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Quotes for
Jackie Estacado (Character)
from The Darkness II (2012) (VG)

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The Darkness (2007) (VG)
Jackie Estacado: Have you ever loved someone who was so beautiful and pure, you couldn't bear to show them your own darkness?

Jackie Estacado: I got my first kiss down here. I was fifteen. Some hooker named Candy. She crossed her legs, broke my sunglasses. Good times.

Jackie Estacado: There's always a little light in the darkness.

Jackie Estacado: I used to know a guy who worked down here. Yeah, Mikey Fat-Lips. Weird son of a bitch. He used to feed his cat subway tokens. One time he asked me to try one, he said they were a good source of iron. Dumb fuck.

Jackie Estacado: I've always believed that everyone has a good side, and a bad side. Even a guy like Eddie Shrote. Sure, he's tortured and killed a few people but then again - you should see his bad side. And for what he did to you? Both sides are as good as dead.

Jackie Estacado: Keep licking Eddie's ass, ya cunts. Polish his sweet butt crack.

Jackie Estacado: A job's not worth doing unless you do it right.
Jackie Estacado: Uncle Paulie's a dead man unless he grows a beard and learns to speak *Swahili*.
Jackie Estacado: Oh, but he's not going to get the chance. Not for as long as I draw breath.

Jackie Estacado: I think... What happens when you die? Well, you don't really die. You come to a place like this. Except it doesn't really feel like a place... It feels more like a memory.