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Gina Waters-Payne (Character)
from "Martin" (1992)

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"Martin: Control (#2.7)" (1993)
Sheneneh: You said anything?
Gina: Yes Sheneneh please!
Sheneneh: Oh ok. Well what i want is, i hear shes a songtress; she likes to sing; she likes to blow. What i want is for her to sing one of my songs. I want her to sing "Old Mcdonald had a farm" facing the wall, now!
Pam: What! Please!
Sheneneh: You heard me! You go tell me to crawl back inside my hole like im some dog have you lost yo mind i aint no dog, face the wall and sing "Old Mcdonald had a farm" , the wall!
[Turns around]
Sheneneh: [to Gina] I want the wall!
[Gina mumbles]
Sheneneh: You want the ticketst!. Now get yo vocal skills together do you need practice first?
[Sheneneh yelps high pitch tone]
Sheneneh: You need that?
Pam: [Effortlessly] Oh Mcdonald had a...
Sheneneh: Cut! you dont believe that, you dont feel that. With soul!
Pam: [With effort] Oh Mcdonald had a farm, eey i eey i OHH!
[turns and looks at Sheneneh]
Sheneneh: And on that farm!

Gina: [after searching for Martin's tickets] Oh, my God, Pam, I think I threw them away!
Pam: [Points at her like a little kid] Martin gon' kill you.

Sheneneh: Ohh! Well, look who came crawling back on her ashy little knees. What do you need? Some lotion? Why don't you just spit it down?
[Pretends to spit on her hands and rub her knees down]
Gina: Okay. Sheneneh, look, I'm gonna make this as fast as possible because this is not easy for me, okay?
Sheneneh: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Gina: [Takes a deep breath] Okay.
Sheneneh: Uh-huh.
Gina: [Speaks very quickly] I'm-gonna-work-in-your-in-your-shop-this-morning-for-the-basketball-tickets, okay?
Sheneneh: Pronunciate. I thought you... aren't you a college student? Pronunciate.
Gina: [Angrily] I will work in your shop...
Sheneneh: Ah! Not with an attitude. A-gain!

Pam: Gina, all right, I'm here to help you out any way I know how, okay? Are you okay?
Gina: Girl, am I okay? Pam, look at my hair! Look at it!
Pam: [Pulls one of Gina's braids and it snaps back] Well, maybe if it didn't snap back so hard.
Sheneneh: Are we sitting down, Little Miss Lazy Dukes?
[Picks up a piece of hair. Drops it and points at it while it floats back down]
Sheneneh: Oops, there it is!

Gina: Wait, Sheneneh. Look, I have done hair before.
Sheneneh: Pickin' Pam's buckshots don't count, okay?
[Pam turns and stares at Sheneneh menacingly]

"Martin: Sophisticated Ladies (#3.15)" (1995)
Gina: Sheneneh, what are you doing here?
Sheneneh: The same thing as you, and looking way better may I add... wit yo little tired, green, Army suit on... hut-two choo-choo!
Pam: Sheneneh, why don't you just leave before you embarrass yourself. Oh no, it's too late!
Sheneneh: What? What? Let me tell you something, G.I. Ho! Let me tell you something, okay? You don't mess with me, looking like Colonel Abrams, you hear me?

Sheneneh: Hold up wait a minute yo lil club need Sheneneh in it
Laquita: Sheneneh Jenkins and Laquita Lumpkins in the hishouse. hey!
Gina: Sheneneh what are you doing here?
Sheneneh: The same thing as you. And looking way better may I add. Witcho lil tired green army suit on. hut too choo choo!

