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Yagmur ztrk (Character)
from Türkisch für Anfänger (2012)

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"Turkish for Beginners: Die, in der die Fete nicht weiter geht (#2.22)" (2007)
Yagmur Öztürk: [on the phone] Costa, is that you?
Cem Öztürk: [speaking Turkish, in a threatening voice] No, it's Cem.
Yagmur Öztürk: [to Lena] I told you, those new cellphones are deadly.

Yagmur Öztürk: Look, that's what he bought for me!
Lena Schneider: That's what he stole for you.
Yagmur Öztürk: Don't be so small-minded.

"Turkish for Beginners: Die, in der Cem keine Wurst sein will (#2.5)" (2007)
Lena Schneider: He loves conspiracy theories. He even read "The Da Vinci Code' three times.
Yagmur Öztürk: Because he didn't understand it.

Yagmur Öztürk: That's her favourite music, she used to listen to it all the time.
Lena Schneider: [voiceover] Which explains her death.

"Turkish for Beginners: Die, in der ich meine Freiheit verliere (#1.1)" (2006)
Lena Schneider: Yagmur, tell me, what is it you're praying for?
Yagmur Öztürk: That everything will return to the way it was and you will all move out.
Lena Schneider: Send my regards up, I'll take the same.

Lena Schneider: [voiceover] Three weeks. Then you'll break up anyway.
Yagmur Öztürk: [beckons to the waitress] Has pork been served on this plate? I guess so, since you offer pork dishes on the menu. I would like to have a fresh, wrapped plate. I'm muslim. That's a religion.
Lena Schneider: [voiceover] Two weeks.

"Turkish for Beginners: Die, nach der schon alles vorbei sein soll? (#2.24)" (2007)
Yagmur Öztürk: [to her boy-friend] When your family smells my perfume, your sister will beat you again.

"Turkish for Beginners: Die, mit When a Metin loves a Woman (#2.14)" (2007)
Yagmur Öztürk: I won't change for anybody. Even if I'm the last person on earth who likes me.

"Turkish for Beginners: Die, mit Sex und Pistols (#2.4)" (2007)
Cem Öztürk: XYZ?
Yagmur Öztürk: Replace X with S, Y with E and Z with X!
Cem Öztürk: Sez?

"Turkish for Beginners: Die, mit Grillen in Honig (#2.19)" (2007)
Yagmur Öztürk: You wanted to talk to me, my big dear strong brother?

"Turkish for Beginners: Die, in der Metin die Schnauze voll hat (#2.23)" (2007)
Yagmur Öztürk: Costa has to move away, to Bavaria, they're putting him into a boarding school!
Doris Schneider: Oh God, a boarding school!
Lena Schneider: Oh God, in Bavaria!