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Quotes for
Dean Cassidy (Character)
from "Just Shoot Me!" (1997)

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"Just Shoot Me!: Mayas and Tigers and Deans, Oh My (#5.15)" (2001)
Dean Cassidy: Am I late? I took the express elevator and ended up on the roof.
Dennis Finch: That's where they're having the genius convention.

Maya Gallo: Where have you been?
Dean Cassidy: I was waiting in line for your sandwich.
Maya Gallo: [opens bag] What part of whole wheat don't you understand?
Dean Cassidy: They were out, so I just assumed...
Maya Gallo: Lesson number one: a good journalist doesn't assume.
Dennis Finch: Lesson number two: have your dad own the magazine.

Dean Cassidy: She is crazy!
Dennis Finch: You know what they say. Crazy in the head, crazy in the bed.
Dean Cassidy: How old are you?