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Yumeria Moegi (Character)
from "Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ" (2012)

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"Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ: Hiita naru Zetto no Noroi - Soshite Shin Shô e (#1.10)" (2012)
Nobuo Akagi: You don't see cool guys like that too often anymore.
Yumeria Moegi: He's showa-style cool!

Mitsuki Aoyagi: What do you want? Are you a sub-section chief from the Guerrilla Marketers?
Delu-Knight: Wrong! I'm Delu-Knight!
[tosses business card to them]
Nobuo Akagi: [reads card] Executive board director?
Yumeria Moegi: They sent a real fancy pants this time!
Nobuo Akagi: He's definitely way too cool to be a Guerrilla Marketer. He's like Silva from Bioman!
Delu-Knight: It's my duty to eliminate you delusional fools.
Nobuo Akagi: Then why don't you eliminate your stupid boss first?
Delu-Knight: The president isn't delusional. He's a visionary!
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Wait, you're just a delusion character, too?
Delu-Knight: What?

Yumeria Moegi: Kozkoz, what about GekiBlue?
[Kozkoz points at a picture of Retsu/GekiBlue in a magazine and then at Takuma]
Nobuo Akagi: You think he looks like Retsu? They look absolutely nothing alike. What's wrong with you, Kozkoz?

"Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ: Môsô Itasshâ Genkai Toppa seyo! (#1.7)" (2012)
Hiroyo Hakase: What? Malshina was in the real world?
Yumeria Moegi: By all rights it should be impossible... but the truth cannot be denied.
Mitsuki Aoyagi: It felt pretty realistic. But it could be something like mass hysteria?
Nobuo Akagi: That's right! I mean, Malshina's just what I think the ideal female villain would be like! Something I dreamed up in a delusion can't just pop into reality!
Hiroyo Hakase: Malshina... What's she like, anyway?
Nobuo Akagi: You don't know?
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Weren't you watching our fights on the monitor?
Hiroyo Hakase: The Moe Moe Z-Cune isn't *that* sophisticated! I can listen in on a fight with the microphones, but... I don't even know what the Akibarangers look like.

Mitsuki Aoyagi: What happened to us?
Hiroyo Hakase: After being confronted with reality, you snapped out of the delusion.
Yumeria Moegi: Then is this the delusion? Or the real world?
Hiroyo Hakase: This is definitely real. You were Akibarangers for real this time.
Nobuo Akagi: For real?
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Then we're actually superheroes now?
Hiroyo Hakase: I guess that's the case.

Yumeria Moegi: Hakase, the phone call is for thee.
Hiroyo Hakase: Who is it? Is it Malshina?
Yumeria Moegi: Someone far more imposing.
Nobuo Akagi: It's the final boss, right?
Yumeria Moegi: Nay... 'Tis Lord Tsukada, the Toei producer.

"Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ: Kinjirareta Môsô wa Aoi Haitoku no Itami (#1.4)" (2012)
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Starting tomorrow, I won't be transforming. I'll be counting on you.
Yumeria Moegi: Mitsuki-neechan, do you hate us?
Nobuo Akagi: What is that? You even studied up on Boukenger! I thought you were finally getting into it!
Hiroyo Hakase: Aoyagi-san, what is the meaning of this?
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Starting tomorrow, I'll be at a martial arts training camp. I'll be at Izu for three days and two nights. I want to focus, so I don't plan on transforming during that time.
Yumeria Moegi: So you're not quitting the Akibarangers then.
Mitsuki Aoyagi: So for the next three days, I'd like you guys to show some restraint when it comes to fighting.
Nobuo Akagi: Alright! Leave it to me! Eh?
Yumeria Moegi: In other words, you're telling us, "Don't have delusions."
Nobuo Akagi: You're banning one of the few joys of being an otaku. All the while, you'll be enjoying real-life satisfaction at your camp! You oni! you devil!
Mitsuki Aoyagi: You consider camp "real-life satisfaction"? Just how pathetic was your high school life?

