victim's shoulder wound to retrieve a bullet all to save his own ass. He was there to sell drugs, poison, that destroys families, creates addicts out of babies in the womb, and accounts for twenty-three percent of the murders in this city. Don't make me subpena your memo book, Don.
[Flack throws him the memo book. Mac walks away, stops, and turns back to Flack]
Detective Mac Taylor: The consequences I care about are the cops who never cross the line who now have to face critisim on suspicion because one of their own forgot the oath we took. Whichever one of these guys is found guilty I hope he goes away for a very long time because he disrespected the badge that you and I wear.

"CSI: NY: The Fall (#1.17)" (2005)
Mac Taylor: [Tomas Perez's hands have come up clean on a GSR test] You murdered a man tonight, Perez. If there's one speck of dust out there that proves it, I will find it, and you will answer for what you did.

Mac Taylor: The samples have identical chromatograms.
Detective Stella Bonasera: And the spatter's consistent with the shooter's position.
Mac Taylor: Perez thought it was safe to keep his jacket because he didn't get blood on it.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Hmm. Didn't expect to be brought down by a bottle of white wine.
Mac Taylor: High-velocity Chardonnay spatter.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Score one for the yuppies.

Mac Taylor: What brings a prosecutor to a crime lab?
D.A. Allen McShane: I need an arrest on this one.
Mac Taylor: That's always my goal with homicide.
D.A. Allen McShane: But this is the stuff the papers clobber us with. Innocent people gunned down by gangbangers.
Mac Taylor: Innocent white people.
D.A. Allen McShane: You know, it's real easy for you. The politics doesn't come in here to your lab.
Mac Taylor: Not if I can help it.
D.A. Allen McShane: What do you need from me?
Mac Taylor: Space. We're doing everything we can.
D.A. Allen McShane: Do it faster.

"CSI: NY: The Party's Over (#5.15)" (2009)
Detective Mac Taylor: You know what they say: keep your friends close and your enemies closer - and if that doesn't work, kill 'em.

Detective Mac Taylor: I respect anyone who stands behind their convictions. What I can't stand are men who are motivated purely by greed and the destruction of others.

Deputy Inspector Gillian Whitford: You know "Jerry Maguire"?
Detective Mac Taylor: I know a Jack Maguire. Teaches firearms at the academy.
Deputy Inspector Gillian Whitford: [amused] No, the movie. "Jerry Maguire." You remember what Cuba said to Cruise?
Detective Mac Taylor: "Show me the money."

"CSI: NY: Admissions (#4.18)" (2008)
Detective Lindsay Monroe: [in Mr. Greg's office] Nice office for a guidance counselor. What exactly are we looking for?
Detective Mac Taylor: Reasons for Mr. Greg's to start drinking.
Detective Lindsay Monroe: [reading the degrees on the wall] Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth. This place is a machine for churning out Ivy-League students.

Detective Stella Bonasera, Detective Mac Taylor: [simultaneously] Who discovered the body?
Detective Don Flack: You two've been working together way too long. A student came in looking for her keys and "boom".
Detective Mac Taylor: Boom? You and Danny have been working together way too long.

Dr. Sid Hammerback: [about hydrofluoric acid] Do you have any idea how often I've wondered what would happen if you swallowed this stuff? There it is, sitting on the shelf, perhaps the most corrosive acid known to man. You just get that urge to take a swig! You know what I'm talking about?
Det. Mac Taylor: Absolutely. It's like, whenever I pick up a scalpel, I wonder if I could perform a live autopsy on myself.
Dr. Sid Hammerback: [excited] You do that too? Because I thought I was...
[realizes that Mac is joking]
Dr. Sid Hammerback: Don't play with me like that!

"CSI: NY: Creatures of the Night (#1.2)" (2004)
[searching for the rat that ate their evidence]
Detective Mac Taylor: They're creatures of habit, Aiden. They usually stay within sixty-five feet of their nests. Rats tend to hug the walls and travel the same path back to home. This alley, all this food and garbage, is a four-star cruise to the Bahamas for them.
Aiden Burn: I take it there were a lot of rats in Chicago?
Detective Mac Taylor: [smiling] It's too windy.

[extracting their bullet from a dead rat]
Aiden Burn: Couldn't we get Dr. Hawkes to do this?
Detective Mac Taylor: Sheldon draws the line at rodents.

[Examining a victim in autopsy]
Sheldon Hawkes: What we thought were track marks are... bites. Face, arms, and legs were the appetizers. The gunshot wound was the main course.
Detective Mac Taylor: And the dinner guest?
Sheldon Hawkes: This is where the story gets tasty... Rattus norvegicus.
Detective Mac Taylor: You're telling me a rat ate the bullet?
Sheldon Hawkes: That was dessert.

"CSI: NY: A Man a Mile (#1.5)" (2004)
Detective Mac Taylor: Are you bathophobic?
Detective Danny Messer: I'm not anything-phobic. There are just a few things that shake me up. 700 feet of granite between me and daylight is one of them.

[Danny and Mac are following the coroners to the elevator and see the DA waiting for them on it]
Detective Mac Taylor: [clears his throat] Personal visit from the DA's office?
Detective Danny Messer: What happened? You got lost on your way to a press conference? Or are you just checking up on us?

Detective Danny Messer: Isn't this OSHA's thing, workplace fatality?
Detective Mac Taylor: It would be, if Pete Riggs worked down in the tunnel. He worked up top, loading and unloading. And he had no protective gear. That makes this our scene.
Detective Danny Messer: So, you're still a Sandhog if you work above ground?
Detective Mac Taylor: A Sandhog is anyone who helps build one of these tunnels. Just because you're not seven hundred feet down there doesn't mean you're not one of them.

"CSI: NY: The Ripple Effect (#8.13)" (2012)
Scott Perfito: I should be in a hospital, resting.
Mac Taylor: They already gave you a clean bill of health and released you into our custody, Mr. Perfito.
Scott Perfito: Well, my arm still hurts, and head hurts, too.
Don Flack: How about your pride? That must be smarting a bit.
Scott Perfito: What is that supposed to mean?
Don Flack: It means we found almost a half a kilo of cocaine in your apartment.
Scott Perfito: Believe me, that's not how it looks.
Mac Taylor: Oh, we do believe you, because it's not all coke. In fact, the last batch you pulled from this delivery envelope was a combo of baby formula, caffeine, and lidocaine. We found traces of the same in Greg Barbera's delivery bag.
Don Flack: Now why do you think that is?
Scott Perfito: I look like a scientist?
Mac Taylor: No. But I am.

[Jo is trying to determine why Sid has been acting suspiciously]
Sid Hammerback: It's the Hammerback Sleeper.
[flashback to Sid asking Mac to test the prototype]
Sid Hammerback: I give you... the Hammerback Sleeper.
Mac Taylor: "You'll sleep like a corpse"?
Sid Hammerback: It's an experimental pillow I've developed after years of working in the M.E.'s Office.
[back to Autopsy]
Jo Danville: I've heard about it. What's the problem?
Sid Hammerback: I just sold the patent this morning.
Jo Danville: Well, congratulations. That's good, isn't it?
Sid Hammerback: Oh, yeah. Um, it was purchased by a Japanese firm. Apparently, they're going to market it as an anti-snoring pillow.
Jo Danville: Anti-snoring, huh? God, I could have used that with my ex-husband. I would've paid dearly for that.
Sid Hammerback: [choking up] Yep. That's pretty much what they did.
Jo Danville: Sid, are you okay?
Sid Hammerback: [still emotional] Uh... actually, no. I'm, um... incredible. Jo, they bought my patent... for $27 million.
Jo Danville: What?
Sid Hammerback: I'm a very rich man, and-and I have no idea what to do about it.

