Nurse Alex Price
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Nurse Alex Price (Character)
from An American Werewolf in London (1981)

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An American Werewolf in London (1981)
Alex: Benjamin, have you ever been severely beaten about the face and neck?

Nurse Susan Gallagher: He's a Jew.
Alex: How do you know?
Nurse Susan Gallagher: I've had a look.

Alex: Shall I be forced to feed you, David?

Taxi Driver: Puts you in mind of the days of the old demon barber of Fleet Street, don't it?
Alex: Sorry?
Taxi Driver: The murders.
David: What murders?
Taxi Driver: Haven't you heard? Last night... six of 'em. All in different parts of the city, all mutilated. He must be a real right maniac, this fella.

David: I'm going to the police. Jack was right.
Alex: Jack is dead!
David: Jack is dead and six people are dead. There's gonna be a full moon tonight. I'm going to the cops.
Alex: David, please be rational. Let's go to Dr. Hirsch.
David: Yeah, be rational, sure. I'm a fucking werewolf, for Christ's sake!

David: I'm a werewolf.
Alex: Are you alright?
David: I don't know, I'll let you know the next full moon.

[last lines]
Alex: I love you David.