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Francis (Character)
from Felidae (1994)

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Felidae (1994)
Francis: [noticing Felicity's eyes] You're blind.
Felicitas: I'm not blind. I just can't see.

Francis: I swear that whoever murdered Felicity is going to pay for it!, you hear me you bastard I'm going to make you pay!
Blaubart: We'll get you shithead!

Francis: Very impressive, have we come to the house of an art collector or a pimp?
Blaubart: Your guess is as good as mine, I believe the can opener who owns this joint has some sort of job as a scientist or was it a parapsychologist? I don't know.

Francis: [spotting a dead cat with her stomach and throat ripped out] Oh my God...
Kong: Looks like he's run out of steam suddenly, that's what happens to you when you eat too much junk food.
Francis: Yeah I'm out of breath and it looks like I'm not the only one.
[indicating the dead cat]
Kong: What bullshit you talking now?
Kong: Solitaire! Oh Solitaire! What have they done to you? What the hell has that evil bastard done? My lovely, lovely Solitaire!
Francis: Who was she?
Hermann 1: Solitaire was the boss' favorite girl, and chances are those are his family you can see as well.
[pointing out the dead kitten fetuses]
Kong: I'm gonna kill him, I'm gonna hamburger him, I'll tear his balls off and stuff them down his throat, what kind of heartless bastard would do this? Who? Who? Tell me!
[to Francis]
Kong: Was it you? No, you didn't have the time. Well then who did it? Who was it?

Pascal: [types the word "FELIDAE" on the computer] Do you know the meaning of this word, Felidae?
Francis: Could it be a scientific name for all our family divisions, "cats" as they're usually called?
Pascal: Felidae. Evolution has created an astounding number of various creatures. Not one however deserves the respected wonder the genus Felidae has earned.
[shows on the computer a list]
Francis: Wow! What did you combine on this list.
Pascal: Those of us who live in the neighbourhood, name, age, gender, breed, marking. I almost forgot, I need to enter you now as well.
Francis: Incredible!
Pascal: Yes it is. Even better if it can help us solve a murder.
Francis: Did you know it all of the dead brothers?
Pascal: Yes! They were all on the prowl after some female in heat.
Francis: I... I have an idea. Find out what breed they were. That may lead us to a new tie-up.
Pascal: Simple enough.
[shows on the computer the murdered cats' type of race]
Pascal: Well, none of them were partically aristocratic examples of Felidae.
Francis: But all the same race, so they were'nt just excited and male. They were all European Shorthairs.

Francis: Hey, Bluebeard.
Blaubart: Yeah?
Francis: Sounds to me like you're backtracking a little, aren't ya?
Blaubart: You don't say... and what makes ya think so?
Francis: Well, you told 'em I'm your friend.
Blaubart: ...ah.

Francis: He lost his innocence, Bluebeard, as man has lost his.

Blaubart: [spotting dead cat with his throat torn] It must've been a can opener.
Francis: Pardon? Can opener? I'm sorry, you've lost me.
Blaubart: It must've been a friggin' can opener. Ain't it obvious? He gave our poor little Sascha an extra ventilation hole in the throat.
Francis: Oh, you mean a man. Did you witness it?
Blaubart: Hell no. But only men are brutal enough to do a thing like this. Lousy can openers. The only thing they're good for is opening our dinner cans.

Blaubart: Hey little smartass, what do they call you?
Francis: Francis.
Blaubart: [grunts]

Francis: There's a plate there. Looks like this place was a doctor's office. That would explain the chemical smell.

Blaubart: [enters the room]
Francis: Did you come in here to take a leak? Well you don't piss in here anymore. I live here now and I have my standards.

Francis: Let me guess. This latest victim's also a tom, just like the other 4 stiffs.
Blaubart: Smartass. How the hell did you know that?
Francis: It's a guess, but an educated one.
Blaubart: Anyway this time it's tight-assed Deep Purple that's taken out his last rat. His throat looks exactly though someone decided to test an ice pick to see if it works.
Francis: One question, was he castrated?
Blaubart: Purple had his jewels intact, but, he couldn't get it up anymore.

Hermann 1, Hermann 2: [to Bluebeard] Hi pussy cat!
Francis: Oh boy, it was time to meet the neighborhood scumbags.

Francis: The only thing that ties the two stiffs together is sex.

Felicitas: You're new in the neighborhood.
Francis: That's right. Francis.

Blaubart: Let me put the ol' thinking cap on.
Francis: Oh you do think do you?
Blaubart: I think non-stop. Surprises you, eh? I even read a book once.

Pascal: As it shows, The murderer is beginning to make mistakes we may be able to exploit.
Francis: I hope you're right, but I find it hard to imagine that this master of horror could make mistakes.
Pascal: Then perhaps he is sending us a message.

Pascal: Can I offer you both something to eat?
Francis: Thanks, we've eaten already, Pascal.
Blaubart: Shut up, will you asshole? Personally, I can handle another little mouthful or two.

Francis: [talking about Felicity] Her eyes were wide open, as though even with her last breath the one thing she longed desperately for was to see.

Francis: Why weren't the bodies of Sascha, Deep Purple, Solitare... Felicity, down there?

Nhozemphtekh: I'm new around here, that's all you need to know. Your lady is just as she is.
Francis: Your breed is new?
Nhozemphtekh: Not new, no, it's old. Or in simple language, old and new. Or, different. Figure it out for yourself Francis.
Francis: How did you know my name?
Nhozemphtekh: A little bird in a tree told me.
Francis: And what's your name?
Nhozemphtekh: My name matters as little as my breed. It wouldn't anything to you.

Francis: [angrily] FUCK!