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Quotes for
Felix Lee (Character)
from "Eleventh Hour" (2008)

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"Eleventh Hour: Olfactus (#1.17)" (2009)
Felix Lee: All right, bring on the fancy science, Doc, I can handle it.
Dr. Jacob Hood: It's a neurotransmitter molecule.
Felix Lee: A little less fancy.

Dr. Jacob Hood: I want you to get through to the New York CBRNE, and ask them to get access to as much Cerulenin as possible.
Felix Lee: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Serena Williams what?
Dr. Jacob Hood: Cerulenin. It's an FAS inhibitor. It'll block the melanocortin receptors of the perfume.
Felix Lee: An antidote?
Dr. Jacob Hood: Just in case, OK?

Felix Lee: I don't know about you, Doc, but I think I'm gonna give up on the cologne for a while.
Dr. Jacob Hood: Is that what you call that stuff you wear?
Felix Lee: Hey, my Mama gives me that every birthday.
Dr. Jacob Hood: That's very nice of her.