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Oberon (Character)
from Ray (2004/I)

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Ray (2004/I)
Marlene: Gossie been cattin' with one of my waitresses since he got here. He never told me his partner was a blind 'Bama boy.
Oberon: Marlene, Demure called. Thurman's sick.
Marlene: What about Sassie.
Oberon: Flat tire.
Marlene: Alright, 'Bama, why don't you get up there and show me what you got.
Ray Charles: Well, I, I'm not really prepared to do my thing, I mean, right now, tonight.
Marlene: Well, this is the only audition you're gonna get, Puddin', so either get on up there or you and Gossie can haul your asses back down south.
Oberon: [hands Ray a joint] Here smoke some of this.
Ray Charles: [coughs] That ain't no tobacco, man!
Oberon: No. Hold it in. It'll calm you down.
Marlene: Alright, Oberon, get up there and introduce him.
Oberon: Yes, Maam!
Marlene: Come on, 'Bama.
Ray Charles: Yeah!
Oberon: I got a special treat for all you satin dolls and I'm not talking about Oberon's big thunder. No, that's for another show. We got some new blood for ya. Fresh off the bus from Florida I give you Ray "Don't Call Me Sugar" Robinson.
Ray Charles: How y'all doin' tonight?
Man in Bar: Better than you!
Oberon: Relax, Ray, relax!
Ray Charles: I got it. What do y'all wanna hear?
Aretha Robinson: How 'bout a little Nat King Cole?
Ray Charles: Y'all like Nat King Cole?
[begins playing]
Marlene: 'Bama ain't bad.
Oberon: I'd say he saved our asses.

Jack Lauderdale: Hey, Baby. You sound more like Nat than the King himself. What's your name?
Ray Charles: Ray Robinson.
Jack Lauderdale: Ray Robinson. I'm Jack Lauderdale, Swingtime records.
Ray Charles: Hey, Jack! How you doin'!
Jack Lauderdale: How 'bout us making a record together?
Ray Charles: Oh, hell yes! Let's do that.
Marlene: Can I help you?
Jack Lauderdale: I don't think so. Me and Cool Breeze here just talkin' a little business.
Marlene: Then you need to talk to me because I'm his manager.
Ray Charles: Whichever way the wind blows.
Marlene: It's blowing.
Jack Lauderdale: Jack Lauderdale. Swingtime records.
Marlene: Marlene Andre.
Jack Lauderdale: Marlene.
Gossie McKee: Gossie McKee.
Jack Lauderdale: Gossie McKee.
Marlene: Great set, baby. We're going to talk with Mr. Lauderdale here.
Ray Charles: I'm gonna come down there and talk to him.
Gossie McKee: You are doin' a fabulous job, Ray.
Ray Charles: Hey, Goss! Yes, man. Hey look, let's talk to him about this record, man.
Gossie McKee: No, no, we're gonna let Marlene handle that. You get Oberon to call you a cab, alright.
Ray Charles: Guys! Guys!
Oberon: Hey Daddy-O, want to smoke? I've got some gage fresh off the boat. It's clean and seedless.
Ray Charles: So that's how it is, huh? You keep me high while they talk the business?
Oberon: I ain't the one playin' you, man.

Oberon: You know, Marlene and Gossie's the ones running the game on you, Ray. They sliced up the pie the first night you played. Thirty-five percent off the top. Plus Gossie's double scale as leader.
Ray Charles: Leader. If anyone's leadin' the band I'm the leader! You know what? Forget the bohumps. I'm goin' my own way.
Oberon: Who's gonna book your gigs? Marlene's got you locked up and she ain't about to let her golden goose go.
Lady in Rain: [singing] Straighten up and fly right. Cool down papa don't you blow your top.
Lady in Rain: Ray Robinson you are fan-tastic.
Oberon: There you go man. Gimme some skin.
Ray Charles: [Feels card in his hand] What's this?
Oberon: Jack's card. I got his number at the hotel

[deleted scene]
Oberon: I asked Marlene for a raise the other day. You know what she said. She said I should be grateful I ain't back at the circus, getting out of a car with ten other midgets.
Ray Charles: That's Marlene.
Oberon: Bitch knew just how to shut me up, threatening to take away my bacon. 'Cause you know man. When I'm up on that stage with a mic in my hand, and the lights in my face, ain't nobody bigger than me. Nobody baby.
Ray Charles: Yeah, when I'm up there playin', I mean they really shut up and listen. Nobody lookin' down on me, or no bad dreams. I'm home free.
Oberon: You know, Marlene and Gossie are the ones running the game on you Ray. They sliced up the pie the first night you played. Thirty-five percent off the top. Plus Gossie's double scale as leader.
Ray Charles: Leader? If anyone should be getting paid for being the leader I'm the one leading the band.