Detective Frank Webber
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Detective Frank Webber (Character)
from Blackmail (1929)

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Blackmail (1929)
[first lines]
Det. Frank Webber: Well, we finished earlier tonight than I expected.

Det. Frank Webber: You haven't seen "Finger Prints." I'd like to see that. Uh, still, it's about Scotland Yard. Might be amusing. They're bound to get all the details wrong.
Alice White: I don't see why. I did hear they got a real criminal to direct it, so as to be on the safe side.

[last lines]
Policeman: Did she tell you who did it?
Det. Frank Webber: Yes.
Policeman: You want to look out. She'll be losing your job, my boy. I say, I suppose we should soon have lady detectives up at the Yard, eh? And I should be all right out the door, won't I?