Ben Geary
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Ben Geary (Character)
from The Double (2011/I)

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The Double (2011/I)
Ben Geary: You're gonna "shoot her in the head"?
Paul Shepherdson: Just making a connection.

Ben Geary: Perfect. Cuz I was first in my class... at door watching.

[last lines]
Tom Highland: Ben, would you consider working for us?
Ben Geary: [stunned]
Tom Highland: Think about it...

Ben Geary: Open the gate. Open the...
Ben Geary: Open the goddamn gate! Now! C'mon!

Oliver: I pieced together the photos of every murder and I laid them out chronologically. Oh, that red line right there indicates where his killing became erratic and inexplicable. So, all you've gotta do is set up a null hypothesis and try and prove it. And when you can't prove it, that means your original hypothesis must be true.
Ben Geary: Wait, wait.
Oliver: Take some fact. You said you believe Cassius returns to the scene of the crimes. And you've got photos of every murder. So set up a hypothesis of, say, Stephen Hawking is Cassius... which gives you a null hypothesis of Stephen Hawking is not Cassius. So, go through the photos and try and prove the null... that Rolling Thunder is not Cassius. If you can, that means your hypothesis is incorrect. If you can't... then depending on your "P" value of course... you've statistically proven your hypothesis must be true. Or that Stephen Hawking is Cassius. Yeah. Some of us didn't sleep our way through Logic and Stats at Harvard.

Ben Geary: How did I miss it, Paul? How did I miss it? The entire time, Cassius was right next to me!
Paul Shepherdson: Put the gun down, Geary!
Ben Geary: What, I'm supposed to trust you now?
Paul Shepherdson: Yeah. Let's talk about trust.
[holding up the crossword puzzle]
Paul Shepherdson: Five down! Cassius. Seventy across, Yepatb. "Eliminated". Thirty-two down, Bolxoh. "Exit". This is thirty year old Soviet code. So, how old were you when... when your family came over here? What were you, about ten? Ten? You never had a choice, did you? So then you wrote a thesis that couldn't be ignored. The FBI came after you, they signed you up. You even started a family. You started a real family! To make it stick. You've been a double your whole life.
[in Russian]
Paul Shepherdson: When did they activate you?
Ben Geary: [in Russian] A year ago. I was to make the landscape safe for our new arrivals.
Paul Shepherdson: [in English] You cut the Senator's neck because you knew you were the expert who could convince the Americans it was Cassius who did it.
Ben Geary: [in English] An investigation would flush Cassius out. My orders are to kill you and return to Moscow.