Jo Danville: Okay, I hope y'all are taking notes. First of all, I could not stop thinking about these two pieces of violet flavored gum, because I couldn't wrap my head around how they wound up in Jimmy Philbrook's mouth and on Greg Barbera's satchel. So I went back to the schedule from the courier service that Greg worked for, and it turns out that his first pickup of the day was across from a little diner in Chelsea, right around the corner from the Cragston Hotel.
Mac Taylor: Who'd he pick up from?
Jo Danville: Jimmy Philbrook. And guess what the diner has in a little dish next to the cash register?
Lindsay Monroe Messer: Violet gum.
Jo Danville: Bingo. But there was something else that kept bugging me, because Greg Barbera is a bike messenger, right? So why did he run from Scott Perfito? Where on earth was his bike? So I went back and I looked at the NYPD surveillance footage one more time. Look what I spotted about a hundred yards ahead of both of them.
Danny Messer: Guy on a bike.
Jo Danville: Yes, but not just any bike. It matches the exact description supplied to us from the courier service that Greg worked for. And look what's hanging from handlebars.
Don Flack: A chainsaw. Could've been used to cut down the fallen tree outside of Scott Perfito's apartment.
Mac Taylor: Where Greg probably locked up his bike.
Lindsay Monroe Messer: Greg's bike was stolen, so he had to run away from Perfito on foot.
Sheldon Hawkes: Which caused him to fall down the stairs.
Jo Danville: And due to Greg's untimely death, he wasn't able to deliver this.
Mac Taylor: Doug Kramer. That's the name of the Building and Safety official who was supposed to accept the bribe from Jimmy Philbrook.
Jo Danville: For fifteen grand.
Don Flack: But since he didn't get it, he ruled to condemn the Cragston Hotel at the B&S meeting.
Jo Danville: Yes. Which we all know, drove our super, Toby Delafont, into a murderous rage.
Danny Messer: He attacked Philbrook in the park, leaving him for dead.
Lindsay Monroe Messer: Right, and then Philbrook wandered further into the woods, right into the path of Nicholas Bristow's arrow.
Don Flack: That's the craziest thing I've ever heard, but it actually makes sense.
Mac Taylor: One crime leads to another.
Sheldon Hawkes: And another.
Danny Messer: And another.
Lindsay Monroe Messer: And another.
Jo Danville: And that, ladies and gentlemen, is known as the ripple effect.

"CSI: NY: Sleight Out of Hand (#3.18)" (2007)
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Danny, holding out lighter] What other job allows you to light your boss on fire?
Detective Danny Messer: [to Mac before setting him on fire] Okay, but if you go up in flames, I get your office.

Det. Mac Taylor: You want to do the honours?
Danny Messer: Are you lighting your arm on fire in the name of science?
Det. Mac Taylor: What other job allows you to set your boss on fire? Going once, going twice...

Rupert Flannigan: [waving hand over what appears to be a dead fly] Welcome to Magic Paradise gentlemen, where anything is possible, if you believe in magic.
[Fly flips upright and flies away]
Detective Don Flack: [to Mac] Fake fly.
Detective Mac Taylor: [rubs fingers across the counter top] Sodium chloride, introducing a fine, nearly invisible pinch of salt onto the waterlogged fly reestablishes the salt to water equilibrium necessary for the fly to conduct its cellular metabolism.
Detective Don Flack: I like the fake fly theory better

"CSI: NY: Live or Let Die (#2.18)" (2006)
Detective Mac Taylor: Now you had something Mr. Beaumont. Something that some of us who recently lost a loved one never had. Time. Time to make the most of what was left. That's what's precious.
Angie Watson: You have very beautiful eyes, y'know that?
Detective Don Flack: Thank you, now why don't tell me about the night you got collared.
Angie Watson: You got a girlfriend?
Detective Don Flack: Who did you give your gun to, Angie?
Angie Watson: I've been here before. Some cop or D.A. gets me to tell 'em what they need to know, makes a lot of promises, and how they're gonna get me out, a week later I'm still here in the same kind of trouble I was in before I said anything.
Detective Don Flack: We'll work something out. Would these eyes lie?

Detective Danny Messer: [Danny and Mac need to retrieve a piece of evidence from a sewer grate, and Tony, the Midtown Fisherman, has made a device he uses to "fish" things out of grates on the street] Mr. Fisherman, we're in a hurry. Do me a favor, let us borrow your gadget.
Tony the Midtown Fisherman: [glaring] No. Get your own.
[Mac pulls out his badge and shows it to Tony]
Detective Mac Taylor: Please.
Tony the Midtown Fisherman: [to Danny] You see that? A little politeness goes a long way.

Detective Don Flack: Did you, uh, happen to find anything else?
Detective Mac Taylor: You want to give me a hint exactly what you're looking for, Flack?
Detective Don Flack: [sounding hopeful] An Igloo cooler with a human liver inside?

"CSI: NY: Where There's Smoke (#9.2)" (2012)
Jo Danville: [arriving at the crime scene] My God, Mac.
Mac Taylor: Looks like these pipes were the source of the fire.
Jo Danville: Someone turned this elevator into a boiler.
Mac Taylor: Someone turned this elevator into a torture chamber.

Mac Taylor: Brooks said there was still more work to be done. There was something in his voice, Jo. My fear is that if we don't catch him soon, someone else is gonna die.

Mac Taylor: It's the events in our lives that shape us, but it's our choices that define us.

"CSI: NY: Sláinte (#8.16)" (2012)
[dismembered body parts have been found on four separate street corners]
Det. Josephine 'Jo' Danville: Why these four corners?
Det. Mac Taylor: They're the four corners of Hell's Kitchen.

Lindsay Monroe Messer: You know, I've always been curious: why do they call this area "Hell's Kitchen"?
Det. Mac Taylor: Well, they story goes, a veteran cop was watching a riot with his rookie partner, who said "This place is Hell itself", to which the veteran replied "Hell is a mild climate compared to this. This place is Hell's kitchen."

Det. Mac Taylor: Adam, you do know this is a smoke-free facility?
Adam Ross: I wouldn't dare to break the rules, boss.
Det. Mac Taylor: So what's this got to do with our case?
Adam Ross: How much do you think a carton of cigarettes goes for in the city?
Det. Mac Taylor: Last I heard, about $130.
Adam Ross: Not cheap, so if you ain't got the cash, you got to find a cheaper alternative. What do I got here?
Det. Mac Taylor: Two packs of cigarettes.
Adam Ross: Mm-hmm. Now, when the fire department was putting out the delivery truck, the majority of the cargo got wet, and I noticed something. This is from a pack I bought downstairs. Nothing. This is a cigarette from the van.
Det. Mac Taylor: Three black lines. Cheap glue. Zorlov was delivering counterfeit cigarettes.
Adam Ross: Exactly.
Det. Mac Taylor: One of the most lucrative rackets in New York. More profitable than selling heroin or cocaine. You make fake cigarettes for sixty bucks a carton, you sell them to a local shop for $90, they turn around and sell them for $110.
Adam Ross: Impressive profit. Product's in high demand, you can sell it in the wide open, and no one's the wiser.
Det. Mac Taylor: Which is why the local shop owners like Byrne are so important. They sell the fakes. Without them, there's no racket.

"CSI: NY: All Access (#2.21)" (2006)
[Mac discovers a scratched CD]
Det. Mac Taylor: Somebody doesn't like Harry Belafonte.

Det. Mac Taylor: We need to do a full workup, including rape kit.

Det. Mac Taylor: [Kneeling next to her] Stella. Stella!
Det. Stella Bonasera: [Stella's coming to] Where's Frankie?

"CSI: NY: The Dove Commission (#1.18)" (2005)
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: You know what my favorite game was when I was kid?
Detective Mac Taylor: Jacks?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Operation.
[He holds up a pair of tweezers and then uses them to remove a bullet from the body of a gun shot victim]
Detective Mac Taylor: His nose didn't buzz red. Well done!

