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Biography for
Chase (Character)
from "Lab Rats" (2012)

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Third of four bionically enhanced siblings fathered/developed/grown by sociopath inventor Douglas Davenport. (No solid information on his mother, or if there ever was one.) Raised by his vain billionaire inventor uncle, Donald Davenport, whom he believed for many years was his real father. Grew up in a secret basement laboratory with older siblings Adam and Bree. Did not know about the existence of younger brother Daniel till Daniel was thirteen years old. Primary bionic ability: boosted intelligence (making him the smartest human on Earth) and super-hearing. Acquired additional abilities: generate force fields, manifest a fighting pike out of energy, and override his siblings' personalities if needed. His "Commando App" contains a macho alter-ego named Spike that takes over when he's threatened (but which pops out when humiliated). Step-cousin of Leo, Donald's step-son, whom he accepts as a new brother. Usually finds himself the punching bag of older brother Adam and thought of as un-cool and a hopeless nerd by sister Bree. Trained by Donald to be the leader of Adam and Bree as they work as a trio of bionic superheroes. Sleeps in an upright capsule to regenerate with his bionic implant.

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