Sally McCoy
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Sally McCoy (Character)
from "Hatfields & McCoys" (2012)

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"Hatfields & McCoys: Episode #1.3" (2012)
Sally McCoy: You must let your heart break. Only when the most innocent part of you suffers can there be change. Or else nothing remains of you.

Sally McCoy: [to her husband] You are not sending me away to get better, you are sending me away so you can go to hell with Perry Cline.

Sally McCoy: After I die I would like my body destroyed by electricity. Can you remember that, Roseanna?
Roseanna McCoy: Yes, Mama.

"Hatfields & McCoys: Episode #1.2" (2012)
Perry Cline: The only success we've had in capturing our fugitives has been with Bad Frank.
Randall McCoy: I do not like that man. That man is a savage.
Perry Cline: He's the only one equal to the task.
Sally McCoy: [from across the room] Can this bad man, this savage, can he bring me my boys back?

Randall McCoy: There's so much I wanted to give you. So much, Sally. But all I brought you is pain in this life.
Sally McCoy: Others have but not you. You always believe what you say, Randall. That is a rare quality and I admire you for it.
Randall McCoy: That why you married me?
Sally McCoy: I married you because one day you're gonna buy me that electric double-boiler.

"Hatfields & McCoys: Episode #1.1" (2012)
Sally McCoy: Randall, is that you? You've aged so.
Randall McCoy: The Yankees done it. Treated us like animals in their prison.