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Zigmund (Character)
from "Just Shoot Me!" (1997)

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"Just Shoot Me!: Mayas and Tigers and Deans, Oh My (#5.15)" (2001)
Zigmund: I am looking for Nina Van Horn.
Dennis Finch: And you are?
Zigmund: The Amazing Zigmund! It's on my card.
Dennis Finch: Dude, I don't have your card.
Zigmund: You do have my card. It's inside that banana.
Dennis Finch: Oh, my God!
Zigmund: Thank you!
Dennis Finch: Dude, I brought this from home!

Jack Gallo: I'm the volunteer for the tiger trick.
Pamela Anderson: No, you're not. I am.
Jack Gallo: What? That's impossible!
Zigmund: Pamela, get ready for the tiger trick.
Jack Gallo: That could mean anything.
Pamela Anderson: Don't take it so hard. I'm just a bigger celebrity.
Jack Gallo: I'm Jack Gallo, publisher of Blush magazine.
Pamela Anderson: I'm the fantasy of every man in America.
Jack Gallo: Not this man, honey. Now let's end this with a big, long hug.

Zigmund: You thought I was gay?
Nina Van Horn: Well, of course.
Zigmund: I'm not gay, I'm British!

Pamela Anderson: Ziggy, we're on.
Zigmund: Okay, I... just need to be focused.
Pamela Anderson: Okay, just think of a hot, hunky guy.