Dr. Cameron McCarthy
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Dr. Cameron McCarthy (Character)
from Dolphin Tale (2011)

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Dolphin Tale 2 (2014)
Dr. Cameron McCarthy: [on Winter] Does she ever come out?
Dr. Clay Haskett: Not much, it's hard to even coax her out to eat.
Dr. Cameron McCarthy: You ever try bacon? It works with my cat.

Dr. Cameron McCarthy: I love that fish!
Lorraine Nelson: Aw, she's not a fish.
Dr. Cameron McCarthy: Looks like a fish, smells like a fish...

Dr. Cameron McCarthy: I've got jars of peanut butter older than you!

Dr. Cameron McCarthy: It's a big world, Sawyer. Too many opportunities out there to spend your life in a box. No matter how nice the box is.

Dolphin Tale (2011)
Dr. Cameron McCarthy: Just because you're hurt doesn't mean you're broken.