Cal Zapata
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Cal Zapata (Character)
from Battleship (2012)

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Battleship (2012)
Cal Zapata: [hyperventilating] I told them that something like this would happen, that if something did find us, it would be like Columbus and the Indians, or the Incas and the Conquistadors, and they said, "Oh, no, they'll be sweet..."

[overlooking the alien camp]
Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales: You ready?
Cal Zapata: I'm sorry, but there is no way that I am going down there. I do not possess that kind of courage.
Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales: Right now, you're going to acquire that courage, or else I'm going to break my steel leg off in your ass. You feel me?
Cal Zapata: I feel you.
Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales: Go. Now.
Cal Zapata: [gets up] Acquiring courage... acquiring courage...

[watching the aliens at the satellite array]
Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales: The most critical part of any military operation: establish communications, reinforcements, follow-on forces.
Cal Zapata: You're saying E.T. wants to phone home? That would be incredibly, incredibly bad.