Detective Mac Taylor: I'd like to talk to you about the Dove Commission report.
Chief Vince Robinson: What about it?
Detective Mac Taylor: I've read it. It implicates that men under you were involved in trafficking drugs with police cars in the summer of '01.
Chief Vince Robinson: Pack of lies.
Detective Mac Taylor: It also documents that two of your officers abducted a prominent drug dealer and dropped him off in a rival dealer's neighborhood in handcuffs, fall of '04. That's just the first chapter.
Chief Vince Robinson: If those allegations were true, I'd be under arrest.
Detective Mac Taylor: Chief, you're number one on the Dove Commission's most wanted list. I'd like to know your whereabouts last night.
Chief Vince Robinson: Lemme tell you something, detective. I don't know what you're up to, but you're going to a very dark place with me.
Detective Mac Taylor: I'm investigating the murder of a man accusing you of countless acts of corruption. That's more than enough motive to kill.

Inspector Bill Markoni: Detective Taylor.
Detective Mac Taylor: Inspector Markoni.
Inspector Bill Markoni: You got a second, detective? We need to chitchat.
Detective Mac Taylor: Who can say no to Internal Affairs?

"CSI: NY: Love Run Cold (#3.3)" (2006)
Dr. Sid Hammerback: Cause of death was not natural. He was in superb shape, lungs, heart, all vital organs are near perfect.
Detective Mac Taylor: So you're saying... he's actually still alive?

[Stella and Hawkes walk into Mac's office]
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Autopsy results?
Detective Mac Taylor: This is a good one. A runner who somehow has frostbite on his face in 90 degree heat, who died of carbon monoxide poisoning in the middle of Central Park.
[Mac smirks, as Hawkes just looks dumbfounded]
Detective Stella Bonasera: That's just...
[thinks for a brief moment]
Detective Stella Bonasera: not possible.

Detective Lindsay Monroe: [Lindsay is looking up] She was stabbed with an icicle?
Detective Danny Messer: That's cold.
Detective Mac Taylor: Not cold enough. Our evidence is about to turn into a big pool of water.
[the icicle in the victim is melting]

"CSI: NY: Sangre por Sangre (#7.4)" (2010)
Det. Mac Taylor: Hey. You solve this thing yet?
Jo Danville: Can you give me till lunch?
[Jo laughs]
Jo Danville: Torres' death leaves a void at the top of his crew, so I thought I'd look at his replacements. Might be able to avoid a street war if we can talk to them. So I'm gathering this as I go. Seems Torres was the face of this crew, but Lisa Brigosa... she's the brains, and Rick Devarro is the street muscle. Although, given his penchant for getting arrested, Rick's not too bright.
Det. Mac Taylor: There's one other: Luther Devarro.
Jo Danville: Any relation to Rick?
Det. Mac Taylor: His older brother... the founder of El Puño, but more of an advisor at this stage of his career. I helped put him away fifteen years ago. He was released last week.
Jo Danville: Gasoline on the fire.
Det. Mac Taylor: It's one thing to be a street guy, another to be smart. But it's dangerous when both those qualities are embodied in one person.

Det. Mac Taylor: A handshake used to mean something. An officer was shot today and a civilian wounded. The ammo we found had your crew's signature on it. When a guy like you gets released from prison a week before people start getting shot, I don't believe it's coincidence.
Luther Devarro: I don't hustle. You know what that means? I don't look people in the eyes and lie to them.
Det. Mac Taylor: Am I supposed to believe that?
Luther Devarro: I have as much reason as you do to want to bring those kids in who shot Hazel Ortega. I didn't give that order. But I have it on good authority someone in my crew did. The last thing I want is an army of badges canvassing my neighborhood with itchy trigger fingers. Someone's son is liable to be out on his stoop holding a cell phone and catch bullets.
Det. Mac Taylor: There's one way to take the heat off your crew.
[Devarro nods understandingly]
Luther Devarro: Send a uni to the corner bodega on 116th. You'll find two remorseful young men who fit the description of your shooters. This is a gift I hand to you, Detective.
Det. Mac Taylor: I trusted you once. If you're lying to me about this, next time I'll be back with everything I have.

"CSI: NY: Pot of Gold (#6.17)" (2010)
Phil: Hey, Mac. I've got something for you.
[holds out a menu]
Detective Mac Taylor: I memorized the take-out menu ten years ago, Phil.
Phil: Read the back. The pretty brunette you were talking to in here last night, she asked me if I'd give it to you next time you were in.
Aubrey Hunter: [voiceover] Dear number thirty-nine. I just wanted to say thank you. I had a really long day. Actually, I've had a few months worth of them, to be honest. So when I came into the deli, I was thinking hard about leaving Manhattan. But then I told myself if at least one stranger could show me some tiny shred of kindness, it would mean that I should stay. And suddenly, there you were, talking with me, looking me in the eye, smiling at me like you meant it. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that it felt really good. And thanks to you, I'm staying right where I am. Yours, number forty.
Phil: I get you anything else?
Detective Mac Taylor: No. I'm good. Thanks.

Aubrey Hunter: [walks into an apartment on open house] Hello.
Real Estate Agent: Come on in! Are you here for the open house?
Aubrey Hunter: Yes.
Real Estate Agent: Oh, it's you!
Aubrey Hunter: I'm sorry? Have we met before?
Real Estate Agent: No, but I'm guessing you're the beautiful brunette woman in the green coat.
[the real estate agent hands her an envelope addressed "To the beautiful brunette woman in the green coat". She opens it]
Detective Mac Taylor: [voiceover] Dear Number 40, I hope this note reaches you and you won't find me too forward in sending it. But someone I know recently reminded me that sometimes you have to take chances - if only to give one to someone else. So, if you'd like to discuss your decision to stay in Manhattan in a little more detail, I know a great deli. tomorrow at 8? Number 39.

"CSI: NY: Blood, Sweat and Tears (#1.14)" (2005)
Detective Mac Taylor: The stereotype is that kids run away from home to join the circus. Where do kids already in the circus go?

[Stella & Mac are investigating a case at a circus]
Detective Stella Bonasera: Until now I never really believed people were double-jointed.
Detective Mac Taylor: They're not. There's no such thing as double-jointed. It's just people with very loose tendons and muscles.

"CSI: NY: Food for Thought (#7.19)" (2011)
Detective Mac Taylor: You're a pimp.
Gus Stilton: I'm an entrepreneur.
Detective Don Flack: Running a food truck as a front for a prostitution ring makes you a criminal.
Detective Mac Taylor: And blowing one of them up - that makes you a murderer.

Detective Mac Taylor: I got the results of your latest drug test. Not high enough to trigger termination, but there are trace levels of cannabis in your bloodstream, Hawkes.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: I swear to you, I wasn't using. It's nothing but second-hand exposure. Just bad luck. You gotta believe me.
Detective Mac Taylor: Like I believe you when you call in sick? This isn't about bad luck, it's about bad choices.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: I know. You're right, and I'm sorry. But Mac, sometimes I feel like this job dictates every single choice I make. I mean, other people get to leave their work at their office. They cut loose, have fun. But we're different. We do a lot of good, but sometimes it seems like that's all we're allowed to do.
Detective Mac Taylor: That comes with the badge. Surely, Camille understands that.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah, she does. She does. But this is the first time in a long time I've had a relationship that's even worth getting into trouble over, you know?
Detective Mac Taylor: There's no department policy against having a good time. But you need to be careful.

"CSI: NY: All in the Family (#4.13)" (2008)
Detective Mac Taylor: Danny's shift started two hours ago. You heard from him?
Detective Lindsay Monroe: He got hit with the flu. He took some cold medicine, knocked him out. He just woke up.
Detective Mac Taylor: Seems kind of sudden.
Detective Lindsay Monroe: He said he felt it coming on a few days ago.
Detective Mac Taylor: Tell him to get better. Make sure you don't catch what he's got.

Detective Mac Taylor: [to the suspects] Two crimes, five victims; Emily Miller and Judge Riverton lost their lives, Madison lost her father, and you two lost your future

"CSI: NY: Shop Till You Drop (#7.10)" (2010)
Detective Don Flack: Took a look at your résumé, Howie. You did three bids for theft. Is that right?
Detective Mac Taylor: Getting caught that much makes me think you're in the wrong line of work.
Detective Don Flack: Yeah, maybe pickpocketing isn't your forte.