"Martin: Things I Do for Love (#1.3)" (1992)
Jerome: Excuse me? Haven't we met here before? My name is Jerome. But you can call me J.J. because everything is dyn-o-mite! You hear? Wait-a-minute. Something just clicked. Click, click. There it is. I know your name. Your name must be Candy because you look so sweet. Give me a bite of that candy.
Gina Waters: wait. Hold up. My boyfriend is right over there and I don't think he would appreciate you coming onto me with those tired, weak, 1975 "Superfly" lines. Thank you.
Jerome: I guess you're talking about the little big-eared guy over there. Let me tell you something. If you wanna get with a winner, you gotta drop that chicken dinner. You hear? You've gotta gry rid of your friend, though, if you wanna ride in a Benz-o. Now what you got to say? Give it to me now.
Gina Waters: You a rhyming man huh? A poet.
Jerome: And you know it.
Gina Waters: Well, I got one for you.
Jerome: Give it to me.
Gina Waters: If you don't like mace, get out of my face!
Jerome: I didn't like you anyway. I was just trying to help you out.

Martin Payne: I never understood why a brother takes their lady to a club. That's like going out fr hot dogs when you got Steak-Ums at home.
Gina Waters: You know, you use to do it. It's fun, it's exciting, it's romantic.
Martin Payne: I'm romantic. You know that. Don't we get "busy" every day?
Gina Waters: I'm not talking about that, Martin. You know, we never do anything exciting, like go out.
Martin Payne: Oh! Oh, okay, so that's it.You want me to be like Romeo. Come on baby, that ain't me, I got my own thing.
Gina Waters: I just thought that it would be fun to do something different, like go out.
Martin Payne: You want to go to maybe to the hip-hop club? Or the rock-your-butt club? You wanna do that? No,no, let's go to your favorite, baby. The Price Club. Ha-ha.
Gina Waters: You forgot one, Martin. The man-who-sleeps-all-by-himself club.
Martin Payne: Well, you just make sure I get in free.

"Martin: Beauty and the Beast (#1.1)" (1992)
Martin Payne: I work hard baby. I do a lot of research.
Gina Waters: Like yesterday's show? Talking about how Redd Foxx is still alive?
Martin Payne: Babe, think about it. The man faked it. If you owe $16 billion in taxes, what would you do?

Gina Waters: You think your friends are better?
Martin Payne: Most definitely.
Gina Waters: Like Cole? He's primitive. He don't even have have thumbs!
Martin Payne: Hey,hey,hey,hey... Cole don't need thumbs. He can't count past eight babe!

"Martin: Get a Job (#3.10)" (1994)
Martin: [Rushes towards the runway] Tommy! You ain't got to do this! Look at y'all, ladies! Move, move it! Giving away all your hard-earned money, huh? You should be home with your husbands, your men! Tommy, the party's over, huh? Get your happy-ass down off stage! Let's go!
Tommy: Martin, hold on, man. What the hell are you doing here?
Gina: You should all be ashamed of yourselves, all of you!
Martin: [to Pam] That's right, especially you, Bride of Stankenstein! And look at you, lady. You're drunk, it's disgusting! You are drunk!
Marian: I ain't drunk. I'm on medication!

Gina: [Overhearing a man talking about "getting rid of Pam"] Oh, God. They gon' get rid of Pam!.
[Almost passes out but Martin catches her]
Martin: No, no, baby, no. No, listen to me. You don't -
[Still trying to snap Gina out of it]
Martin: Don't you pass out on me! Okay, now you listen to me. All stray cats got nine lives. Okay? Pam's cool.

"Martin: The Night He Came Home (#1.10)" (1992)
Gina Waters: Sit down, Martin. We're gonna have a secance.
Martin Payne: Oh, no we're not!

