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Quotes for
Fifi (Character)
from God's Gift to Women (1931)

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God's Gift to Women (1931)
Toto Duryea: Please, please, I've got to get a professional nurse, if you don't mind.
Fifi: Do you suppose I'd let some strange woman come in here and nurse you back to health, again?
Toto Duryea: This is a male nurse.
Fifi: Oh, but men are so awkward. Besides, I'm a wonderful nurse. Didn't I take care of my first husband, until...
Toto Duryea: Until what?
Fifi: Until he died in my arms.

Fifi: There, now be quiet, dear and I'll be back in a jiffy.
Toto Duryea: Be back in a what?
Fifi: In a jiffy!
Toto Duryea: She's coming back in a jiffy, oh...

Florine: Are you feeling better, darling? What's the matter?
Fifi: Oh! What are you doing here!
Toto Duryea: That's my night nurse.
Florine: What are you doing here!
Toto Duryea: That's my day nurse.
Fifi: I'll night nurse you!

Auguste, Toto's Butler: There's a gentlemen downstairs to see you, monsieur.
Toto Duryea: Who is he?
Auguste, Toto's Butler: He says he's the husband of one of these ladies.
Florine: Is he fat?
Fifi: Is he bald?
Dagmar: Is he tall?
Auguste, Toto's Butler: Yes. He's crazy and he has a gun.
Toto Duryea: Show him in.
[Shot fired]
Auguste, Toto's Butler: He's in.