Detective Don Flack: It may not have been premeditated, but she still killed the guy.
Detective Mac Taylor: Tell that to the new district attorney.
Detective Don Flack: Who, Krasnoff? You got to be kidding me.
Detective Mac Taylor: Given the science supporting self-defense and the lack of any premeditation, he's unwilling to press charges.
Detective Don Flack: Did you explain to him that he's a dumbass?

"CSI: NY: Blink (#1.1)" (2004)
Det. Mac Taylor: [sitting next to a comatose woman] I'm so tired. I used to sit like this with my wife. Her name was Claire. She died on 9/11. Nobody saw it coming. I was cleaning out the closet the other day, and I... I found this beach ball. And I remembered it was my wife who blew it up. I never told anybody this, but I got rid of everything that reminded me of Claire. Too painful. The one thing I couldn't throw away was that beach ball. Her breath is still in there.

Det. Mac Taylor: You're not a doctor. You're a murderer with a medical degree.

"CSI: NY: Brooklyn Til I Die (#8.12)" (2012)
Christine Whitney: Thanks for meeting me here.
Mac Taylor: Honestly, I-I... I didn't know what to think, seeing that friend request.
Christine Whitney: Well, likewise. I never saw you as the social networking type.
Mac Taylor: Actually, it wasn't my decision to set that up. That was some colleagues of mine having a little fun.
Christine Whitney: That explains the blankest profile page in the history of the Internet.
Mac Taylor: How do you know that I wasn't trying to be mysterious?
Christine Whitney: Because you're one of the most transparent people I know.

Christine Whitney: I-I read an article where you, um, dedicated the wall of remembrance to the first responder families of 9/11. That was a nice thing you did. And I also read about Claire. And somehow, between... life and... losing contact with you both, I-I didn't know she passed away. I'm sorry.
Mac Taylor: There's no need to be sorry. I'm thankful for the time that we had together.

"CSI: NY: People with Money (#3.1)" (2006)
Detective Mac Taylor: So Sam's plan was to propose to someone else on the bridge, then pick up Erica Lancaster to "talk".
Detective Stella Bonasera: Translation: end their relationship.

Detective Mac Taylor: Get dressed. Plunge is over.

"CSI: NY: The Box (#5.9)" (2008)
Reggie Dunham: You know what they say, right? Mind's a terrible thing to waste.
Detective Mac Taylor: So is my time.

Detective Danny Messer: Maybe this time they broke in to dump a car.
Detective Mac Taylor: And a few spare body parts.

"CSI: NY: Party Down (#7.13)" (2011)
Det. Mac Taylor: I'm sorry for your loss.
Carmen Enzo: I have no use for your sympathy.

Det. Mac Taylor: We have reason to believe that Victoria may have been targeted because of you and the nature of your work. Her murder may have been a warning. You and the other members of your family may still be in danger.
Carmen Enzo: I've made my fair share of enemies over the years. Occupational hazard. But my wife... and my children... they're supposed to be off-limits.
Det. Mac Taylor: Not everybody cares about the rules.

"CSI: NY: Yahrzeit (#5.22)" (2009)
Detective Mac Taylor: [yelling] Do you have something to say?
Abraham Klein: [smiles at one way glass] Wir hätten sie alle töten sollen
Aaron Lesnick: We should have killed them all

Michael Elgers: I told you, I'm done talking.
Detective Mac Taylor: Then shut up.

"CSI: NY: Obsession (#3.13)" (2007)
Mac Taylor: [At the crime scene with the victim lying in a pool of blood] Who found him?
Detective Don Flack: Couple of kids came in to the three-five, said that a friend's football may have accidentally killed a man.
[Stella and Mac both give Flack a look]
Detective Don Flack: I locked 'em up for fun.

Mac Taylor: [looks into horse stall and sees the same trace that was found at the crime scene] When you said "nice life if you can get it," how far would you really go to get it, Hector?
Hector: Hold on, you think I know where she is?
Mac Taylor: There was evidence of wood shavings and traces of Harley's medicine in the trunk of a car.
Detective Don Flack: And we're fairly certain the horse didn't do it.

"CSI: NY: Fare Game (#2.15)" (2006)
Det. Lindsay Monroe: [eating bugs] It's just protein.
Det. Mac Taylor: Told you she would do it.
Danny Messer: All right, all right! Here you go!
[hands Mac money]

Det. Mac Taylor: [to Jennifer Cooper, about her water pistol] You know you could have been killed waving this around?

"CSI: NY: Child's Play (#4.11)" (2007)
Detective Mac Taylor: [seeing Danny at work] Thought I told you to take some time off?
Detective Danny Messer: [remorseful] Oh, yeah, you did. I just don't wanna go home. 'Cause when I go walking down that hallway now I'm... not gonna hear the kid laughing on the other side of the walls, you know. Crying when he doesn't wanna go to bed. I'm just afraid I'm gonna miss him.

Detective Lindsay Monroe: [finding out about Ruben, referring to Danny] I'm not very good at this kind of thing. What should I say to him?
Detective Mac Taylor: Just tell him that you're not very good at this kind of thing.

"CSI: NY: Nothing for Something (#7.20)" (2011)
Detective Mac Taylor: Sometimes evil finds you on the road you take to avoid it.

Detective Mac Taylor: I know what you're going to say. It's not the way it looks. I'm fine.
Jo Danville: It's exactly the way it looks. That's the same suit you had on yesterday, if not the day before. You haven't even been home in two days.
Detective Mac Taylor: This isn't the first time one case has rolled over into another. I'll be fine.
Jo Danville: When's the last time you had something to eat? I don't want to hear about that trail mix from the vending machine last night.
Detective Mac Taylor: It was a granola bar.
Jo Danville: You promised me you were going to go home and get some sleep.
Detective Mac Taylor: I was working on some cases, I dozed off on the couch. Then this came in.
Jo Danville: Boss of the crime lab or not, you are no good to anyone if you're running on fumes.
Detective Mac Taylor: Look, I am not walking out of a homicide investigation.
Jo Danville: [waving at Flack] No, Don is driving you out.
Detective Don Flack: [approaching] Yo.
Jo Danville: It's all been arranged. You're going to go home and get a couple hours' sleep. And if you're lucky, a toothbrush and a shower might make it feel like eight.
Detective Mac Taylor: Don can't just leave.
Detective Don Flack: Sure I can. I'm on my way back to the precinct, anyway. Your place is on the way.
Detective Mac Taylor: Sid will be expecting me in Autopsy.
Jo Danville: It's covered. Your work is done here, Mac Taylor. Don's gonna take you to that diner you love for breakfast, and then take you home and tuck you in.
Detective Mac Taylor: Will he be giving me milk and cookies and singing a lullaby?
Detective Don Flack: The lullaby thing's a little weird. But milk and cookies could happen.

"CSI: NY: Open and Shut (#3.6)" (2006)
Detective Mac Taylor: You got anything on the railing?
Adam Ross: That's a joke, right?
Detective Mac Taylor: Call it wishful thinking.
Adam Ross: Huh, it's got more trace on it than a public restroom. Actually I have no idea what I'm looking for here.
Detective Mac Taylor: Sometimes you don't know what you're looking for until you find it.
[a tech hands him a folder]
Detective Mac Taylor: Thank you.
[He opens it]
Detective Mac Taylor: Our photographer's prints didn't match the print we found on the vic. We got a hit on someone else. See if you can put her on the railing.
Adam Ross: [Reads the folder] Mandi Foster? Oh, oh, I love Mandi Foster.
[Mac smiles and leaves]

Adam Ross: The blue markers represent your biologicals: baby spit up, semen, ecoli bacteria, saliva.
Detective Mac Taylor: Not all from the same person I hope.
Adam Ross: According to the DNA results, ding-ding-ding you are correct.