Hiroyo Hakase: Aoyagi-san, don't worry if you think their delusion will interfere with your camp. The delusion amplification beam waves won't go that far.
Nobuo Akagi, Yumeria Moegi: Eh?
Hiroyo Hakase: Oh! Did I forget to mention that? The system only allows you to enter the world of delusions in Akihabara. Thus, you can only transform when here.
Nobuo Akagi: I had no idea we were such local heroes. The road to becoming official is a long one.
Yumeria Moegi: But that's good. That means we can have our free delusions.
Mitsuki Aoyagi: No! No... well... you know. I'd be worried about you two fighting alone.
Hiroyo Hakase: That's true. Both your big delusions were pretty dangerous.
Nobuo Akagi: [points at Hiroyo] It's 'cause you made us drink!

"Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ: Itaki Tokkun no Kizuna wa Kônin Rôdo no Inbô Kôsaten (#1.8)" (2012)
Yumeria Moegi: W-w-w-what have you done?
Nobuo Akagi: This was our chance to become official heroes!
Hiroyo Hakase: Well, the heroes need a secret identity, right?
Nobuo Akagi: Dekaranger and Gingaman didn't have secret identities!
Mitsuki Aoyagi: I thought we were trying to become an official Sentai!
Hiroyo Hakase: Anyway, given that something as unpredictable as Malshina appearing has happened, there's not time to worry about anything else until we've cleaned up that mess.

Tsukishima Alpaca: The Akibarangers?
Nobuo Akagi: See! He's going to turn Akihabara into a town famous for monja!
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Seriously, that's our premise this time?
Tsukishima Alpaca: My dream is turn Akihabara into Monja Town, Japan! Anyone who gets in the way is gonna get chopped up and fried!
Nobuo Akagi: Can it, sub-section chief! We'll be the ones using you to reach our dream!
Yumeria Moegi: Now, en garde!

"Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ: Ita Sentai, Kaisan. (#1.9)" (2012)
Nobuo Akagi: What is going on? We lost the ability to be an unofficial Sentai just as we're about to become official?
Mitsuki Aoyagi: I thought she was hiding something, but this is too sudden.
Nobuo Akagi: Just what should I refer to in this kind of situation? "The Kyuukyuu Sentai is suspended"? Or "We Really are Disbanding"?
Yumeria Moegi: But we were suddenly scouted and we were disbanded just as suddenly. Oh well. Bzz.
Nobuo Akagi: What's that supposed to mean? Isn't it our dream to become an official Sentai?
Yumeria Moegi: It was fun being an AkibaRanger. But there are other things. Let's cosplay or soujin. There's so many things I want to do. Right?
Nobuo Akagi: Mitsuki, are you okay with this? You said you wanted to become an official Sentai member to learn techniques from Niibori-san, right?
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Yeah. Maybe I should just directly apply to be his student.

Doctor Z: I am Doctor Z.
Nobuo Akagi: A Showa era-looking last boss is here.
Hiroyo Hakase: Dad? What are you...?
Nobuo Akagi, Yumeria Moegi, Mitsuki Aoyagi: Dad?
Doctor Z: No! You are no longer my daughter! That stopped the moment you became Z-Cune Aoi's voice actress!
Yumeria Moegi: Eh?
Nobuo Akagi: Eh? What? Just now, I heard some unexpected new info. Did I imagine it?
Malshina: You didn't imagine it. Z-Cune Aoi's star, Aoi's voice actress, Toyozuki Shuri is actually that woman! Hakase Hiroyo.
Nobuo Akagi: WHAAAT? Why didn't you tell us?
Yumeria Moegi: I call myself a fan, but I didn't realize. This is the biggest blunder of my life.
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Ummm, can you do Aoi-chan's voice?
Hiroyo Hakase: Quiet! This is no time for that!
Doctor Z: Rejoice while you can. When our invasion starts, all laughter will disappear! Here comes the real show. Look forward to it!

"Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ: Nidaime wa Sawayaka Mutsû Senshi (#1.11)" (2012)
[sees Takuma ride off on his motorcycle]
Yumeria Moegi: When did he get his bike?
Nobuo Akagi: Who cares about that detail! The guy who called off the shakeup...
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Guy? You mean Dr. Z nya?
Nobuo Akagi: No. Even Z is in the palm of his hands.
Mitsuki Aoyagi: What? Just who is it, then?

