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Quotes for
Simone (Character)
from Mona Lisa (1986)

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Mona Lisa (1986)
George: You like her, don't ya?
Simone: Of course I like her.
George: Yeah, but you like her in that special way. In the songs.
Simone: What songs?
George: Well, I've sold myself for a couple of dykes.
Simone: She needs me George.
George: And you needed me to get her.
Simone: Haven't you ever needed someone?
George: All the time.

Simone: ...Sometimes they fall for what they think I am.
George: And what do they think you are?
Simone: What you think. A black whore.
George: Did I say that?
Simone: What do you think, then?
George: Well, you ain't no night nurse.
Simone: No, I ain't no night nurse.
George: Well, let's say you're a lady.

Simone: Haven't you someone to rush to?
George: You know I haven't.
Simone: Everyone should have.
George: Well, *you* haven't.
Simone: I'm different.
George: How? How are you different?
Simone: I'm the girl they rush home from.

Simone: You look better in the daytime.
George: Yeah and so do you. Where do you wanna go?
Simone: Down here.
George: You wanna walk?
Simone: Yes, it's good for you.
George: Bit early, innit?
Simone: I know, but the early bird catches the worm.
George: Clever little bastard...

George: Get out! Get fucking out! Now tell me I'm fired.
Simone: Alright, you're fired.
George: Lovely! I'm fired and you're street walkin'!