"CSI: NY: Heroes (#2.23)" (2006)
Danny Messer: [angry] Mac, is this him, the scumbag that killed Aiden?
Det. Mac Taylor: Danny, get out of here.
Danny Messer: Just let me talk to him. Aww. I will get him to crack, I promise you that.
Det. Mac Taylor: How? By tuning him up? Stella's got the case, she knows what to do!
Danny Messer: This is Aiden! She's one of our own, Mac!
Det. Mac Taylor: That's why we can't make any mistakes. We do this one by the book, understand?
Danny Messer: [cooling down] Alright, I just wanted to help.
Det. Mac Taylor: I know, me too

[Don and Mac are talking about a dead Marine]
Detective Don Flack: Unfortunately, lowlifes also know it's Fleet Week. Service men are easy targets because they're easy to spot.
Det. Mac Taylor: A uniform isn't a bullseye. It's a badge of honor.
Detective Don Flack: Once a Marine, always a Marine.
Det. Mac Taylor: If you attack one of us, you've attacked us all.

"CSI: NY: Unwrapped (#8.17)" (2012)
Det. Don Flack: Everyone I speak with around here talks about Kelvin like he was a saint.
Det. Mac Taylor: Then let's make sure we find the sinner.

Det. Mac Taylor: What do you got for me, Sid?
Sid Hammerback: If I had a nickel for every time I heard that question. I'm afraid I've spoiled everyone around here over the years. The age-old tradition of the investigator being present at autopsy is to answer questions that might assist the medical examiner, moi, in determining the cause and mode of death, not the other way around.
Det. Mac Taylor: Well, that's what the book says, but I don't think they knew about Sid Hammerback when they wrote it. You always have more answers than questions. That's why you're the best.
Sid Hammerback: Flattery will get you everywhere.

"CSI: NY: Silent Night (#3.12)" (2006)
Gina Mitchum: [in sign language] You helped me. And I wish I could help you now.
Detective Mac Taylor: [normally] What... makes you think something's wrong?
Gina Mitchum: [in sign language] I speak with my hands. You speak with your eyes.

Detective Mac Taylor: Your husband is a lawyer. Did he have any enemies, or recent problems at work?
Officer Marty Santucci: [translating for Gina] My husband didn't kill Allison.
Detective Mac Taylor: That wasn't my question.
Officer Marty Santucci: [translating] You speak with your eyes.

"CSI: NY: Oedipus Hex (#3.5)" (2006)
Detective Mac Taylor: No. I don't feel you. If I find out you're lying, you're gonna be feeling me.

Detective Stella Bonasera: [Reading from a piece of paper the victim had in his sock] "In my darkest moment, when all seems lost, you are at my side."
Detective Mac Taylor: [Coming up from behind] I appreciate you too, Stella.

"CSI: NY: Do or Die (#7.17)" (2011)
Detective Mac Taylor: Significant blood loss. Couldn't have gone far. She was murdered right here on the school grounds.

Detective Mac Taylor: Where'd you go after your biology class yesterday, Emmy?
Emmy Thomas: I don't remember.
Detective Mac Taylor: Let me help you remember. You were hiding in the bathroom.
Emmy Thomas: How do you know that?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: We found your shoe prints on a toilet seat.
Detective Mac Taylor: It's the same bathroom where Olivia Prescott was murdered.
Emmy Thomas: You can't connect my shoe print to the bathroom without a practical reference, which I never gave you.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Mr. Booker told us about the joke with the scorpion.
Emmy Thomas: He did?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah. Traces of scorpion intestinal tract were in the tread pattern we lifted from the toilet seat.
Detective Mac Taylor: He also mentioned this wasn't the first time you were singled out by your classmates.
Emmy Thomas: Why would he tell you that?
Detective Mac Taylor: Did Olivia ever single you out?
Emmy Thomas: No.
Detective Mac Taylor: Embarrass you in front of your peers?
Emmy Thomas: What do you care?
Detective Mac Taylor: Care? Because Olivia's dead. We just want answers.

"CSI: NY: Crushed (#8.7)" (2011)
Sheldon Hawkes: Okay, so given the hair and the emptied jewelry box, we're thinking the bedroom was the primary crime scene.
Mac Taylor: Which makes the thief our prime suspect.
Danny Messer: This guy goes around to parties that explode on the internet. He cleans out their valuables and he leaves behind these hashtags. The riot at the apartment building in the East Village last year - he was there. Viral party in Murray Hill...
Mac Taylor: Where the invite got hacked and went out to 10,000 kids?
Danny Messer: 1,000 showed up. He got in, stole half the family's art collection. Nobody saw a thing. Cocky son of a bitch thinks he's smarter than we are.
Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah, well let's hope he's not. I'm on his blog, Words R Dead. "Hemingway would starve today", "You can't get published anymore because nobody reads."
Mac Taylor: So he's a frustrated writer stealing to pay rent?
Sheldon Hawkes: He left his calling card; maybe he's stealing to get fame.
Mac Taylor: But Libby walked in on him. If he got caught, he could kiss his viral fifteen minutes goodbye.
Sheldon Hawkes: He's been leaving these tags all over Brooklyn and Manhattan. What, somebody has to die before we get the guy?
Mac Taylor: All the precincts probably weren't communicating and didn't connect the dots. On their to-do list, I'm sure. Plus, we have Adam.
Adam Ross: [entering] Found him!
Mac Taylor: See?

Mac Taylor: Libby had three of these necklaces in her jewelry box. She was wearing a fourth, probably placed there by her killer, and now five.
Jo Danville: Mac, what are we missing? Is this some kind of dead pool game?
Danny Messer: It's actually worse than that. We got subpoenas for Libby's blog and Facebook, so I went through the tiers of her friends to see if I could track the original source of the invitation to last night's party. I found one of her private groups. She sent this out to them.
[Danny shows Mac and Jo a website called "Cherry Bomb"]
Jo Danville: What the hell is this?
Danny Messer: This is a game. You single out a virgin in the school and seduce her into believing that she's popular. The girls give her a kind of makeover, they take her to a party, they give her a few drinks, and, uh... a guy, a guy takes her virginity.
Jo Danville: Okay, this is the most disgusting thing I've heard in a long time.
Danny Messer: Yeah. According to the postings, the guys who take the girl's virginity are in Libby's private group, and one of the more active ones is Jake Bennett.
Mac Taylor: Libby's boyfriend?
Jo Danville: Erin Watson. That's the same girl in the photo from the party. I can't believe what I'm looking at, this is so cruel.
Mac Taylor: These symbols, what do they represent?
Danny Messer: A score. After the guys, you know, uh... the girls get graded. Look here. She had "some interesting moves for a novice." That earned her four cherries for performance.
Mac Taylor: One of the most private, intimate moments of a girl's life. Jake not only steals it from her, he debases the experience.
Danny Messer: Not Jake. It's Libby. Jake and the guys give her the information, then she does her thing- gives a girl marks for her, uh, body, the way she smells, the things that she said during the act, and then, uh, she... sends it out to her group of friends.
Jo Danville: Okay, so the necklaces in her jewelry box - those were tokens given to the girls, kind of like a scarlet letter?
Mac Taylor: And whoever has one of those necklaces has a good motive for revenge.

"CSI: NY: To What End? (#7.11)" (2011)
Detective Danny Messer: Do you, uh, wear sneakers inside clown shoes?
Detective Mac Taylor: Are you seriously asking me that question?
Detective Danny Messer: What, no good? What the hell do I know about clowns?
Detective Mac Taylor: Look, I'm a bright man, Danny, but I'm afraid I can't help you with that one.
Jo Danville: [approaching] Hey.
Detective Danny Messer: Jo, do you wear sneakers inside clown shoes?
Jo Danville: I don't know. I don't own any.
Detective Danny Messer: Clown shoes?
Jo Danville: Sneakers.
Detective Mac Taylor: Danny, get out of here. Get me some answers.

