Barry Dillon
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Barry Dillon (Character)
from "Archer" (2009)

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"Archer: A Going Concern (#2.2)" (2011)
Barry Dillon: So don't try do anything stupid.
Sterling Archer: I don't have to try. Shit. Whatever. Move.

Barry Dillon: It's cold in here.
Len Trexler: Because she's here! The big, bad lady is here and she is cold.
Malory Archer: Len! What's going on?
Len Trexler: You're mean. And I don't like you! And I don't want ISIS or you. All I want is this lettuce and his brother.
Sterling Archer: Rabbert Klein.
Len Trexler: Rabbert Klein! So Barry, you ass.
Barry Dillon: Yeah.
Len Trexler: For the love of all things green, take me and Rabbert to the lettuce store.

"Archer: Space Race: Part II (#3.13)" (2012)
Malory Archer: Please, we just want to go home.
Sterling Archer: But, space bots...
Cheryl Tunt: Jesus! Think about someone else for once in your life!
Lana Kane: And that's her saying that.
Cheryl Tunt: Exactly.
Barry Dillon: Domo arigato, Archer roboto! Oh hey, let's get it on brother.
Sterling Archer: Yeah, I can't get it on. Maybe next time. Sorry.
Barry Dillon: No, no don't apologize. You know, if you're having a legitimate problem with your vagina that you have between your legs in lieu of a penis I completely understand and you need to deal with that. Honestly, we can do this another time.
Sterling Archer: Next time, Barry.