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Reaper (Character)
from "Being Human" (2011)

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"Being Human: I've Got You Under Your Skin (#2.8)" (2012)
Reaper: How did it feel shredding me?
Sally Malik: Like a rush! Thrilling, like a rollercoaster ripping you apart.
Reaper: And that's what it feels like to reap, like cutting out some putrefying wound from the world, saving other ghosts.
Sally Malik: So, what? It's good what I felt? It's a good thing that I tried to kill you and I liked it?
Reaper: Being a Reaper is not like being a murderer, Sally. A reaper is a force of nature, a hurricane, a forest fire. Just think how crowded and stinking the Earth would be if nobody died. Afterlife's the same way.
Sally Malik: But it's gotta take its toll.
Reaper: Everyday, I knew exactly what to do, why I was doing it, and I knew it was necessary. I kept the balance and I never felt so powerful or fulfilled, even when I was alive. Have you?
Sally Malik: I-I didn't even get a chance to try. Who feels powerful and fulfilled at 23?
Reaper: Well, here's your chance. I can take you or you can take over.
Sally Malik: This whole I've been dead... I've been desperate for a purpose. I've tried possessing, haunting... a boyfriend. Maybe I can do this... be a Reaper.
Reaper: Let's get your training wheels on.

"Being Human: Dream Reaper (#2.10)" (2012)
Sally Malik: I want you gone. I thought I made that clear.
Reaper: It's not that simple.
Sally Malik: But this is all in my head.
Reaper: And I can't leave. I'm a part of you. So now, we wait.
Sally Malik: For what?
Reaper: For you to slip. And when you fall... the only one left to catch you will be me.