Jo Danville: Did they contact you?
Detective Mac Taylor: "They"?
Jo Danville: The FBI.
Detective Mac Taylor: We're expecting a call?
Jo Danville: Well, they usually get their panties in a wad when we start getting in their business.
Detective Mac Taylor: And... we've done that?
Jo Danville: Well, AFIS got us the match off of the print that Danny recovered from Stan Ridgeway's makeup. The name is Bobby Renton. He's gonna be tough to track down, 'cause Bobby Renton hasn't existed for the past five years.
Detective Mac Taylor: Well, if he was in jail, there'd be a record of it. And if he was dead, there'd be documentation.
Jo Danville: But there's been no report that he's missing.
Detective Mac Taylor: So you think he's part of the FBI's witness protection program.
Jo Danville: Exactly. 'Cause I... know the FBI
[Jo sees someone getting off the elevator]
Jo Danville: And I also know this overconfident agent who just got off the elevator.
Detective Mac Taylor: Overconfident? What, you worked together?
Jo Danville: Slept together. My ex-husband.
[Jo starts to leave]
Detective Mac Taylor: You're leaving?
Jo Danville: Oh, yeah.

"CSI: NY: Dead Inside (#5.7)" (2008)
Detective Mac Taylor: So let me get this straight. People take the time to put down their darkest secrets and then they send them to someone they don't even know. Two questions: why and... why?
Detective Lindsay Monroe: [simply] They say confession is good for the soul.

Ella McBride: You always so confident and sure of everything?
Detective Mac Taylor: 99.2% of the time.

"CSI: NY: And Here's to You, Mrs. Azrael (#3.9)" (2006)
Dr. Sid Hammerback: Mac, been meaning to ask. I'd like you to consider coming to our house for Thanksgiving this year. My daughter's coming in, cousins from Philly. We do a really nice job. I use a Collins scalpel to carve the bird, it gets the meat paper thin.
Detective Mac Taylor: I appreciate the offer, Sid.
Dr. Sid Hammerback: Now you can't spend the holidays alone again. I'll drag you if I have to.
Detective Mac Taylor: You're gonna have to add some meat to that skinny frame of yours if you're gonna be making threats, and I was about to say I do have plans this year, thank you.
Dr. Sid Hammerback: [pause] Oh. I'm intrigued.

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: You never went home last night, huh?
Detective Mac Taylor: Looks like you didn't, either.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Hey, I've got two miles of bandages to go through. What's your excuse?

"CSI: NY: Page Turner (#5.2)" (2008)
Detective Lindsay Monroe: How do we find one valuable, antique volume in Manhattan that's been soaked in water much less thallium?
Detective Mac Taylor: With a little reading on the subject.

Detective Mac Taylor: If you get tired of that Journal, I thought you might enjoy a little light reading.
[hands him a new edition of the Tibetan Book of the Dead]
Dr. Sid Hammerback: Oh yeah. A clean copy, I presume?

"CSI: NY: Charge of This Post (#2.24)" (2006)
Det. Mac Taylor: Stay with me, Don.

Ellen Fielding: Laptops were stolen from an agency car two weeks ago.
[Mac scoffs in disbelief]
Ellen Fielding: Maybe we could jam the phone somehow, close down the system?
Det. Mac Taylor: It's too late for that; we have a little under ninety minutes. By the time we close down every phone, every radio, every walkie-talkie...
Ellen Fielding: We can close down secure networks.
Det. Mac Taylor: It's not about the networks! Anyone can return a page! There are eight million New Yorkers, six million cell phones, any one of which could trigger the next bomb!

"CSI: NY: Super Men (#2.19)" (2006)
Det. Stella Bonasera: Come on, didn't you ever tie a towel around your neck when you were a kid and pretend to be a superhero? A little Mac-Man?
Det. Mac Taylor: Sergeant Rock. You couldn't get me out of fatigues.

Adam Ross: That glass that Dr. Hawkes pulled from our John Doe... it tested positive for Krypton.
Det. Mac Taylor: Krypton?
Adam Ross: Kryptonite was Superman's only weakness.
Det. Stella Bonasera: Well, that explains everything.

"CSI: NY: What Schemes May Come (#3.20)" (2007)
Detective Mac Taylor: He took a genetics course of yours last year.
Quinn Brookman: I've had a lot of students.
Detective Mac Taylor: But only one of them helped you steal a body.

"CSI: NY: Exit Strategy (#7.22)" (2011)
Detective Mac Taylor: I've eluded death on many occasions, but this time it was different. It was staring me right in the eyes.

"CSI: NY: Dead Reckoning (#6.4)" (2009)
Detective Mac Taylor: You're aware of the consequences of what you're about to do?
Deborah Carter: Yes. I imagine that this is every detective's dream.
Detective Don Flack: Every detective's dream is have people stop killing each other.

"CSI: NY: Stuck on You (#2.14)" (2006)
Det. Mac Taylor: Are you guys on that music producer?
Danny Messer: Like glue.

"CSI: NY: Kill Screen (#8.15)" (2012)
Mac Taylor: [processing their victim] Process server ID. Walter Danzig.
Don Flack: Process server? What's with the referee uniform?
Mac Taylor: Looks like the game he was calling ended in sudden death.

"CSI: NY: Rush to Judgement (#5.13)" (2009)
Mac Taylor: So you e-mailed them to yourselves to throw off suspicion?
Kyle Sheridan: Yeah, but that's all we did, okay? We had nothing to do with the murder.
Danny Messer: Ah, you know what, actually, you kind of did. 'Cause we're thinking it's those pictures that got your coach killed

"CSI: NY: Blacklist (Featuring Grave Digger) (#6.2)" (2009)
Junior Mosley: [having stepped on a syringe] Let me take it out first!
Detective Don Flack: I'm afraid I can't let you do that.
Junior Mosley: Why not?
Detective Mac Taylor: This syringe is evidence of drug use. We're going to have to document it where we found it.
[Flack takes a picture of Junior's foot]
Detective Don Flack: [pushing Junior down onto the bed] Now one for the "Jackass of the Year" award.

"CSI: NY: Flash Pop (#8.14)" (2012)
Mac Taylor: [a tech from the crime lab has been murdered] She was a white lab coat in my peripheral vision, handing me a note, or a result, and I probably mumbled "thank you" and didn't pay much attention. Feels like a missed opportunity.
Christine Whitney: Well, a lot of people work in the lab, and you're a very busy man, Mac.
Mac Taylor: True, but today... it just sounds like an excuse.

"CSI: NY: Damned If You Do (#7.3)" (2010)
Jo Danville: Is the mother gonna make it?
Detective Mac Taylor: She's not conscious yet, but the doctors say she'll pull through. It's nothing short of a miracle. I've never seen anyone take a beating like that and survive.

"CSI: NY: Justified (#7.9)" (2010)
Jo Danville: I'm so sorry that had to happen to you.
Jay Carver: It's okay. I know it sounds crazy, but I sort of got used to it.
Jo Danville: Did she do the same thing to your brother and sister?
Jay Carver: For a long time, it was just me. But then they started getting older, and I would come home from school, and I would see the... I would see the welts, and the burns and the bruises on their bodies. I thought the only chance they had to make it stop was me. Because there was nobody else there to protect them. I didn't see any other way out. I was really afraid that one day she would kill us. We had nobody.
Chief Ted Carver: [watching from the observation room with Mac] I knew what a monster she was, what those kids were living with. I should have been there.
Detective Mac Taylor: There's no use looking back. You can't change what is.
Chief Ted Carver: Mac, I put that knife in Jay's hand. It was just... sitting up in my locker. He liked to carve things.
Detective Mac Taylor: That knife didn't stab your sister. Jay did. If it wasn't that knife, it would have been another.
Chief Ted Carver: None of this had to happen. I could have stopped it.
Detective Mac Taylor: You did. Taking those kids in, adopting them? You turned their life around.

