Julia Packett
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Julia Packett (Character)
from Julia Misbehaves (1948)

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Julia Misbehaves (1948)
Fred Ghenoccio: Where's my mother?
Julia Packett: She's in the bar drinking her breakfast!

Benny Hawkins: Julia, let me have a look at the stuff.
Julia Packett: [Behind a locked door] Well you can't, I'm in the nude.
Benny Hawkins: Well, get out of the nude.

Julia Packett: Oh, for the love of Mike!

Julia Packett: Oh, say, I bet if you took me in your arms you'd be just about crush me to death.

Julia Packett: Well, you must be a riot with the women!
Fred Ghenoccio: Oh, we always went pretty big with the men, too! It takes all sorts to make an audience, you know.

Julia Packett: Oh, William, you've improved! Ohhh, yes, you've lost that gangly look.
William Sylvester Packett: Oh, well, I didn't know I ever had it.
Julia Packett: Oh, not any more. Hmm, distinguished. Quite handsome. Very dangerous.
William Sylvester Packett: My, dear Julia, you're being most, eh...
Julia Packett: Well, aren't you going to tell me how I look?

Julia Packett: Don't you love Christmas! Even if you have to celebrate it in the middle of August?

Julia Packett: Panties! Black panties. Every young girl feels so grown up and sophisticated wearing black panties.

Julia Packett: Oh, William, don't be subtle. Tell Julia...

Julia Packett: You're certainly in a gay mood!

Fred Ghenoccio: What were you doin' in a lingerie shop?
Julia Packett: I was buying a negligee.
Col. Bruce 'Bunny' Willowbrook: And a nightgown.
Fred Ghenoccio: What did you need a nightgown for?
Julia Packett: I didn't need a nightgown! I never wear nightgowns!
Julia Packett: I wear pajamas.