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Quotes for
Sheneneh Jenkins (Character)
from "Martin" (1992)

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"Martin: Control (#2.7)" (1993)
Sheneneh: You said anything?
Gina: Yes Sheneneh please!
Sheneneh: Oh ok. Well what i want is, i hear shes a songtress; she likes to sing; she likes to blow. What i want is for her to sing one of my songs. I want her to sing "Old Mcdonald had a farm" facing the wall, now!
Pam: What! Please!
Sheneneh: You heard me! You go tell me to crawl back inside my hole like im some dog have you lost yo mind i aint no dog, face the wall and sing "Old Mcdonald had a farm" , the wall!
[Turns around]
Sheneneh: [to Gina] I want the wall!
[Gina mumbles]
Sheneneh: You want the ticketst!. Now get yo vocal skills together do you need practice first?
[Sheneneh yelps high pitch tone]
Sheneneh: You need that?
Pam: [Effortlessly] Oh Mcdonald had a...
Sheneneh: Cut! you dont believe that, you dont feel that. With soul!
Pam: [With effort] Oh Mcdonald had a farm, eey i eey i OHH!
[turns and looks at Sheneneh]
Sheneneh: And on that farm!

Sheneneh: Ohh! Well, look who came crawling back on her ashy little knees. What do you need? Some lotion? Why don't you just spit it down?
[Pretends to spit on her hands and rub her knees down]
Gina: Okay. Sheneneh, look, I'm gonna make this as fast as possible because this is not easy for me, okay?
Sheneneh: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Gina: [Takes a deep breath] Okay.
Sheneneh: Uh-huh.
Gina: [Speaks very quickly] I'm-gonna-work-in-your-in-your-shop-this-morning-for-the-basketball-tickets, okay?
Sheneneh: Pronunciate. I thought you... aren't you a college student? Pronunciate.
Gina: [Angrily] I will work in your shop...
Sheneneh: Ah! Not with an attitude. A-gain!

Laquita: Oh-oh-oh, Sheneneh, can you make me look like this?
[Hands Sheneneh a magazine]
Sheneneh: Laquita, I ain't no plastic surgeon, okay? Don't be bringin' me no picture of Whitney Houston because you're not Whitney Houston. You're not even Bobby Brown, okay? I'm sorry, okay? Now what you do is make it your prerogative, bring me a picture of Flavor Flav and we'll talk, okay?
Laquita: Oh! Uh-uh, uh-uh! Girl, you so crazy!

Pam: Gina, all right, I'm here to help you out any way I know how, okay? Are you okay?
Gina: Girl, am I okay? Pam, look at my hair! Look at it!
Pam: [Pulls one of Gina's braids and it snaps back] Well, maybe if it didn't snap back so hard.
Sheneneh: Are we sitting down, Little Miss Lazy Dukes?
[Picks up a piece of hair. Drops it and points at it while it floats back down]
Sheneneh: Oops, there it is!

Gina: Wait, Sheneneh. Look, I have done hair before.
Sheneneh: Pickin' Pam's buckshots don't count, okay?
[Pam turns and stares at Sheneneh menacingly]

Myra: [after Gina gives her a regular Coke instead of a Diet one] Pooey! This ain't no damn diet soda! What you tryin' do, raise up my blood sugar! Sheneneh! This girl is tryin' kill me! Oh, Lord! Have mercy!
[Passes the drink to Sheneneh]
Myra: Sugar!
Sheneneh: Are you tryin' to kill Myra?

"Martin: Sophisticated Ladies (#3.15)" (1995)
Sheneneh: Well, well, lookie, lookie, I didn't know knickerbockers was back in style!
Pam: Look, Sheneneh, I'm not going there with you today, okay?
Sheneneh: You will go wherever Sheneneh wants you to go!

Gina: Sheneneh, what are you doing here?
Sheneneh: The same thing as you, and looking way better may I add... wit yo little tired, green, Army suit on... hut-two choo-choo!
Pam: Sheneneh, why don't you just leave before you embarrass yourself. Oh no, it's too late!
Sheneneh: What? What? Let me tell you something, G.I. Ho! Let me tell you something, okay? You don't mess with me, looking like Colonel Abrams, you hear me?

Sheneneh: Hold up wait a minute yo lil club need Sheneneh in it
Laquita: Sheneneh Jenkins and Laquita Lumpkins in the hishouse. hey!
Gina: Sheneneh what are you doing here?
Sheneneh: The same thing as you. And looking way better may I add. Witcho lil tired green army suit on. hut too choo choo!

Pam: Sheneneh why dont you just leave before you embarass yourself. Oh no! Its to late!
Sheneneh: What? What? Let me tell you something G.I. Hoe, let me tell you something. Ok, you dont mess with me lookin like a lil girl you hear me!
Pam: You better back off!
[All of them start arguing]
Laquita: Dont worry girl I got yo back!
Drunk Woman: Five bucks on the one with the weave!

"Martin: The Love Jones Connection (#4.19)" (1996)
Valentino: Come on, Sheneneh, let's split up this prize money so I can get out of here.
Sheneneh: All right, all right, be patient, aw-awight? Here.
[hands him his share]
Valentino: That's only $5.00, Sheneneh. We're supposed to split up half of 300. I can count, okay?
Sheneneh: That's what you get for clowning my friends on national TV. You don't know them like that!
Valentino: $5.00, Sheneneh? I can't buy nothing for $5.00, Sheneneh.
Sheneneh: No, but you can buy a one-way ticket to get the hell out of my faceville. Now, poof, pow, begone!

"Martin: Power to the People's Court (#5.16)" (1997)
Sheneneh: [after Tommy hits her car] Now my insurance goin' go sky high, Tommy!
Tommy: Sheneneh, I thought you told me you didn't have any insurance.
Sheneneh: I don't, Tommy, and now I ain't goin' be able to get none is what I'm trying to tell you!

"Martin: Baby You Can Drive My Car (#1.26)" (1993)
Sheneneh Jenkins: [singing in car] We got us a man!
Keylolo: Whatchu got girl!
Sheneneh Jenkins: I said we got us man!
Keylolo, Bonquisha: Wutchu got Wutchu got!
Sheneneh Jenkins: Look i aint trynna cheat on him because i got us a man!
Thomas 'Tommy' Strawn: Ladies! Ladies! Please!
Sheneneh Jenkins: Dang Tommy! We just trynna say we got us a man thats all. I mean damn! Excuse M.C. No hair! Damn we just warming up the club Tommy.