"CSI: NY: Not What It Looks Like (#3.2)" (2006)
Sal Bovado: I swear to you, I totally forgot about that gun. I wanna make it very clear that I am not a cop killer. It was sincerly intended for anyone else but you, Officer.
Sal Bovado: That didn't come out right.
Detective Mac Taylor: [Shows a picture of Pauline Rayburn] Tell me about Pauline Rayburn.
Sal Bovado: Don't know her.
Detective Mac Taylor: [Shows a picture of a mummified Pauline Rayburn] Know her now?
Sal Bovado: [Disgusted] No I don't. Yo, man, I'm sensitive to graphic material.

"CSI: NY: Turbulence (#5.3)" (2008)
Detective Mac Taylor: What about the waste tank? The weapon could have been flushed.
Adam Ross: Uh... oh, you want me to process the toilets?
Detective Mac Taylor: You asked for more field work, Adam.
[Pats Adam on the shoulder]
Detective Mac Taylor: Get to it.
Adam Ross: Uh... oh... I hate poop.

"CSI: NY: Boo (#4.6)" (2007)
Detective Mac Taylor: I hate zombies.
Detective Stella Bonasera: I know, they spoil all the fun.

"CSI: NY: Life Sentence (#7.21)" (2011)
Detective Mac Taylor: You're not my training officer anymore, Bill. I'm the cop, you're the civilian. Just go home and stay out of it.

"CSI: NY: DOA for a Day (#4.15)" (2008)
Detective Mac Taylor: How are you with reverse engineering?
Dr. Sid Hammerback: I don't like the sound of this.

"CSI: NY: Recycling (#1.12)" (2005)
Mac Taylor: [entering the empty morgue] Hawkes?
Sheldon Hawkes: [sliding out from a body storage chamber] One of the trainees left the door open last weekend. A couple of pipes iced over. Places a horrible burden on the whole system. We run the risk of blowing a compressor. But you're here about your dog show DOA.
[Hawkes leads Mac to the autopsy table]
Sheldon Hawkes: Cause of death: ruptured aorta. Internal hemorrhaging, shock. Dead in a matter of minutes.
Mac Taylor: That's some savage needlework.
Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah. She was unlucky. The needle could've easily passed straight through without doing any serious damage, but the point caught the aorta just right... and the dam burst. Other than the leash marks, no injuries on her hands.
Mac Taylor: Suggests she didn't try to break her fall. But there was major disturbance at the scene.
Sheldon Hawkes: I did find materials under her nails. Looked like skin. I sent it over to DNA.
Mac Taylor: So she could've been attacked.
Sheldon Hawkes: No defense wounds, no torn clothing, no recent contusions. Now, I did find foreign hairs under her clothing. And this... was in her mouth.
Mac Taylor: Looks like latex. I'll take a look at it. Anything else?
Sheldon Hawkes: I saved the best for last.
Mac Taylor: You always do.
Sheldon Hawkes: When I first saw this, I thought it might have been a postmortem dog bite.
Mac Taylor: Those are no canine's canines.

"CSI: NY: The Ride In (#3.17)" (2007)
Detective Don Flack: Well Noah was taking these people for a ride, but it wasn't on the Ark. His flock all tested negative for GSR, and they've asked me if they can get back on the good ship looney tunes before Sunday, because that's when the world's ending. I told them they could re-board when the Crime Scenes clear, but what I really want to do is throw them all in the shower and then a rubber room.
Detective Mac Taylor: They're not crazy.

"CSI: NY: Sanguine Love (#6.14)" (2010)
Joseph Vance: I'm deeply disturbed... by Estelle's death.
Detective Mac Taylor: You're deeply disturbed. I'll give you that.

"CSI: NY: Green Piece (#5.17)" (2009)
Detective Mac Taylor: [on Danny's impending fatherhood and his ambivalence to marrying the mother of his child] Danny, God brought you and Lindsay together. I believe that. And you have been blessed with a gift - the greatest gift that life has to offer. You can choose to live in a place of fear... or you can believe in the best version of yourself.

"CSI: NY: Personal Foul (#4.19)" (2008)
Reed Garrett: [Talking to Mac on the phone] Hey it's reed, I'm about to put up a new blog post about the Cabbie Killer and i was hoping that maybe you could help me with something.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] I gave you this number for personal reasons, not professional reasons.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] Yes i know, but I'm just trying to put together a real profile on this guy, you know?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] I mean, don't you think that people have the right to know about who they're afraid of?
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] Look, I'm impressed by your determination, Reed, maybe even a little bit proud, but you're a journalist and I'm a detective on this case.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] you're crossing the line here.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] Yes but isn't that what lines are for?
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] Not in my business.
Reed Garrett: [to mac] Come on. Throw me a bone, Mac.
Detective Mac Taylor: [Hanging up the phone] Good-Bye, Reed.
Reed Garrett: [Talking to himself] Well, you won't give 'em a story, then i will.

"CSI: NY: Dancing with the Fishes (#2.5)" (2005)
[Detective Monroe explains to Detective Taylor about trace evidence taken from victim]
Detective Lindsay Monroe: This gel was found on Harold Claven's neck...
[Taylor makes a face as Monroe smears some of the gel on him]
Det. Mac Taylor: Now it's on my lip. What is it?

"CSI: NY: Cool Hunter (#2.16)" (2006)
Detective Mac Taylor: Betrayal is the oldest motive for murder in the book.

"CSI: NY: YoungBlood (#2.6)" (2005)
[victim was accompanied in elevator by mystery woman who left bloody shoe prints]
Mac Taylor: [checking victim] Belt's undone.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Our woman in heels either knew him or was about to.

"CSI: NY: Officer Involved (#8.4)" (2011)
Ray James: On my way to the subway this morning, out of nowhere, someone shoots me. Must have been a stray.
Mac Taylor: Didn't call 911?
Ray James: Oh, I only live a couple blocks away.
Don Flack: So, what, you hopped here?
Mac Taylor: ER doc said you lost twenty percent of your blood volume when you were admitted. Wound like yours, slow bleeder. Probably took hours to lose that kind of blood.
Ray James: They can't tell you that. That's my private medical records.
Don Flack: This is not a kidney stone we're talking about. All gunshot wounds get reported to the police.

"CSI: NY: Bad Beat (#2.8)" (2005)
[Lindsay is going through the dumpster of an apartment building, looking for evidence]
Det. Lindsay Monroe: Ah, now, see? That's a shame.
Det. Mac Taylor: What's a shame?
[Lindsay pulls a shotgun up out of the dumpster]
Det. Lindsay Monroe: Somebody went and threw away a perfectly good shotgun.

"CSI: NY: Unfriendly Chat (#7.2)" (2010)
[Adam has witnessed a murder over the internet]
Detective Mac Taylor: You're certain what you saw was real?
Adam Ross: [nodding] I saw a man in black walk up behind a beautiful woman and choke the life right out of her. I've never seen anyone get murdered before... until tonight.

"CSI: NY: Battle Scars (#6.5)" (2009)
Detective Mac Taylor: You ever seen this guy before?
Dot com: It's Jesse Lewis. He thinks he's got skills for battling.
Detective Don Flack: Yeah, we heard you two exchanged skills last night. You came in second place.
Dot com: Yeah, well, the judges must have been high or something. Why you asking me about Jesse? He do something wrong?
Detective Don Flack: Yeah. He stepped in front of a gun while someone else was pulling the trigger.

"CSI: NY: City of the Dolls (#2.9)" (2005)
Det. Don Flack: This city's full of nuts
Det. Mac Taylor: And that's why we're scientists.

"CSI: NY: Hush (#1.16)" (2005)
Det. Mac Taylor: [about Hawkes who is coming to a scene where the victim has been flattened] Tell him to bring a spatula.

