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Quotes for
Todd (Character)
from That's My Boy (2012)

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That's My Boy (2012)
Todd: You know what I do remember? You making me drive you home from the beach 'cause you got too drunk!
Donny: It makes sense to me. When somebody's hammered, they have another guy drive home!
Todd: I was eight!

[from trailer]
Donny: I promise you, I'll never forget you again.
[gives him a gift]
Todd: You got me a gift... an earring? But I don't have a pierced ear.
Donny: Yeah...
[Donny jams the earring on his son's ear]
Todd: [his face smeared with blood] Am I bleeding?
Donny: I don't think so.

[from trailer]
Donny: What'd I do to his back?
Todd: Let me jog your memory...
[shows a tattoo on his back]
Donny: [laughs] The New Kids on the Block! The heads are all warped!
Todd: That's because I got it in third grade; my body grew!

Donny: Do you have any AXE body spray?
Todd: No, Donny. I don't have any AXE body spray because I'm not a fucking douchebag.
Donny: That's a douchebag thing? When did that become a douchebag thing?

Todd: [after punching Chad] At ease, bitch!

Todd: [Talking to the priest after being reprimanded, almost whispering] You know I, can't hear a word you're saying. All I can focus on is your shit breath.

Chad: So Todd, how does one get into the hedgehog business anyway?
Todd: Oh, it's actually hedge funds.
Chad: [seething] You think you're better than me?

Donny: Your mother was a math teacher and I was pretty much a whiz kid myself.
Todd: The ability to make a bong out of a Taco Bell cup does not make you a whiz kid, Donny.

Todd: [after Jamie whispers in his ear] What? Agh! You fuck your brother?
[the crowd uproars]
Father Shakalu: Fucking white people.

Masseuse: [sees 5 dollar bill in Donny's towel] What's this, sir?
Donny: Oh, that's just a little, eheh, tip if you give me a full package.
Masseuse: Oh, okay. That's a 150 dollar additional charge.
Donny: Heh, you're talkin' to the wrong guy. That's a little out of my price range.
Masseuse: It includes scalp treatment, reflexology...
Donny: How much is it to tickle my pickle? To yank my crank? To give me a ho-jo to go? Sweetheart, I'm not asking for a finger up the ass. I just want you to just jerk it a little bit.
Todd: Donny! This isn't a brothel.