"Martin: Movin' on In (#3.7)" (1994)
Sheneneh: [comes out of her apartment and sees Gina and Pam moving boxes] Ah! Well, well, well! Looky, looky, looky, looky, looky! Oh, I guess Martin done finally kicked you to the curb, huh, Gina? Well, send me a postcard from Bourgie-ville. Aha!
Sheneneh: Oh-ba-da...
Gina: For your information, Sheneneh...
[Sheneneh turns around and both are face to face with each other]
Gina: Oh, yes. I'm here.
Sheneneh: Oh, you're here?
Sheneneh: Well then say what you gotta say before I tear it. What's happening? What's happ...
Gina: I am not moving out. I'm moving in.
Sheneneh: [gasps] No! Pause. NOOOO!
Gina: Yes.
Sheneneh: You don't have my permission to move up in here!
Pam: Permission? Puh-lease! You ain't got to explain nothin' to her.
Sheneneh: Doot, doot! Doot-doot-doot! Must time repeat itself?
[Motions Gina to move out of her way]
Sheneneh: Move it along, move it along, bring it across! Now -
[Turns back to Gina who is close on her]
Sheneneh: Would you back up off me - rowr-rowr - before I tear it right down the middle? I'll snatch your grill from you. I'll snatch it. Take all your fronts.
[Turns back to Pam]
Sheneneh: Now... I was not even talkin' to you, Cujo! I happen to be 3rd Floor Captain in this here building, a'ight? A'ight!
Pam: [Has here finger in Pam's face. Pam puts hers up to move Sheneneh's out of the way] You better get that finger out...
Sheneneh: Don't you touch -
[Pam's finger breaks off Sheneneh's nail]
Sheneneh: Bitch done broke my nail!
Pam: [Both prepare to scrap and Gina tries to break it up] Oh, no! Sheneneh, just stop it! Come on now!

"Martin: Blackboard Jungle Fever (#1.17)" (1993)
Ms. Trinidad: Martin, don't fight this! Don't you want me?
Gina Waters Payne: [Enters carrying a gym bag] No bitch, I want you.
Ms. Trinidad: [Pretending to be shocked] Gina!
Gina Waters Payne: That's right, "Gina!" And how did you know my name was Gina? Last night you called me by my name before Martin even mentioned it. I never realized it until I went home. So that makes you a liar.
[Takes off earrings]
Gina Waters Payne: [Places bag on desk, taking out sneakers and Vaseline] And if there is one thing that I hate more than a liar, is a liar who tried to steal my man.
Gina Waters Payne: [Takes off shoes, then charges towards ms. Trinidad until Martin gets in the way and stops her] If you go near Martin again, I ma hurt you, you got that girlfriend? Huh?

"Martin: Boyz 'R Us (#1.4)" (1992)
Gina Waters: Okay, this how we play, when I ask a question, you just answer it honestly, okay? That means everybody.
Martin Payne: I'm gonna do the honest thing, girl!
Gina Waters: Alright. Question number one - "Would you date someone who was 40lbs. overweight?"
Martin Payne: Nah. Nah. No. No. I got to breathe , baby.
[act like he's suffocating]
Pamela 'Pam' James: I would. I mean, as long as 20 of it was in his wallet.
Cole Brown: Uh, sure. 40lbs. overweight means baby can cook.
Pamela 'Pam' James: Next question: "If you were married and shipwrecked on a desert island with a beautiful stranger, would you make love to them?"
Cole Brown: Whew, Mary Ann and Ginger? Yeah! But not that Mrs. Howell.
Gina Waters: Martin?
Martin Payne: Come on, baby, I would die making love to a coconut before I'd cheat on you.
Gina Waters: Next question: "Would you date someone who was of a different race than yourself?"
Cole Brown: It don't matter what race she is. We all black when the lights go out.
Thomas Strawn: Well, I don't know. My mama always told me, "If she can't use your comb, don't bring her home."
Cole Brown: Wait a minute. Tommy, you were dating a white girl in college.
Thomas Strawn: No, she wasn't white! She was French!

"Martin: The Gift Rapper (#1.2)" (1992)
Martin Payne: I'm talking about wanting you , girl. That's what I'm talking about.
Gina Waters: Martin, Martin, hey, hey. Tonight is our anniversary. You can have me then. All right?
Martin Payne: Whoa whoa whoa, baby. Didn't we just celebrate our anniversary about 2 months ago?
Gina Waters: Martin, that was our one-year anniversary of our 1st date. Tonight is our one-year anniversary of the 1st time that you, um... you know.
Martin Payne: No, I don't know. What?
Gina Waters: The 1st time you ever said the L word.
Martin Payne: Lick me?