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Perry Cline (Character)
from "Hatfields & McCoys" (2012)

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"Hatfields & McCoys: Episode #1.2" (2012)
Perry Cline: The only success we've had in capturing our fugitives has been with Bad Frank.
Randall McCoy: I do not like that man. That man is a savage.
Perry Cline: He's the only one equal to the task.
Sally McCoy: [from across the room] Can this bad man, this savage, can he bring me my boys back?

Perry Cline: I suspect you know why I called this meeting here this morning?
'Bad' Frank Phillips: Y'all looking for someone to lead a posse across the river. And I'm the only gun handler round here who's man enough for the job.
Randall McCoy: You're awful full of yourself, ain't you?
'Bad' Frank Phillips: I wouldn't call it that. I wasted some years of my misspent youth a-riding with Jesse and Frank. Once got to witness Wild Bill kill a man, so I seen better than me. Though not many. And I can't help but see what you gotta choose from.
Perry Cline: I didn't realize you'd once been an outlaw.
'Bad' Frank Phillips: Well, that, of course, was before I was saved. Long prior to my being washed clean of sin by the blood of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ.
Randall McCoy: You sure don't act Christian.
'Bad' Frank Phillips: I'm a warrior for God, Mr. McCoy. A fighter of evil. Right and ready to take on your demon murderers.

"Hatfields & McCoys: Episode #1.3" (2012)
Ellison 'Cotton Top' Mounts: [on the stand] Is it true that I murdered her in the first degree?
Perry Cline: Alifair McCoy. You murdered her. Did anyone tell you to say this?
Ellison 'Cotton Top' Mounts: You said to say that no one did.
Perry Cline: You mean no one told you to say anything?
Ellison 'Cotton Top' Mounts: Only that I murdered her in the first degree.
[laughter in the court]

"Hatfields & McCoys: Episode #1.1" (2012)
Perry Cline: [to the jury] It is useful to think of the law as a muscle. Like a muscle, it can be strengthened with proper use.