Jim Vance
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Jim Vance (Character)
from "Hatfields & McCoys" (2012)

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"Hatfields & McCoys: Episode #1.3" (2012)
'Devil' Anse Hatfield: [about their attack] Randall got away?
Jim Vance: Yup.
Levicy Hatfield: And what of Randall's wife?
Jim Vance: She run mad. Barreled straight at me in her dishabille.
Levicy Hatfield: And?
Jim Vance: Yeah, I... I laid her in the back of the ear with my rifle butt. I believe she's done.
'Devil' Anse Hatfield: What do we do now, Jim?
Jim Vance: Hmm?
'Devil' Anse Hatfield: Kill 'em all?

"Hatfields & McCoys: Episode #1.1" (2012)
Jim Vance: Didn't even pay for your drink. What kind of damn man are you?
Harmon McCoy: The kind who you want to come after, you'll find ready Jim Vance! Unlike your kinfolk here, I'm not afeared of no man, on account of he uses his dog for a whore!