Isaiah Bone
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Isaiah Bone (Character)
from Blood and Bone (2009)

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Blood and Bone (2009)
[first lines]
Prisoner: Might not be any of my business, but uh, JC's crew is headed this way to bump you. And they all got shanks.
Isaiah Bone: I know.

James: You're lookin' kinda hard there, ain't ya?
Isaiah Bone: Hard not to.

Tamara: I'm not sure I approve of the company you keep, Mr. Bone.
Isaiah Bone: Me neither.
Isaiah Bone: [to Pinball] You know car wash is not just a movie.

Pinball: You see that chick? I used to hit that. Pretty hot for a fighter.
Isaiah Bone: [she takes a beating] Not any more.

James: You know, invincibility lies in defense.
Isaiah Bone: Possibility of victory, in the attack.

James: Genghis Khan once said, the greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemy, and chase them before you. To rob them of their wealth, and to have those dear to them bathed in tears.
Isaiah Bone: I... am the punishment of God. And if you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you... Genghis

James: You think about. But you should know, I don't like people that say no to me.
Isaiah Bone: Maybe you should get used to it.

[last lines]
Pinball: Life in the city keep goin', don't it?
Isaiah Bone: Oh yeah.
Pinball: Sure you don't wanna stick around? I could set some fights up, we could make some more money, man.
Isaiah Bone: Nope. Got some business to take care of...

Isaiah Bone: [after beating JC and his gang] I need you to deliver a message. I want you to tell every motherfucker behind these walls that if they get the notion of fuck with me, DON'T!