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Easter Bunny (Character)
from The Easter Bunny Is Comin' to Town (1977) (TV)

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Hop (2011)
E.B.: [after Fred talks to a Chinese Woman] What'd she say? Was it about me?
Fred O'Hare: She thinks Easter is cool. Talking rabbits freaks her out.

E.B.: Hey, wait. You're not surprised I'm a talking rabbit.
David Hasselhoff: Little man, my best friend is a talking car.

Voice at Playboy Mansion: [Through an intercom] Listen, this is the Playboy Mansion, not a hotel.
E.B.: [Looking into a map] I know, but it says 'Since 1971 the Playboy Mansion has been home to many sexy bunnies.'
Voice at Playboy Mansion: I can't even see you. Step closer.
E.B.: [Stepping closer, face still in map] I'm just saying, I am a bunny and am incredibly sexy.
Voice at Playboy Mansion: I don't have time for this.
[Clicks intercom off]
E.B.: Hello? Hello? Ugh, this must the rags part of my rags-to-riches story.

E.B.: Fred, I think you and I got off on the wrong foot. You said some things, I flooded some things. Let's start over, okay?

E.B.: Look, Dad. Ahem. Ever since I was yea big, it's been, "The Easter Bunny wouldn't do that" and "The Easter Bunny has to be perfect." But... Ha! I'm not perfect!
E.B.'s Dad: I know that, Son. But you'll get there, eventually.
E.B.: But I'm... Listen. You want me to be this. But maybe I'm not this. Just maybe, maybe I'm this.
E.B.'s Dad: A sock?
E.B.: Yeah, that's right. I might be a metaphorical sock. I might not be a good enough egg, but I might be the best sock ever! I might not cut it delivering Easter baskets, but I might be great at something else.
E.B.'s Dad: Oh, the drums. Why, I think that's fine!

Fred O'Hare: Can I get a little clarification, here? Is this what the Easter Bunny does now? He just goes house to house, messing up people's lives?
E.B.: Well, that's just hurtful. Besides, you're selling yourself short. They were going to shove you in the mail room. Well, excuse me, but I happen to think you're better than that.
Fred O'Hare: You don't know me! Okay? We just met.
E.B.: I can tell. You give off this aura of untapped potential.
Fred O'Hare: I do? Now, don't pull that with me, rabbit, okay? I'm too smart for you.
E.B.: But, Fred, I'm serious! You're destined to do something great. I just know it!
Fred O'Hare: Well, I've never heard that one before.
E.B.: You'll find an awesome job.
[E.B. grabs a newspaper]
E.B.: Hey. Look, what about this? Dog walker?
Fred O'Hare: No.
E.B.: TSA Officer?
Fred O'Hare: No.
E.B.: Oh! What about this one? It looks exciting. Wind in your hair, hot babe on your arm.
Fred O'Hare: That's a car ad.
E.B.: You should buy that car, then.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006)
Mother Nature: [to Jack Frost] You made it snow in Mexico sending all the birds north for the winter.
Easter Bunny: And you kill fruit.

Father Time: Frost, you herald a season. You're not a holiday.
Tooth Fairy: You're the best friend, not the leading man.
Easter Bunny: And you kill fruit!

The Easter Bunny Is Comin' to Town (1977) (TV)
King Bruce: What do you do with these easter eggs?
Sunny the Easter Bunny: Um... Good question.

The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special (2002)
Easter Bunny: I'm the fucking Easter Bunny!

The Santa Clause 2 (2002)
Easter Bunny: I have 33,000 offspring, all in private school.

A Family Circus Easter (1982) (TV)
Easter Bunny: [singing; repeated line] Let that merry melody / Send you skippin' down the path / Send you skippin' down the path / Send you skippin' down the path to discovery.