Nobuo Akagi: Listen. Apparently this world is the show "Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger".
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Eh? What are you saying, old man? I've always thought you were strange, but now you've completely lost it.
Nobuo Akagi: What's that supposed to mean? Listen up, I'll show you right now.
Yumeria Moegi: That this world is a show? But how?
Nobuo Akagi: Everyone, be quiet! If you do that, you'll probably see.
[Nobuo looks around]
Mitsuki Aoyagi: There's nothing...
Nobuo Akagi: Shh!
[sees the advertisement banner]
Nobuo Akagi: There it is! A telop!
Mitsuki Aoyagi, Yumeria Moegi: Eh?
Nobuo Akagi: I told you guys before. When the video becomes quiet, it become a telop chance. And a telop rolls by!
[he stops the advertisement banner]
Nobuo Akagi: Someone... read this! Do you see it? What it say?
Mitsuki Aoyagi, Yumeria Moegi: For details, go to the Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger show's home page...
Takuma Tsuzuki: I don't see anything.
Nobuo Akagi: [let's go] You see now? The world we're in is inside a show! Your clothes and way of speaking are proof!
Mitsuki Aoyagi: [takes off blue jacket] Now that you mention it, I usually hate these.
Yumeria Moegi: That's right nya! This isn't like me at all nya!
Nobuo Akagi: Someone is trying to change AkibaRanger from a painful show about otakus to a proper, official-seeming show! Put simply, we're changing tracks! It's a shakeup! After the shakeup, the story went from delusion battles to fighting in the real world. A serious story about father versus daughter appeared. New rivals appeared. And the star... the new Sentai Red... is a refreshing guy to replace me!
[points at Takuma]

"Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ: Ita Tatsu! Yoidore Hîrô dai Bôken! (#1.3)" (2012)
Hiroyo Hakase: Akibaranger's get their power from the Delusion Power. If we weaken one's reasoning, it should unleash the Delusion Power.
Nobuo Akagi: I see!
Yumeria Moegi: So if we use sake, we can be even stronger!
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Ummm, excuse me. This has been kinda been bothering me for a while. What are you dressed as today? It's different from your previous character.
Yumeria Moegi: This week... I'm an elementary school boy.
Nobuo Akagi: A role-playing cosplayer? This is coming from me, it hurts me to look at you.

Mitsuki Aoyagi: This is special traning? It's just a drinking party! There's no point in me being here since I'm underage!
Nobuo Akagi: It's not pointless! Hearing us talk about Sentai is a good lesson for you!
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Lesson?
Hiroyo Hakase: No, don't brush him off. Up till now, Akagi-san's love and knowledge of Sentai.
Yumeria Moegi: Yeah, like being able to summon a DekaRanger.
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Right, or like yesterday with the BoukenRanger.
Nobuo Akagi: Stop! Stop right there! It's not BoukenRanger! It's Boukenger! GoGo Sentai Boukenger!
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Eh? Bouken and Ranger doesn't make a BoukenRanger? What's "Bouken" and "ger"? What's "ger"?
Nobuo Akagi: This is why you're a noob! We already covered this with Hurricanegers!
Nobuo Akagi, Yumeria Moegi: Right?
Mitsuki Aoyagi: It's just because you're an otaku! I can fight without knowing that!
Nobuo Akagi: What? You running away? Hey!

"Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ: Ni Saitsûkai Saraba Môsô Sentai (#1.12)" (2012)
Hiroyo Hakase: Let's just give up on saving the show. We're fighting our own creator... there's nothing we can do in a situation like that.
Yumeria Moegi: That's... true, maybe, but...
Hiroyo Hakase: Now that we've defied Hatte Saburo, we can never become official. If we keep resisting, "he" could wipe out every tract of our existence!
Hiroyo Hakase: That's fine by me. Hatte Saburo is the greatest enemy, greater than the last boss of any official show. "He" might even be omnipotent. But if this world is a TV show, then someone has to be watching it, right? If a nerdy Otaku like me saw a show like that, no cover up would ever make him forget it. So, I'm not afraid. Let's keep fighting, until the bitter end!
Hiroyo Hakase: Akagi-san!
Yumeria Moegi: If we're unofficial, then let's act unofficial!
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Being remembered by an Otaku, huh? I'm fine with that. I won't give up, not until the very end!
Hiroyo Hakase: [starts to cry] Guys...
Nobuo Akagi: Quit crying, Hakase! Commanders are only allowed to cry in the final episode! And we're not gonna let this be the final episode!