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Quotes for
Cat (Character)
from The Blue Bird (1918)

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The Blue Bird (1940)
Mytyl: Can she talk, too?
Tylette: Well, naturally. If the dog can.
Mytyl: Oh, Tylette, I'm so glad! We've got to find the blue bird!
Tylette: The blue bird?
Tylo: I'll come! I'll help you!
Tylette: You'll come too, won't you, Tylette?
Tylette: Why not? It might be amusing.
Tylo: I don't like the way she said that.
Mytyl: Why, Tylo!
Tylo: We shouldn't take Tylette along. She's treacherous.

Tylette: I know we've never been friends, but now we've got to work together. We can't allow the children to go through with this.
Tylo: Why not? Why can't we?
Tylette: Don't you see? We're free now! If they succeed and find the blue bird, we'll have to go back to what we were. Animals! Dumb slaves to man!
Tylo: That's the way I like it! Man is the master, and we must obey him.
Tylette: I always knew you were a fool.
Tylo: If they want to look for a blue bird or a pink owl, I'm gonna help them!

Tylette: Why don't you go to the Land of Luxury? There's plenty to eat there. Everything you could think of.
Mytyl: Do you think we'd find the blue bird there?
Light: No, dear. I don't.
Tylette: Why not? They'll have everything they want there. Where would be a better place to look for the blue bird?
Mytyl: We might find the blue bird there.
Light: Very well. Go there if you want.
Mytyl: How do we get to the Land of Luxury?
Tylette: It's very easy. We take the first side road.
Mytyl: Will you be waiting for us?
Light: Yes, dear, just beyond. But don't stay too long. It's never wise to spend too much time in the Land of Luxury.

Oak: Well, I guess there are enough of us here.
Maple Tree: Then speak up!
Tylette: The children of the woodcutter, your mortal enemy, are on their way here, looking for the blue bird.
Pine Tree: The blue bird?
Tylette: I've put as many obstacles in their way as I can, but now it's up to you.
Hickory Tree: What do you want us to do?
Tylette: Frighten them! Terrify them! Put the fear of the devil into them! They'll forget what they came for and go back where they belong. Oak, I rely upon you.
Elm Tree: Oh, this is going to be jolly fun!
Oak: Jolly fun? Are you all daft? Didn't you hear what she said? They're looking for the blue bird. What good would it do to frighten them? They'll only come back again and again. We must destroy them!

The Blue Bird (1918)
Cat: What's going to happen?... Is there any danger?