Margaret Schlegel
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Margaret Schlegel (Character)
from Howards End (1992)

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Howards End (1992)
Margaret Schlegel: [speaking of Helen] She's got some sort of madness... as if she's mad!

Margaret Schlegel: Unlike the Greek, England has no true mythology. All we have are witches and fairies.

Margaret Schlegel: I deny it's madness.
Henry Wilcox: But you said yourself...
Margaret Schlegel: It's madness when I say it, but not when you say it.

Margaret Schlegel: Will you forgive her as you yourself have been forgiven... you have had a mistress; I forgave you. My sister has a lover, you drive her from the house. Why can you not be honest for once in your life? Why can't you say what Helen has done, I have done!

Margaret Schlegel: [speaking of Helen] I think she may be a little... touched.

Margaret Schlegel: Mr. Wilcox, I am demented!

[last lines]
Margaret Schlegel: What did Dolly mean about Howards End?
Henry Wilcox: Mmmm? My poor Ruth, during her last days, scribbled your name on a piece of paper. Knowing her not to be herself, I set it aside. Didn't do wrong, did I?

Margaret Schlegel: I do wish you'd give us Howard's End.

[first lines]
Margaret Schlegel: [reading letter] Dearest Meg, I'm having a glorious time. I like them all. They are the very happiest, jolliest family that you can imagine. The fun of it is that they think me a noodle, and say so - at least, Mr. Wilcox does. Oh Meg, should we ever learn to talk less.