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Lee Everett (Character)
from The Walking Dead: The Game - Season 1 (2012) (VG)

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The Walking Dead: The Game - Season 1 (2012) (VG)
Lee Everett: How you doing, Clementine?
Clementine: I'm really hungry Lee!

Carley: Everything's fine.
Lilly Caul: Everything's not fine. We need to figure out how this happened. We just lost everything!
Kenny: Well we're lucky as shit to have this RV!
Carley: And nobody died!
Kenny: Kat's head is split open!
Katjaa: I'm fine!
Lilly Caul: Somebody in here caused this
Kenny: Settle down back there; the bandits have had our number for weeks
Lilly Caul: This is different. Someone was working with them. Whoever it was was slipping them our meals. They didn't get their last package, so they attacked
Kenny: Calm down back there! That's nuts!
Lilly Caul: Lee found a bag of supplies hidden outside the wall!
Lee Everett: It's true.
Lilly Caul: So, Carley/Doug is there something you want to say?
Carley: Please.
Lilly Caul: We have to get it out of you then.
Carley: Back off.
Lilly Caul: You're in no position to make demands.

Stranger: Do I look like a monster to you?
Lee Everett: We all do.

Clementine: What's that?
Lee Everett: This was my dad's cane. He'd zip around here on it from time to time.
Clementine: Was he sick?
Lee Everett: Nah, he was ok. I actually saw him whoop shoplifters with it. This cane's protected this place better than any guard dog ever could. Plus he made it look cool. Like you with your hat.
Clementine: My dad gave it to me.
Lee Everett: See, dads are smart like that.

Lee Everett: What's that?
Duck: Daddy said it's called a salt lick.
Clementine: Yeah but don't lick it, it's gross.
Lee Everett: Did you lick it?
Clementine: I dunno.

[last lines]
Kenny: This motor inn's pretty damn defendable. We block off the entrances with some cars and keep someone on watch and we could stay here until the military rolls through.
Lilly: I actually agree with that plan.
Lee Everett: Me too.
Kenny: We've got beds, We've got water and most importantly, We've got light. There are worst places to call home.
Lilly: Yeah. You're right. You know guys, I think it's going to be okay.
[the electricity suddenly goes off and a sneak peek of The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 2: Starved For Help shows and then the ending credits roll, finishing Episode 1: A New Day]

Kenny: Do you know how to pick a lock?
Lee Everett: No, why?
Kenny: Because you're... urban?
Lee Everett: [offended] Oh you did NOT just say what I thought you did!
Kenny: Sorry man. I'm from Florida, weird shit comes out of my mouth.

Kenny: [lee is showing him a cloth with ducks blood on it] What the hell is that?
Lee Everett: The becoming of a walker.

Kenny: That's my son, Kenny Jr. We call him Duck for short.
Lee Everett: Dodge or Quack
Kenny: Uhh, Quacking
Duck: Daaaaad!
Kenny: See?

Danny St. John: [In pain after falling on a bear trap] You see? You understand now, don't ya? You can have me! It's how the world works now, give part of yourself so others can live.
Lee Everett: [Angered by Danny's actions] Mark never volunteered to be FOOD!

Danny St. John: [an angry Lee is pointing a pitch fork at him with intent to kill] You gotta keep me alive. If you kill me, the meat gets tainted! You can't eat it!