Mark Wahlberg
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Mark Wahlberg (Character)
from "Entourage" (2004)

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"Robot Chicken: Help Me (#4.1)" (2008)
Mark Wahlberg: [parody of The Moment of Truth] Ever told your wife you liked her dress when you really didn't?
Contestant: Yes.
Mark Wahlberg: Ever cheated on your taxes?
Contestant: Yes.
Mark Wahlberg: Ever used the n-word in anger?
Contestant: Yes.
Mark Wahlberg: Ever put your penis in a Slinky?
Contestant: Ye... uh, no.
Mark Wahlberg: You lose!

Entourage (2015)
Ari Gold: [about Travis] He doesn't like Drama. He wants to cut him out.
Vincent Chase: Johnny?
Ari Gold: Yeah.
Mark Wahlberg: That's fucked up, Vince. I'm gonna do my reality show the Wahlbergers right now at A&E - if they tried to cut out my mother, I'd kill somebody, even if she sucked as bad as Drama probably sucks.