Lagoon Boy
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Lagoon Boy (Character)
from "Young Justice" (2010)

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"Young Justice: Alienated (#2.3)" (2012)
Aquaman: [Kaldur'ahm is exposed as a traitor] I had not believed Nightwing until this moment.
Kaldur'ahm: You did not want to believe!
Superboy: None of us wanted to believe this! How could you betray us?
Kaldur'ahm: You dare question me? After all of you let Tula die!
Nightwing: Kaldur, that was a mission! Aquagirl knew the risks, no one wanted...
Lagoon Boy: Neptune's beard! Don't coddle this traitor! He has joined forces with our king's greatest enemy!
Kaldur'ahm: Do you mean the king who hid from me the true identity of my father?
Aquaman: That was my error of judgement, Kaldur'ahm. No one else need suffer for it.
Kaldur'ahm: All will suffer if Black Manta demands it. Blood is thicker than seawater.