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Quotes for
Costa Papavassilou (Character)
from Türkisch für Anfänger (2012)

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"Turkish for Beginners: Die, in der die Fete nicht weiter geht (#2.22)" (2007)
Costa Papavassilou: You'll have to treat Lena decently now, otherwise it'll work against the image of southerners.

Costa Papavassilou: You're the only man who can't even remember his first time.

"Turkish for Beginners: Die, in der Cem Rotlicht sieht (#2.9)" (2007)
Costa Papavassilou: That's not the first time, Herr Öztürk, that Greeks are a step ahead of Turks. I'll just say EU, EC, sex.
Metin Öztürk: You do not even know what EU is!
Costa Papavassilou: So what? I know what sex is.

"Turkish for Beginners: Die, mit When a Metin loves a Woman (#2.14)" (2007)
Costa Papavassilou: This afternoon at four there will be dating, dude.
Cem Öztürk: And you're sure you don't have to give your bank account details first?

"Turkish for Beginners: Die, in der Frauen schwach werden (#2.1)" (2007)
Cem Öztürk: Have you ever said 'I love you'?
Costa Papavassilou: What are you implying, dude? We're just friends, aren't we?
Cem Öztürk: I mean, to a girl.

"Turkish for Beginners: Die, in der ich Kitschi-Gänsehaut kriege (#2.6)" (2007)
Costa Papavassilou: I have to pee.
Cem Öztürk: But standing up!

"Turkish for Beginners: Die, in der alle K..K..Komplexe haben (#2.15)" (2007)
Costa Papavassilou: When I'm, like, f-f-forty, and a p-p-pilot, and then I say over the intercom 'L-l-l-ladies and G-g-g-gentlemen, please f-f-fasten your s-s-seatbelts, we're g-g-going through a st-st-storm' - till I'm f-f-finished, the st-st-storm w-w-will be over!

"Turkish for Beginners: Die, mit Grillen in Honig (#2.19)" (2007)
Costa Papavassilou: You just have to set her up on a date!
Cem Öztürk: With whom? There is just no alternative to me.