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Attorney Crane (Character)
from "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999)

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"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Daydream Believer (#16.20)" (2015)
Greg Yates: [to Dr. Warner after looking at photographs of Nadia's death] Doctor, could Miss Decotis' injuries have been caused by her prostitution?
Dr. Melinda Warner: It's unlikely. She was savaged.
Greg Yates: Savaged, you say? How so?
Dr. Melinda Warner: In addition to the blunt trauma and strangulation, there were cuts on her nipples and external genitalia.
Greg Yates: And her anal sphincter, was that torn?
Dr. Melinda Warner: Yes, it was.
Greg Yates: And these injuries, though not fatal, they would've been painful?
Dr. Melinda Warner: Very. She died a slow death.
Greg Yates: How long did she survive after the first attack started?
Dr. Melinda Warner: Thirty minutes. Maybe longer.
Greg Yates: And she would've been in agony all through it?
Judge Elana Barth: Mr. Barba, not to put words in your mouth, but I'm willing to entertain an objection if you have one.
Rafael Barba: I'm fine, your Honor.
Greg Yates: Doctor, was she in a lot of pain?
Dr. Melinda Warner: Yes. I'm sure she was.
Greg Yates: Were there signs of struggle?
Dr. Melinda Warner: Yes. The skin was torn around the ligature marks.
Greg Yates: What goes through a victim's head in their final moments?
Attorney Crane: Your Honor, may I please speak with my client?
Greg Yates: No, I'm not done here.
Attorney Crane: Short recess.
Greg Yates: Sit down.
[Crane takes her seat]
Greg Yates: [to Dr. Warner] Back to Nadia. Would the terror, the fear have flooded her with adrenaline?
Dr. Melinda Warner: I can't answer that.
Greg Yates: Would she have awareness of what was going on? Would she understand that these were the final moments of her life?
[Dr. Warner doesn't answer]
Greg Yates: Come on, doctor. We are both medical people! Use your knowledge!
[looks around to see that the entire courtroom is staring at him]
Greg Yates: Or... Or don't.