Carlos Fonnegra
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Carlos Fonnegra (Character)
from "Continuum" (2012/I)

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"Continuum: Seconds (#2.9)" (2013/I)
Carlos Fonnegra: Are you ok?
Kiera Cameron: When darkness falls and fear sets in he'll be the one the nightmares bring With the blackest soul and coldest core he'll paint a "T" across your door.
Carlos Fonnegra: I don't remember that one.

Kiera Cameron: What if you could save tens of thousands of people?
Carlos Fonnegra: Yeah, who wouldn't want to do that?
Kiera Cameron: Even if it meant killing one person?
Carlos Fonnegra: I know this game. If you could go back in time and kill Hitler?
Kiera Cameron: What's your answer?
Carlos Fonnegra: I would kill Hitler.

Carlos Fonnegra: I can't believe I'm actually defending the little shit bird who shot me, but right now, Julian is a scared kid.
Kiera Cameron: Fear is a powerful motivator.

Kiera Cameron: [having had the opportunity to kill Julian, but letting him live instead] You have no idea how badly I wanted him dead.
Carlos Fonnegra: Yeah, well, you made the right choice.
Kiera Cameron: I hope so. Because if I failed...
Carlos Fonnegra: No, Keira, you didn't, okay?
[offering Keira a bottle of alcohol]
Carlos Fonnegra: Look. To new beginnings.
Kiera Cameron: To new beginnings.
[after a moment of thought, realization dawns on Keira]
Kiera Cameron: Oh, my god.
Carlos Fonnegra: What's the matter?
Kiera Cameron: What if this is it? My pointing a gun at his head... this whole experience... what if that's what does it? What if I'm the one that creates the monster?

"Continuum: 30 Minutes to Air (#3.5)" (2014/I)
Carlos Fonnegra: Maybe we should skip to the end, where they call *us* protectors.

Kiera Cameron: You are a leader of men Carlos Fonnegra.
Carlos Fonnegra: Yeah, men.

"Continuum: Last Minute (#3.13)" (2014/I)
Alec Sadler: This is like kidnapping!
Carlos Fonnegra: No, this *is* kidnapping.

Carlos Fonnegra: So that's how it's gonna be?
Kiera Cameron: What?
Carlos Fonnegra: I'm Commissioner Gordon and you're...
Kiera Cameron: Ooo, I know this one... I thought...
Carlos Fonnegra: Eh, forget it.

"Continuum: Revolutions Per Minute (#3.10)" (2014/I)
Alec Sadler: [preparing body] She'll be every where and every when.
Carlos Fonnegra: A viking funeral...

"Continuum: Second Time (#2.13)" (2013/I)
Carlos Fonnegra: Sorry.
Inspector Dillon: For what?
Carlos Fonnegra: For this.
[hit him hard knocking him out]
Kiera Cameron: You shouldn'ta done that.

"Continuum: Final Hour (#4.6)" (2015/I)
Carlos Fonnegra: [to Kiera] You know, as much as you've screwed up my life, and my job, and well, my I understand of everything, I hate to admit it, but I wouldn't change a thing.

"Continuum: Wasted Minute (#3.6)" (2014/I)
Carlos Fonnegra: [protesting gag order] "Freedom of speech!"
Insp. Dillon: You have it. You just don't get the practice it in front of the cameras.

"Continuum: Lost Hours (#4.1)" (2015/I)
[first lines]
Carlos Fonnegra: [Emily is brought in] Mr. Sadler's droppoing all charges.
Policeman: Fine. All yours...

"Continuum: Minute Changes (#3.4)" (2014/I)
Kiera Cameron: [investigating a shooting at a college campus] There's no powder residue. Not on anybody's hands.
Carlos Fonnegra: Can't find Cantor's shell casings, either.
Kiera Cameron: That's not right.
Carlos Fonnegra: Does this feel a little Kent State to you?
Kiera Cameron: [confused] Failed student revolution?
Carlos Fonnegra: [scoffs] Never mind. I don't even know why I brought it up.

"Continuum: Second Chances (#2.1)" (2013/I)
Kiera Cameron: Carlos, I can take care of myself and you need to keep your hands clean, you know that.
Carlos Fonnegra: [sighs] Method nightclub, you can start there.
Kiera Cameron: Thank you. Wait for my signal.
Carlos Fonnegra: [scoffs as she walks out] Yeah, is it gonna be a big bat projected into the night sky?
Kiera Cameron: [stops and gives him an annoyed, quizzical look] What?
Carlos Fonnegra: Really? Never mind.

"Continuum: Zero Hour (#4.4)" (2015/I)
Carlos Fonnegra: What is that?
Alec Sadler: It's a tethered worm hole.
Carlos Fonnegra: Uh, you wanna explain that to me like I *didn't* have a degree in physics...

"Continuum: Second Truths (#2.6)" (2013/I)
Carlos Fonnegra: If you eliminate the impossible, whatever is left over, however improbable, that's gotta be the truth.