"CSI: NY: Like Water for Murder (#4.17)" (2008)
Reed Garrett: [Yelling to mac from a crowd] Hey Mac! Mac!
Detective Stella Bonasera: [to Mac] Looks like you got company, I'll see you inside.
Reed Garrett: [Yelling to Mac] Two woman, same kind of jobs, Is this a serial killer?
Detective Mac Taylor: [Telling the guards] He's okay.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] Reed, i thought you were working the city desk for the paper.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] Nope, not anymore.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] I got my own blog now.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] New York 24-7 News.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] Don't you wanna get your facts straight before you sensationalize a story?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] I thought that's what i was doing.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] You know? Help me out.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] You got two female victims, both floaters, both brutally murdered.

"CSI: NY: Stealing Home (#2.22)" (2006)
Detective Mac Taylor: Welcome to the home of trinogomy.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Gotta admit, not what I expected.
Detective Mac Taylor: Alright, I'll bite. What were you expecting?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Oh I don't know.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Lava lamps, weird tapestries, a robo-spanker, maybe a couple of big...
Detective Mac Taylor: [interrupting, laughing] Alright, alright, I'm sorry I asked.

"CSI: NY: Tri-Borough (#1.11)" (2005)
Stella Bonasera: Do you recognize him?
Alex Hopper: That's Randy Hontz. What happened to him?
Mac Taylor: He was electrocuted.
Stella Bonasera: How do you know him?
Alex Hopper: We parkour together.
Stella Bonasera: Parkour?
Alex Hopper: Free running. Traversing the urban obstacle course we all encounter on a daily basis from a new perspective.
Stella Bonasera: It must come in handy when you're breaking into houses.
Alex Hopper: That was a one-time mistake.
Mac Taylor: Breaking in or getting caught?

"CSI: NY: Night, Mother (#1.10)" (2004)
Det. Stella Bonasera: Uh-oh.
Detective Mac Taylor: What?
[they stop walking]
Det. Stella Bonasera: You hear that?
Detective Mac Taylor: Hear what?
Det. Stella Bonasera: It's your mind racing again.

"CSI: NY: Outside Man (#1.6)" (2004)
[last lines]
Detective Mac Taylor: I read your preliminary report. Good job, Danny. You're on the promotion grid.
Danny Messer: [looking at his crime scene photos] I can't wrap my head around it, Mac. You get up... go to work... see the people that you know... you talk, you laugh... you're living your life. And then suddenly, boom. It's just over. Just like that. And you never even saw it coming.

"CSI: NY: Out of the Sky (#7.5)" (2010)
Det. Don Flack: Recognize our robbery vic?
Det. Mac Taylor: Roland Carson, defense attorney.
Det. Don Flack: I prefer "scumbag lawyer", but yeah, that's him.

"CSI: NY: Hung Out to Dry (#3.4)" (2006)
Detective Stella Bonasera: Did some research on the Hydra.
Detective Mac Taylor: Whoa, research... you're Greek, don't you know all that stuff?
Detective Stella Bonasera: Even we Greeks have to brush up on our mythology once in a while.

"CSI: NY: Air Apparent (#8.5)" (2011)
Coach Dwight Gavin: You know, whatever you're accusing me of, I can assure you...
Mac Taylor: [laughs] Oh, this... this goes well beyond accusation. We matched your DNA to a blood drop at our crime scene.

"CSI: NY: The Lying Game (#3.14)" (2007)
Detective Mac Taylor: [enters his office to see Stella and Lindsay waiting for him] Something wrong?
Detective Stella Bonasera: Lindsay's gonna take off for a little while.
Detective Mac Taylor: [looking at Lindsay] When?
Detective Lindsay Monroe: I leave tomorrow for Montana. A couple of months ago I got a call from the Bozeman's prosecutors office. They apprehend a suspect who was wanted in a multiple homicide ten years ago. Four girls. They were uh... they were friends of mine. I was the only witness.
Detective Mac Taylor: [understanding] And the only survivor as I remember.
Detective Stella Bonasera: They want her to testify.
Detective Lindsay Monroe: I still see their faces. My friends faces. The mothers' faces... I don't know what I'm more scared of. Standing in front of the monster who did this... or seeing those faces.
[getting to her feet as as Stella gives her a hug]
Detective Stella Bonasera: Hey. You take care of youself, kiddo.
Detective Lindsay Monroe: Thanks.
Detective Mac Taylor: [gives her a hug] You're tough, Lindsay. You'll pull through this.

"CSI: NY: Heart of Glass (#3.16)" (2007)
Detective Don Flack: I thought this was your night off.
Detective Mac Taylor: [referring to Peyton at another crime scene] My dinner date dumped me for a dead body.

"CSI: NY: Holding Cell (#7.12)" (2011)
Detective Mac Taylor: [looking over the evidence with the head of the Spanish crime lab] I'm not quite sure what we're looking at here, but... I haven't seen anything to convince me it's murder.

"CSI: NY: American Dreamers (#1.3)" (2004)
Detective Mac Taylor: Reality rarely lives up to expectation. Especially if you're a teenager.

"CSI: NY: Run Silent, Run Deep (#2.20)" (2006)
Det. Mac Taylor: Tattoo's been removed. Can you lift it?
Dr. Sid Hammerback: I can lift the Titanic if you give me the proper tools.

"CSI: NY: Risk (#2.13)" (2006)
Adam Ross: Strange case, you know. Bar nuts, shark tooth, tropical fish.
Detective Mac Taylor: Beta Splendon. Or Siamese Fighting Fish, to be exact. The brilliant colors are exclusive to males. Males in the same tank will kill each other.
Adam Ross: Ironic.
Detective Mac Taylor: No. Wild Wild Wet.
Adam Ross: [laughs] Whoa. That's a very hip, very salacious Manhattan club. It just kind of popped in your head like that?
Detective Mac Taylor: And your point?
Adam Ross: [flustered] Well... well I just - just didn't think that you would just...
Detective Mac Taylor: The bar's over on Broadway near Chelsea University, Fighting Fish on every table. It's a short train ride from where Randy Williams was found.
Adam Ross: [impressed] Ah you're the man, you can hang anywhere you want, huh?
Detective Mac Taylor: I was at the scene of a crime, Adam. The bouncers went a little overboard, ended up killing some kid from Staten Island. Shrimp cocktail is fantastic. Get me something more on that tooth.
[Mac leaves]
Adam Ross: [nods] I like shrimp.

"CSI: NY: Indelible (#8.1)" (2011)
Mac Taylor: For the last four months, it has been my honor and privilege to be a part of something so important and that I am truly proud of. To contribute a little bit to so many who lost so much. These 417 first responders, the portraits of their faces etched in granite and honored here on this Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance, will live in our hearts forever. Ten years have passed since that tragic day. Many of us here have been personally affected and share a loss. And so, once more, we pause and we pray, and we will continue to do so as each anniversary passes. In helping to finish this memorial, I've met some truly remarkable people. And we've had the opportunity to meet with many of you who generously shared your thoughts and feelings on how best to remember these fallen heroes who demonstrated such unmitigated courage and selflessness. The effort to build this Wall of Remembrance has been a great blessing, as we attempt to heal our broken hearts. And here today we gather, a people united not only in our grief, but in our resolve to stand together as one family of Americans. God bless these brave souls who served so selflessly. They will never be forgotten.

"CSI: NY: One Wedding and a Funeral (#4.9)" (2007)
[Mac notices the missing pieces in the puzzles sent to Stella]
Detective Mac Taylor: That's the Riverton building. That was my first crime scene.
Adam Ross: No way.
Detective Mac Taylor: This way my first New York apartment. This to scale?
Adam Ross: Uh, y-yeah. As-as far as I can tell.
Detective Mac Taylor: This high-rise should be much taller in relation to the Chrysler Building.
Adam Ross: How could you possibly know that?
Detective Mac Taylor: I got engaged on that roof. This puzzle's about my life.

"CSI: NY: The Deep (#4.2)" (2007)
Don Flack: Our vic's this way. Floater, popped up in the middle of a sail boat race between New York and New Jersey.
Danny Messer: I read about that, reenactment of a race that happened back in the 1600s.
Mac Taylor: Legend has it the winner got possession of Staten Island.
Don Flack: Too late to give it back?